Truth About Kefilwe Mabote’s Relationship With Partner Edwin Sodi and The NPA Scandal

Kefilwe Mabote, a South African social media star, influencer, author, and image consultant, found herself sucked into a huge fraud because of her romantic involvement with SA business tycoon Edwin Sodi. According to Kefiboo, as she is fondly called, her relationship with the businessman had only lasted for one year before the scandal burst.

Kefilwe also maintains that she was already rich and living in luxury before meeting Sodi and has never engaged in any business deals with the man. However, even with all her defense, the influencer’s name is already tainted as the tabloids went to town with some screaming headlines. She is still trying to wriggle out of the web by seeking legal action.

The Asbestos Scandal Revealed The Identity of Kefilwe Mabote’s Boyfriend

Kefilwe Mabote
Kefiboo and Edwin

Kefilwe Mabote happens to be the type of celebrity who is averse to bringing her romantic relationships to the public. However, fans have always known that she has something going on in her life, after all, the social media star is known to be a mother of two. Also, Kefiboo once surprised fans with a series of photos on Instagram showing off her significant other. But unfortunately, she made sure to crop out the man’s face, leaving him unrecognizable, though it was appreciated by fans who deemed it better than no photo at all. Now, the big question is, was it Edwin Sodi in the cropped photo? That particular question is still begging for an answer.

Finally, when the NPA scandal burst, sucking Kefilwe into it as Sodi’s girlfriend, the picture began to get clearer. After it became glaringly clear to the internet sensation that her cover was blown sky-high, she had no choice but to admit the existence of the relationship. According to Kefiboo, she is in a healthy, happy, and private relationship with Sodi, but they have never had any business ties. She also disclosed that their dalliance was barely one year old before the scandal burst.

Why Kefilwe Finally Spoke Out as Trolls Target Her on Social Media For Her Involvement

As the drama of the asbestos scandal raged on in SA, Kefilwe Mabote was eventually dragged into the dirt as the present girlfriend of the audit kingpin Sodi. People accused her of benefitting from the ill-gotten wealth, maintaining that she funds her opulent lifestyle with the cash Sodi allegedly injects into her accounts. Besides, the alleged confiscation of her car, alongside Sodi’s seized properties tends to lend credence to this claim. Additionally, the tabloids had a field day portraying the internet star in a bad light as a”slay queen”.

However, the influencer was not ready to let such derogatory comments pass. Kefilwe didn’t let the grass grow under her feet in setting the record straight, The SA beauty took to Instagram to let the public know that she was already rich and famous before Sodi came into her life. Kefiboo also tried proving that her life is still as luxurious as ever even with the scandal raging on. The mother of two did this with a Twitter post where she was seen decked in an expensive apparel, telling fans that she is still living the lavish life despite being trolled on Twitter.

Kefiboo Didn’t Let the Tabloids Off The Hook For Defamation

She recently dragged the involved tabloids, especially Sunday World to court for defamation, demanding the payment of damages up to the tune of R1 million. According to Kefiboo’s lawyer, the publication’s article calling the influencer a “slay queen” caused far-reaching damage, not only to her reputation but to other aspects of the internet star’s life like her business dealings which has a direct effect on her livelihood. The scandal placed Kefilwe Mabote’s reputation in a bad place with brands that she had enjoyed longstanding business relationships with. This the lawyers said may result in non-renewal or cancellation of business agreements

The internet star is also demanding that the tabloid publish an immediate retraction, in addition to a front-page apology in their next issue. Also, she wants the publication to feature her input in a new article that will talk about the damage media outlets cause by publishing bogus and groundless allegations. The article will also explore how businesswomen and internet influencers are ordinarily degraded and defamed by the phrase ‘slay queens’.

Here is What We Know About the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Scandal

In 2020, South African businessman and owner of Blackhead Consulting Edwin Sodi was arrested by the Hawks alongside six others in connection to an ugly scandal involving the embezzlement of Free State Asbestos tender up to the tune of R255 million.

Consequently, the Asset Forfeiture Unit of the NPA moved in to seize several luxury assets worth over R300 million belonging to the audit kingpin, Sodi. The fraud was perpetrated as far back as 2014 when the Department of Human Settlements of the Free State projected an audit of exactly 36,000 low-cost homes to be constructed within the province. However, the shady deal came to light in 2020 after the present SA president vowed to expose and prosecute all fraudsters and fraudulent activities.

The properties that were confiscated from his residence include 25 luxury vehicles among which are a Porsche, a Ferrari, several Mercedes cars, a Bentley Continental, Ford Rangers, and more. Since Sodi is Kefilwe Mabote’s boyfriend, she was sucked into the whole drama, her Porsche was reportedly among the cars that were confiscated alongside her aunt’s car as all those vehicles were believed to have been bought with proceeds from the fraud. Investigators also swooped on a couple of luxury houses worth R48 million and R60 million discovered in the high-end suburbs of Fresnaye and Clifton in Cape Town.

When Sodi was arraigned, the politically connected business tycoon admitted to giving out funds to the ANC (African National Congress), and some high-profile members of the congress. All the arrested were granted bail on the 2nd of October 2020 and will continue to appear in court for the hearings.

Is Kefilwe Mabote Really a Mother of Two?

Fans couldn’t help but wonder whether Kefilwe Mabote has really given birth twice. However, the records prove that the internet star is a mother of two. But, just in the same way that she keeps her romantic relationships under wraps, the influencer also tries to shield her children away from public scrutiny. Thus, nothing much is known about them.

Since the asbestos scandal that revealed Sodi as Kefiboo’s boyfriend, Fans have been wondering whether he is the man who fathered her children. However, going by the internet star’s revelation that they have only dated for one year before the fraud saga, chances of the businessman being her baby daddy are very unlikely. On her own part, Kefilwe prefers to keep the identity of her children’s father private, thus, it is not known if they have the same father or were sired by different men.


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