Singer KiDi Had a Son At 23 – All About His Baby Mama and Girlfriend

Details about the private life of KiDi, the Ghanaian high-life, afrobeat singer-songwriter is one of the most highly sought-after pieces of information about the superstar. The interest in his personal life increased since he disclosed that he has a son whom he is very fond of. It was surprising that someone of KiDi’s status who is always under the spotlight could keep details about his son private.

Following a series of investigations, it is now believed that KiDi’s baba mama is a mixed-race Ghanaian woman named Babette Van Aalst. She is the creative mind behind Loaves And Fish Studios, which makes TV ads, music videos, and other things.

Fans of the superstar singer were happy when news that he has a son emerged and a frantic search for information about the identity of the boy and his mother started. This was not surprising at all, considering how huge KiDi has become since his career started. He has won different awards, including the Highlife Song of the Year for his hit single ‘Ɔdɔ’ at the 2018 Ghana Music Awards.

How KiDi Surprised Fans With The Revelation About His Son

It is noteworthy that KiDi started his music career in 2015 when he took part in the MTN Hitmaker competition and eventually won the show before later signing a record deal with Lynx Entertainment. He soon shot to the limelight in 2017 after he released “Say You Love Me”, a song he composed, arranged, and produced.

By 2018, he was already a huge star who had won awards and bagged award nominations for his work, including the Highlife Song of the Year at Ghana Music Awards. However, as big as he already was, no one knew that KiDi had a son. He kept this part of his life so secret that even fellow superstars had no idea.

Eventually, KiDi stunned his fans and other industry experts on Thursday, 28th November 2019 when he revealed that he actually has a son who was three years old at the time. This means that he kept the boy’s identity a secret for three long years. KiDi made the revelation in a post he shared to celebrate the boy’s birthday on Instagram. He also showed off the boy’s photos on social media and the development got so many people talking about the singer afterward.

KiDi’s revelation of his son’s existence sparked a conversation among fans and got them divided about the reason why he kept information about his son a secret. For days, fans continued the talk about Kidi’s son.

Why He Kept His Son’s Birth A Secret

Days after he revealed to fans that he has a son, KiDi went on to reveal that the boy’s name is Zayne and also explained why he refused to talk about him until the child was three years old. He made these revelations while having an interview with MzGee on 3 FM days after his revelation about his kid. According to him, he kept the information about his son a secret because he was scared.

He explained that he was afraid because he was well aware of the fact that his fellow Ghanaians can be very judgmental when it comes to measuring people with the moral rod. According to him, Africans, in general, are judgemental when it comes to having a child outside wedlock so he decided to keep things out of reach of the public when his child was born to avoid any evil eye being turned on him.

What Finally Inspired KiDi To Talk About His Son Publicly?

When asked why he eventually decided to talk about his son, KiDi explained that he felt he had become mentally ready to talk about the matter with the general public so he shared his son’s pictures online.

It is clear that KiDi understood himself and figured out he would have failed woefully while trying to handle the criticism that may come his way when his child came out of wedlock. But he has since evolved into a more confident and mature man who can handle situations a little better.

Let’s Meet Zayne, KiDi’s Son

KiDi’s son, Zayne was born on November 28, 2016. We know this because KiDi wished his son a happy 3rd birthday on the same date in 2019 when he revealed the boy’s identity.  The exact place where the boy was born was not made known by KiDi however, it is believed that Zayne was born in Ghana.

KiDi has talked about how much he loves his son. According to him, Zayne has brought but great happiness and blessings to him. In a post he made on Instagram, he blessed the day Zayne came into his life.

The Singer Was Not Famous When He Had His Kid

KiDi is famous now with virtually all eyes on him in Ghana, however, when he had his son, he was not famous. The singer shot into fame in 2017 when he released his song “Say You Love Me” but his son, Zayne was born in 2016. So, Zayne came before people got to know who KiDi was and this was why it was easier for him to have kept his son’s identity under wraps for so long.

KiDi is very much involved in the upbringing of his son and is very fond of the boy. He has been occasionally sighted having good times with Zayne. In July 2020, a viral video of KiDi and Zayne bonding inside a car made the rounds on the internet.

Who Is The Mother Of KiDi’s Son?

In the interview he had with MzGee on 3 FM, KiDi was asked about who the mother of his son is. In his response, the singer did not state her name but revealed that she is older than him. She is reported to be a Ghanaian who is based abroad. Some reports say she is based in London.

Zayne is reported to have lived with his mother abroad at some point, switching between London and Ghana and between his maternal and paternal grandmothers.

The Ghanaian singer has for years, kept the identity of his baby mama a secret until just recently when a lady identified as Babette Van Aalst was named as his son’s mother

Are They Still Together?

KiDi and his baby’s mother are no more together. The singer disclosed this during the same interview on 3 FM. According to him, they have since separated but they still join hands to raise their son, Zayne and this has been working out quite well for the boy.

Is There A Woman In KiDi’s Life Now?

KiDi is a handsome superstar who has caught the heart of many ladies and everyone is interested in finding out who the singer is dating. Interestingly, the Ghanaian singer is not known to be in a relationship with anyone at the moment.

He has been rumored to be in love with fellow Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Cina Soul. The rumors began to be spread after Lynx Entertainment released Sugar, a movie that featured the two artists in which they were seen sharing kisses and being very romantic.

Fans concluded that both KiDi and Cina Soul were in love because the onscreen chemistry was too real. However, Cina Soul has since denied the rumor. According to her, she is just friends with KiDi and has been friends with him for a long time.

At the moment, all fingers are crossed to see who steals KiDi’s heart next. There are claims that he may be seeing someone whose identity he has kept hidden but this is not a verified claim.


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