Who Are Peter Gunz’s Children, Cory Gunz, Kaz Pankey and Jamison Pankey

Peter Gunz has 10 children, including Cory Gunz, Jamison Pankey, and Kaz Pankey. Peter Gunz’s kids are from various women and he loves and takes care of all his children as required. A few of them have followed in his footsteps by becoming rappers.

Peter Gunz’s children are from different women, although the identities of some of his baby mamas are concealed. Two baby mamas that are publicly known are his ex-girlfriend Tara Wallace and his ex-wife Amina Buddafly. All of his children have an excellent relationship with him to date, as he took care of them all.

Meet Some Of Peter Gunz’s Children

Peter Gunz' Children
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Peter Gunz’s children are a very important part of his life and existence as this could be the only reason that explains why he has fathered the total number of children that he has over the past three decades or thereabout. While some of his children are already known and making a name for themselves in their respective careers, others are still very young and are still in school. Let us get to meet some of his 10 children –

Cory Gunz is the Oldest of Peter Gunz’s Children

  • Date of birth:  June 22, 1987
  • Age: 36 year old
  • Mother: Identity not yet revealed
  • Occupation: Songwriter, Rapper, and Freestyle artist

Peter Cory Pankey Jr., also known as Cory Gunz, is the first and oldest of Peter Gunz’s children. Cory Gunz was born on June 22, 1987, in the Bronx, New York City in the United States of America. The identity of Cory Gunz Jr.’s mother has never been revealed to the public by his father, and he was born at the time when his father was still trying to make his mark in the music industry.

Cory Gunz is a rapper just like his father, and just like his father, he is also very comfortable while freestyling and spitting ‘em bars, as his artistry and dexterity lead him to. Tommy Motola first signed him to Casablanca Records and Def Jam Recordings in 2001 at 14. He signed with After Platinum Records in 2009, and a year later he signed with Young Money Entertainment and Universal Motown.

He was featured on Rihanna’s single track If It’s Lovin’ That You Want. He has also featured notable artists and celebrities such as Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Nick Canon – who is his very good friend on some of his projects. Cory is the father of twin daughters and he has kept their information and life away from media attention, and he has also not revealed who the mother of his children is.

Cory Gunz was arrested in January 2012 for having an unregistered gun and was meant to be sentenced to three and half years in prison, but his sentence was later reduced by a year to two and a half year sentence. Throughout his ordeal with the authorities, his father Peter Gunz was solidly behind him all the way, which brings to the fore the excellent relationship that exists between them.

He was released early on probation and his father advised him to lay low for a while and cease releasing singles or any album consequent to his incarceration experience, but he has since returned to the passion that he loves and cherishes so much. He also starred in the reality television show Son Of A Gun in 2011, before he was signed by Young Money.

The closest sibling to Cory Gunz is his younger sister Whitney who was born sometime in 1991. He is almost 4 years older than his sister and just like his sister, the real identity of their birth mother has not been revealed by their father to the public yet.

Jamison Pankey

  • Date of birth: October 14, 2008
  • Age: 15 year old
  • Mother: Taranasha Wallace (also known as Tara Wallace)
  • Occupation:  Celebrity kid and aspiring rapper

Jamison Pankey, also known as Jamison Gunz is a product of the relationship between Peter Gunz and his ex-girlfriend turned baby-mama, Tara Wallace. He was born on October 14, 2008, in the United States of America, as the sixth of Peter Gunz’s children and the first child and son of his mother Tara Wallace. Jamison is currently 15 year old and living with his mother in the United States.

Jamison’s parents gave him the pet name Juice and the name has stuck with him over the years, as they consider him to be the sweetest kid that they currently have. Jamison also seems to like the name as he has taken it as his performing name. He is an aspiring rapper who hopes to reach and maybe even surpass the heights attained by his father and his older stepbrother in the music industry in the United States.

Tara Wallace describes her son as being very intelligent and decent, and one who is doing very well in his studies currently. Jamison is still in High School and though he lives with his mother and not his father, he has a very excellent relationship with his father, who he still has a lot to learn from to make it in rap music. He does not have a Social Media presence yet, probably because his parents still want him to focus squarely on his academic pursuits for now.

Kaz Pankey

  • Date of birth:  January 6, 2012
  • Age: 12 year old
  • Mother: Taranasha Wallace (also known as Tara Wallace)
  • Occupation: Student

Kaz Pamkey, also known as Kaz Gunz is the second child from the relationship between Peter Gunz and his ex-girlfriend Tara Wallace. Kaz was born on January 6, 2012, in the United States of America, and this makes him currently 12 year old. He is the seventh child of his father and the second child of his mother.

Kaz lives with his mother Tara and older brother Jamison somewhere in the United States of America. Unlike his brother Jamison, Kaz has not shown any promise of possessing any artistic talent as he is not a rapper or shown any prospect to be artistic. He is currently still in school and his parents have mandated him to stay focused on his studies for now.

Like all of Peter Gunz’s children, Kaz also has an excellent relationship with his father and gets to visit him as often as he wants to, in order to bond with him and drink from his fountain of talent, knowledge, and experience – as every son does. He is still one to watch for the future though as he may just surprise us all and surpass his father’s current feat.

How Many Kids Does Peter Gunz Have?

Peter Gunz has a total of 10 children from multiple women, though we only know two of them publicly – Tara Wallace and his ex-wife Amina Buddafly. Apart from the 3 children mentioned in detail earlier, his other 7 children include – Whitney Pankey, Kennedi Pankey, Brandon Pankey, Phoenix Pankey, Cori Pankey, Bronx Pankey, and Gunter Pankey.

Peter Gunz has been a great father to all his 10 children who he mentors and provides for very well. He has also managed to maintain a good relationship with the mother of his children over the years, as he often celebrates them and gives them shoutouts on his Instagram account.


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