Who Are Bella Ramsey’s Parents and What Is Her Ethnicity?

Alex Ramsey is Bella Ramsey’s dad, and the only one of their parents whose identity is known to the public currently. The identity of their mother is still shrouded in mystery and has never been revealed to the public. The same goes for the identities of their two siblings.

Bella Ramsey’s family has always been very supportive of their chosen career and has stood solidly beside and behind them at all times when they needed their support and love the most. Despite rumors insinuating that they are related to celebrity English chef, Gordon Ramsey, we can authoritatively confirm that they are not.

Who Is Bella Ramsey’s Dad?

One-half of Bella Ramsey’s parents whose identity we know for sure is their father, Alex Ramsey. The much that we know of Alex Ramsey is that he is a businessman who also likes to play the trumpet – either as an amateur or just as a hobby to while away his time or to keep his family entertained during the weekends.

It is not clear exactly the type of business that Bella Ramsey’s father is into, but he seems to be a very successful businessman, as he was able to provide more than enough for his family to live a very comfortable life.

Who Is Bella Ramsey’s Mother?

Bella Ramsey has not yet revealed the identity of their mother, so we do not know who she really is. They have hardly ever also shared their mother’s pictures on any of their social media handles.

They have always wished their mother well and sent shout-outs to her at every Mother’s Day celebration, but they have have never shared her picture at all. This may be due to the fact that their mother does not care for all the attention and media scrutiny that she may attract to herself if her identity is revealed, or that Bella is just doing that to protect their mother by all means.

It is worth noting, however, that though Bella Ramsey is quick to share certain information about themselves, they have sometimes also decided not to reveal certain aspects of their personal information – like the identity of their mother and their siblings (a brother and sister).

Bella Ramsey’s Ethnicity Is Difficult To Ascertain

Due to the fact that we do not really know the real identity and ethnicity of Bella Ramsey’s parents, it is  quite difficult to be able to reveal or determine for sure what their ethnicity is, as the best we can do is to assume it or just guess it.  What we do know is that they are White and that they were was born in Nottingham in England.

So we can safely assume that they are English – at least from their father’s side, but since we do not know the identity of their mother and what her ethnicity possibly is, then we will just have to assume that they are simply English. Their accent and intonations also give them away as that. Maybe in the course of time, their mother’s identity will become public and we will know for sure.

Their Parent’s Marriage And The Role They Played In Their Rise To Fame

The full details of Bella Ramsey’s parents’ courtship which eventually led to their marriage are not known to the public, as that aspect of their marital journey and life has never been revealed either by Bella or their parents. Also due to the fact that personal details about their family have been kept secret thus far, we cannot really say how or where they met and began dating.

From all information available from Bella’s interviews over the years, they have never revealed that their parents are divorced or that they were raised by a single parent, so we can assume that their parents are still together and happily married to date. Sadly, they have not shared any pictures of their parents or their other siblings on their social media handles to date.

One bit of information that they have shared several times is that their family – parents, siblings, and other family members, have always been very supportive of their acting career and are quite proud of their steady rise to fame and fortune. They stated in their interview with the New York Times that their whole family shed tears of joy when they got the role of Lyanna Mormont on the Game Of Thrones.

They also stated that their family was very supportive and showed them great love and care when they were diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa in 2017. Their family’s love and support – including prayers, were some of the things that got them through this very difficult period of their life. Even when they had mental health challenges after the diagnosis, their family was also there to help them get through it successfully.

Is Bella Ramsey Related to Gordon Ramsay?

From all indications and facts about these two incredible individuals, Bella Ramsey is not related in any way to the famous English celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The 57-year-old celebrity chef is not the father, uncle, or brother of the 20-year-old English actress. They do not even seem to share the same ancestry at all.

Most people erroneously believe that the two celebrities are related because they more often than not pronounce their last names wrong. The Game of Throne’s actress name is Ramsey – which is pronounced more like “Ram-see”, while the much older celebrity chef’s last name is Ramsay – which is pronounced more like “Ram-say”.

Yes, it is true that both Bella Ramsey and Gordon Ramsay are both English nationals, but that is perhaps the only similarity that they share, other than the fact that they are both celebrities. They do not share any relatives in common, and for all we know, they might not even know or have met each other before.

It might also interest you to note that while Bella Ramsey was born in Nottingham, England, and spent her early childhood there, the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was born in Johnstone, Renfrewshire in Scotland, and he only moved to England with his parents and his siblings when he was 9.

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