Who Are Benni McCarthy’s Wife Stacey Munro and their Daughters?

Benni McCarthy is a South African former footballer and coach happily married to Scottish model Stacey Munro. The couple, who got married in 2014, has two children – a daughter called Lima Rose and a son called Lio Romero. McCarthy has three other daughters – Minna, Mya, and Allegra – from his previous marriage to a Spanish woman named Maria Santos.

Benni McCarthy and Stacey Munro Seem Perfect Together

Following their consistent family doting posts and outstanding relationship with each other, it is safe to call his marriage with Stacey an ideal one for couple goals highlight. On different occasions, he has consistently paraded her publicly as an easy and affectionate lover who has played an invaluable role in his growth and life journey, and she too has not retired in being his number one cheerleader and showing him off publicly.

The marriage has been a peaceful one for 7 years now with beautiful anniversary stories and pictures to show for it. Unlike his previous marriage with his Spanish queen, a lot of people believe Benni McCarthy is happier with his Scottish model wife, especially with the level of support she puts into his career.

Looking back to their dating journey, the duo reportedly met sometime in 2008; the place or scenario under which they met is, however, not known. They got closer in 2009 and dated for close to 4 years until they finally got engaged in December 2013 and tied the knot in May 2014. Their marriage happened 7 years after his divorce from his first wife in 2007. It took place in Stacey’s home in Scotland while Benni’s family and friends traveled from South Africa to join in.

 What Does Stacey Currently Do For a Living?

Speaking of what Stacey does for a living, it has not been revealed publicly. After leaving her modeling job in Scotland for her husband’s country, South Africa, and coming back to the United Kingdom, she has not really shown up in any known job. Suggestively, a modeling job anywhere will perfectly suit her looks.

In her active days, she gained outstanding popularity as one of the most amazing Scottish models. However, after she moved in with her husband, it seemed her priority changed. A close look at her personal life shows she’s spending more time with her family while actively supporting her husband’s career.

Her ability to sacrifice a notable career life for her family shows how much of a committed wife she is to Benni and no wonder there have been no scandalous issues between them. She perfectly fits into his ideal family goals and their children exhibit their unity, love, and support.

They Have 2 Children Together

 Altogether, Benni has 5 children from both marriages: 3 from his first marriage with Maria Santos while the other 2 came from his second marriage with Stacey.

The two children he had with Stacey are a daughter called Lima Rose and a son called Lio Romero. Lima Rose was born on May 12, 2012, before the couple got married. She was already 2 years old when they tied the knot in 2014. Their son was welcomed joyfully by the family on 6th August 2019. His birth brought so much joy to the family, especially to Benni McCarthy who dedicated a jersey marked ’17’ in honor of his birth.

Their daughter Lima Rose is currently 11 years old while their son marked his 2 years birth anniversary in August 2021. Irrespective of the children’s young age, they both have individual accounts on Instagram which most people perceive might be managed by their parents.

Meet Benni McCarthy’s Other Children

During his previous marriage with Maria, they had three daughters: Minna, Mya, Allegra. Minna was born in 2001, Mya was born in 2002 while Allegra was born in 2004. They were  6, 5 and 3 years old respectively when their parents separated in 2007. Currently, Minna is 23 years old while Mya and Allegra are 22 and 20 respectively. Through their parents’ divorce was not so easy for the little children at the time, they had to adapt to the new life. Due to Benni McCarthy’s busy life, he left the girls in their mother’s custody while he visits once in a while.

Even with such a large family in different locations, Benni has proven to be a family man who loves and cares for his children. He once said in a public interview that his children inspire him to work hard and that’s the more reason why he has seen enough beauty in his large family and has coordinated his family life like a real man.

What Happened Between Benni McCarthy And His First Wife Maria Santos?

Benni met his first wife Maria Santos during one of his visits to play for Celta Vigo and he fell in love with the Spanish beauty. They later got married in 2004. Their marriage seemed to be going well when Benni signed a contract with Porto which ended in 2006. For the Porto spot, he was traveling through Portugal to Spain to be with his family but when he signed a 4-year contract with Blackburn Rover in England in 2006, it seemed difficult to balance staying in Spain with his new career location.

However, when he proposed leaving Spain to his wife, she refused to leave out of loyalty to her country. This broke Benni McCarthy’s heart because he still loved her but had to move on because of her rigidity. Though they remained friends until 2011, they broke their marital ties in 2007 – a year after he got the deal in England. Due to the nature of his work, he had to leave their three daughters in her custody but visited them often. He later remarried 7 years after their divorce. They were married for only 3 years.

In summary, Benni McCarthy’s family life is an interesting one with many lessons. Even with the heartbreaks, he keeps moving, inspiring many young people in soccer and sports.


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