The Gist on Emelia Brobbey’s Age, Kids and Why She Divorced Ex-Husband Dr. Boateng

Emelia Brobbey (born 6 January 1982) is a 42 year-old Ghanaian actress who also works as a television presenter and musician. The single mother of two boys has been in various romantic relationships and has been married once before. Her marriage to ex-husband Dr. Boateng reportedly ended over jealousy of her career.

Brobbey’s career has been successful to a great extent, with her bagging many accolades such as the Best Indigenous Actress of the Year and Best Gallywood Actress. Notwithstanding, she didn’t venture into acting early like most successful stars. Read on to find out more.

Emelia Brobbey was Already an Adult and Tried Other Professions Before Acting

Emelia Brobbey was born on the 6th of January 1982 in the Eastern part of Ghana, particularly Akyem Swedru, which is also where she grew up. Prior to becoming the famous actress she is today, Brobbey trained to be a teacher.

She first attended Akyem Swedru Secondary School for her O Level and later acquired teaching skills at the Presbyterian Teacher’s Training College. Armed with her certificate from the training college, she was posted to Obuasi where she taught Agric Science. In addition to being trained as a teacher, Emelia also took courses in the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration in a bid to become a Human Resource Manager, but this was not enough. She went ahead to earn a diploma and a certificate in Broadcast Journalism.

Acting Won in the End

All of her initial career ventures were not enough to satiate the professional thirst of Emelia Brobbey, who still chose to become an actress. Her career in acting started when she was training to become an HR manager and in all her attempts to build a professional career, it was acting that she settled on.

It is not known the exact year she decided to fully lean into acting but in the years that she plied her trade as an actress, Emelia Brobbey has proven that she is worth her salt. Emelia’s filmography is still a work in progress which is fast-growing, considering she didn’t quite start early. So far, she has eleven credits as an actress and still active in the industry. her works include Asantewaa, Asem Asa, Adofoasa, Seed Of Rejection, Kae, Nkonyaa, Pains of True Love, Medimafo Tease, Kofi Sika, Mansa, The Pretty Crying Baby, and Games of the Heart.

Also gifted in music, Emelia became more active in that capacity in 2019 when her first single “Fa me ko” was released. Early in 2020, a second single “Odo Electric” followed up. An album might be in the works but we are yet to confirm the facts.

She Was Married to a Homeopathic Doctor

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Sometime in the early 2000s, Emelia Brobbey visited EndPoint Homeopathy Clinic, her mother was sick at the time and she had heard of the wonders of Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng – the owner of the leading homeopathy clinic in Ghana.

Dr, Boateng specializes in the use of natural elements such as plants and vegetation as medication. He has been proven to cure a lot of his patients of their ailments and remains a credible source of homeopathic practice in Ghana. He is also known for his philanthropic efforts, especially with the modern daycare center he built for mothers who were students at the University of Education Winneba, where he earned his degree in medicine.

There were rumors on the true nature of his clinic, especially the funds he built it with. It is believed that his previous marriage to a woman from a wealthy family was what funded the start of his clinic, that her inheritance was what he used to build his business in alternative medicine. Nonetheless, Boateng has done interviews and spoken on the fallacy of these rumors.

Meanwhile, during Brobbey’s visit to the hospital, she met Dr. Boateng and the two became friendly. By 2010, they were married, but their romance was not one that would last long. It was later embroiled in cheating rumors involving another actress – Ellen White who debunked such allegations.

Their Marriage Ended Shortly After it Began, Mostly as a Result of Insecurities

According to Emelia Brobbey, the end of her marriage happened for two reasons. After she divorced Dr. Boateng, Brobbey revealed that the doctor had always hated that she was an actress. He had been uncomfortable with the fact that his wife had an acting career.

This dislike for her career made it easy for the second reason for their divorce to grow. Considering the nature of her job, many rumors, both unfounded and false are bound to emerge every once in a while and if handled wrongly, could cause problems. It would appear that Dr. Boateng often believed rumors about her, which drove a wedge of distrust between both of them and led to their eventual divorce.

There have been other reports that there was a third reason for the split and it had to do with the 3 children Boateng had before he got married, which he kept a secret from Emelia Brobbey.

Dr. Boateng was the less popular one in their relationship and as a result, never spoke to the press on their divorce. Thus, his side of the story has not been widely shared.

She is a Single Mother of Two Sons

Emelia Brobbey is the mother of two boys but only one is from her marriage to the doctor. Her first child was born while she was still learning to become a teacher. From her reports, it is clear that she had wanted to know what sex felt like, and on her first attempt, got pregnant.

The fear of abortion and a number of other reasons were what kept her from terminating the pregnancy. She has never revealed her first son’s identity or spoken about his father.

The actress’ second son is from her marriage. Randy was born on the 13th of June in 2013 and just like her first son, she keeps him shielded away from the public.

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