What Is Jalang’o’s Real Name, When Did He Marry Wife Amina Chao and What Is He Doing Now?

Jalang’o’s real name is Felix Odiwour. He got married to his wife, Amina Chao, in October 2019, and he currently works in Kiss 100 FM as a co-presenter with Kamene Goro.

Jalang’o’s is one of the popular comedians in Kenya. Thanks to his comedic abilities, he has been able to build a career in various aspects of the entertainment industry. While he has MC’d at some of the popular events in the country, he is most known as a radio presenter who has also done a bit of acting. That’s not all, Jalang’o is also a social media star, he commands millions of followers on Instagram and as a YouTuber, his channel which was created in April 2016 has accumulated over 19 million views and more than 273 subscribers as of November 2020.

Comparing his career attainments in showbiz and his family background, one would conclude that he has a rags-to-riches story, and rightly so. He came from a family that struggled to get their basic needs. His older brother was forced to drop out of school so that the family could afford to pay for Jalang’o’s secondary school fees. After that, he couldn’t progress to university as there was no way to pay for it. A heartbroken Jalang’o had to become a fisherman to make a living.

Jalang’o’s Real Name Is Felix Odiwour

How did a fisherman get to become one of the most popular figures in the Kenyan entertainment industry? This question is only one of the many that has piqued the interest of many, as much as non-Kenyans wonder what his real name is and how he came about the name Jalang’o.

Well, anyone who cares to know would easily find that Jalang’o’s real name is Felix Odiwour. He was born in Kisumu, Kenya and it has been reported in some quarters that his date of birth was on the 27th of April 1978. He was raised in Homa Bay County by his parents who were farmers.

Even though his real name is Felix Odiwour, the famous radio presenter is best known as Jalang’o. Unsurprisingly, many have come to wonder how he came about the name and what it means. From what we gathered, the name refers to a Kalenjin, precisely, a Kalenjin man.

The Kalenjin are part of the Southern Nilotic people who are indigenous to East Africa. So, the Jalang’O name is probably Felix’s way of letting the world know his background and identity. The name also means “one who is spirited”.

He Dated Amina Chao for Four Years Before They Got Married

It is no secret that the radio presenter is married to a light-skinned beauty named Amina Chao. Unlike her husband, Amina doesn’t have a career that earns her the attention of the public. But then, her husband’s fame has rubbed off on her and she has been dragged into the limelight on several occasions recently.


How the Jalang’o-Amina love story began has remained unknown as the couple is yet to share with the public how fate brought them together and exactly when they began dating. While that has a lot to do with the fact that Amina had led a low-key lifestyle, it was also aided by Jalang’o’s quest to keep his private life away from the public following a failed relationship.

Nonetheless, reports have it that Jalang’o and Amina were together for about four years before they decided to make things official. It has been claimed in some quarters that Amina Chao is from Mombasa County in Kenya. She reportedly studied at a private university, USIU-Africa, and now works for Safaricom under its General Trade Visibility and Events departments.

They Got Married in October 2019 But Amina Isn’t Jalang’o’s First Wife

Buoyed by the desire to keep things private, the media personality and Amina Chao had a private traditional wedding on the 26th of October 2019. From what we learned, the event happened in Syokimau, and celebrities like Alex Mwakideu, Jasper Muthomi, and more witnessed the occasion.

It is obvious that Jalang’o is very fond of Amina, as much as she adores him. He calls her Jaber, which means Beautiful in the Dholuo dialect and she takes the time to treat him nicely. For instance, she surprised him with a party to celebrate his graduation.

With the way things are going, the couple is bound to have a great marriage. While Jalang’o is clearly dedicated to spending the rest of his life with Amina, he can’t change the fact that she isn’t his first wife. Before her, he was married to Cheptoek Boyo who is also a media personality. Why their marriage failed is best known to them.

The Couple Has Two Daughters

A true family man, Jalang’o has been blessed with two daughters named Salika and Amani. Because of how he protects his kids from the public to give them a normal life, it is pretty hard to tell anything about them.

Because of this, it has been reported that he had both of his kids with his ex-wife while some sources claim that only one of his daughters came from his failed marriage. Time would reveal the fact of the matter but for now, the media personality has two kids.

Jalang’o Works as a Radio Presenter for Kiss 100

Now famed as a media personality, Jalango’s career began with fishing after he graduated from secondary school. He fished for a while before he became a fishmonger for Capital Fish Company Limited. He did this for several years before he moved to Nairobi where he did several menial jobs while striving to become a part of the theatre industry. He was ignored in most of the auditions he attended but kept at it until it paid off.


Subsequently, he started performing in commercial plays in the Kenya National Theatre and would later produce a film titled “Kibrit Olwar Epii” which he earned a lot of attention for starring in. Because of this, it was easy for Citizen TV to employ him as one of the cast members of its popular drama, “Papa Shirandula”. This earned Jalang’o enough exposure that he applied to co-host a show for Kiss 100, even though the position called for applications from degree holders.

He got the job and it marked the beginning of his radio hosting career; this was in late 2008, the same year he lost his father.

He Left Kiss FM in 2012 But Returned in 2020

Felix Odiwour’s fame soared in the years he worked with Kiss FM. But being someone that likes exploring the opportunities available for him, he left the station in 2012 and joined Radio Maisha.

2017 came and he moved to Hot 96 FM. His time there was short-lived as he moved to Radio Milele the following year. In July 2020, Jalang’o returned to Kiss 100 and currently works with Kamene Goro who is his co-presenter.

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