Susan Delise is Juan Williams’ Wife, Meet Her Sons And Family

Susan Delise is the wife of Juan Williams, the American journalist, writer, and political analyst. They got married on the 1st of July 1978 and have stayed happily married for over 40 years. Together, they have two sons; Antonio and Raphael, and a daughter named Regan. 

Some people are born into the limelight while some others have it thrust upon them. Susan Delise found herself in the latter category as she became known due to Juan Williams. She is a great wife and mother to their lovely children who are all grown-ups now. Find below, all the interesting things you didn’t know about Susan Delise.

Susan Delise’s Background and Early Life

Born in the United States of America, the African American beauty grew up in a loving family environment. Despite being married to someone that is constantly in the news, Susan has been careful about the image of herself that gets projected to the media because almost next to nothing is known about her early life, education or profession.

However, there is unconfirmed information that says she was once a social worker. It is also news in some quarters that she and her husband both attended Haverford College and were college sweethearts, but none of this has been confirmed by her.

While her actual age is unknown, her husband was born in 1954. With this, it is expected that Susan Delise’s date of birth should be around this year, plus or minus.

Meet Susan Delise’s Children

Susan Delise married Juan on the 1st of July 1978 and have managed to stay happily married for over 40 years. Together, they have two sons; Antonio and Raphael, and a daughter named Regan. The first two kids; Regan and Antonio, are now happily married with their own children.

Susan has been a constant in Juan’s life, especially holding the home front to give him room to excel in his career. For someone that has been involved in some controversies over things he has said during his career, Susan has shown constant support for her husband.

Juan has received many awards, including an Emmy, for his meaningful and intellectual contributions to world politics. He is a writer with a good number of published works. He has written and continues to write for reputable newspaper outfits including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post just to mention a few. He has been a contributor on Fox news since 1997 and worked with NPR from 2000 to 2010 before joining Fox news fully in a larger capacity.

Susan Delise’s two boys are actively involved in politics like their father but in different capacities and under a different political party. They are both active Republicans while their father is a registered Democrat. Antonio, her elder son, serves as a Senior Director of Government & External Affairs at Comcast. He has a masters in Journalism from the American University. The younger son Raphael currently serves as the Press Secretary for U.S. Department of Housing and Development.

Facts About Susan Delise

1. She Makes Rare Television Appearances

In 2010, she appeared on the television program ‘Fox & Friends’ where she discussed and taught the host how to cook one of her late mother’s recipe. They cooked Maryland blue shell crab legs which was some sort of family tradition while Susan was growing up.

2. Susan is an Avid Supporter of her Husband

Susan Delise appears cool but is not one to mince words when it comes to her opinion. In 2011, a year after her husband was fired from National Public Radio (NPR), Susan opened up about her experience while he worked there. She accused them of being hypocrites who treated her, a light-skinned African American like she didn’t exist. She also claimed that she and her husband were the only African-American people invited to NPR events as other black employees were at very low-level roles.

3. She Prefers her Husband’s Working Environment with Fox

Susan also prefers her husband’s colleagues and the working situation at Fox. She reveals that Fox gatherings are diverse as there are Whites and African-Americans. She also revealed that when she goes to the green room to wait for her husband sometimes, they are really friendly and speak to her as if they knew her, unlike the NPR people who made her feel uncomfortable.

4.  Love for Family

Family means everything to Susan Delise. This is obvious from how she has constantly stood up for her husband and her children. She has also managed to raise well-balanced children who have all succeeded in their chosen career path and life. She has 3 grandchildren.

5. Physical Appearance

Susan Delise has aged well. She remains graceful with her grey hair and brown eyes. Her height is recorded at 170 cm while her weight is unknown.


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