Shanice Stork – All You Need to Know About Duduzane Zuma’s Wife

Not so much was known about Shanice Stork until the news of her marriage to Duduzane Zuma, son of South Africa’s former president, Jacob Zuma, made headlines on several newspapers and blogs back in 2015. The news that the once eligible bachelor was off the market came as a shock to some, especially the ladies, and the reasons were quite obvious. Being married to one of the sought-after bachelors in the country at the time made it almost impossible for Shanice to remain hidden in spite of her introverted nature as everyone wanted to know the beauty who has won the heart of the former president’s son.

Shanice Stork Is From Durban

Mostly described by her local friends and folks as a country girl; Shanice is warm, introverted, informal, and reserved. The South African beauty was born on the 26th March 1993 in Durban, South Africa, and attended Hillview secondary school in Newlands East. She was raised by her mother and father as the youngest child of the family alongside her sister and two brothers.

However, her father was an active member of the Durban community before his demise some years ago. Her brothers are known for their excellent soccer skills and both play for Newlands United, a local football side in Durban, South Africa. It is not known what her mother does for a living.

Facts Regarding Her Career Remains Unclear

Shanice is a very secretive person that every piece of information about her is almost unavailable, including her career. Although facts regarding her career remain unknown, there are unconfirmed reports that she has an estimated net worth of $1 million. We can only deduce that for her to have generated such an amount, she has something creative doing, whether before or after her marriage to Duduzane Zuma.

It could also be that she is running a lucrative business venture and had acquired some assets to her name. Well, that is highly possible since she is married to someone who is into business with lots of experience in making money.

Her Marriage To Duduzane Zuma Came As A Surprise To Many

In what was deemed a secret event, Shanice Stork walked down the aisle with Duduzane Zuma in May 2015. The wedding ceremony took place in private circumstances. Usually, invitations to occasions of this nature are highly restricted to the big shots of the society, and for the simple reason that the marriage involved the son of a former President of the country; the wedding ceremony had just 500 guests in attendance.

The wedding was held at the New Apostolic Church, Durban, with a brief reception held at the Fairmont Luxury Resort and Hotel in Zimbali. Later on, a traditional wedding followed suit in the former president’s homestead in Nkandla, Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. A lot of questions were asked and still being asked about how a wedding of that magnitude wasn’t publicized; well, the answers to the questions can only be answered by the parties involved.

There are no reports suggesting whether the marriage between the two is going through a rough patch. However, last year, there were rumors making rounds in the media about her husband getting involved in an affair with actress, model, and Dj, Thuli Phongolo. The dating rumors were sparked following Thuli’s picture post showing a man with a tattoo similar to that of Duduzane, but the man’s identity was hidden. The post was removed and both Duduzane and Thuli denied ever knowing each other.

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Shanice And Duduzane Have A Child Together

It isn’t just information regarding her marriage that was shrouded in secrecy, even details of when the couple met and the conditions surrounding their love affair aren’t also known to the public. However, some events suggest that the couple must have met long before 2007. The reason behind this assertion is the fact that they share a child together who was reportedly born in 2007.

What this means is that they have been together a year or two earlier before the child was born; and since it isn’t news that Duduzane Zuma has been in a lot of affairs with other women before finally settling down, the relationship may have been halted at some point due to unrevealed reasons or Duduzan’s cheating nature. All things being equal, their child whose name and sex have not been divulged to the public should be in his/her teens already.

Her Involvement With The Zumas Brought Her To The Limelight

Who wouldn’t be popular being associated with The Zumas, one of South Africa’s most famous families, well known in the history of the country’s political and business scenes?

Since there wasn’t anything else she was popular for before marrying into the famous family, it wouldn’t be out of place to state that Shanice Stork became famous following her marriage into the family, as well as being married to the most popular and controversial son of the former president, even though she has taken pleasure in staying away from public eyes.

What Does Shanice Stork Have To Say About Duduzane Zuma’s Openness To Marrying A Second Wife?

Duduzane Zuma left the South African public in astonishment following an interview with Sunday World where he acknowledged support for polygamy and his willingness to give it a try if given the opportunity. Questions were thrown at him regarding his marriage to Shanice Stork; if everything is moving smoothly between them, why would he bother bringing in a second woman to his home?

In a rather ridiculous response, he defended his claims saying that he’d only go ahead if Shanice and his family members buy the idea and give him a go-ahead nod. He also cited instances of him growing up in an extended family with his father marrying more than one wife, and how his stepmothers supported him and his siblings following the demise of his mother.

The public has been waiting for Shanice’s response but being the reserved woman she has always been, she has not made any comment in public regarding her husband’s idea. So, it is unclear whether she is okay with the decision of her husband bringing home a second wife or not. Only time will reveal what Duduzane’s plans are and what Shanice has resolved.

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