Who Is DD Osama’s Girlfriend?

DD Osama’s girlfriend is Aniyah, a famous TikTok star. Asides from her name, nothing much is known about DD Osama’s girlfriend as he has tried to protect her from the realities of his celebrity status even though she has some level of popularity on social media.

Moreover, DD Osama, who is just 17 years old, is rumored to have been in some relationships in the past. He is said to have dated a girl by the name of Crystal and also Alabama Barker. In all of these speculations around his personal life, DD Osama has remained tightlipped concerning his relationship status.

Who is DD Osama’s Girlfriend?

DD Osama is currently dating a TikTok celebrity by the name of Aniyah. That is all the information available about DD Osama’s girlfriend. The love birds do not follow each other on any of the social media platforms, which is Osama’s way of protecting her.

Neither Osama nor Aniyah has come forward with information about how they met and how long they have been together. They do not even share pictures of themselves spending time together, which implies that they have chosen to keep things under wraps for now.

DD Osam Has Dated Other People in The Past

DD Osama is a well-loved celebrity. He has a certain appeal that pools girls around him and several of his fans who are girls have admitted that they have a crush on him and won’t mind being in a relationship with him.

This is probably why the internet is rife with questions about who he is currently dating and if she is pretty. For someone who is still a teenager, DD Osama has had his fair share of ex(s). While the nature of his relationship with these girls remains unknown, they must have had a link strong enough for them to refer to him as their boyfriend.

While the timeline of their relationship is not known, DD Osama was once in a relationship with Crystal. Crystal is also popular on TikTok, and she has given the impression that even though they are no longer together, they are still on good terms.

Alabama Barker is also Another Social Media Sensation who has been with DD Osama

Alabama Barker is the daughter of Travis Barker (drummer of the rock band Blink-182) with his ex-wife Shanna Moakler. She is also Kourtney Kardashian’s stepdaughter since her father married the famous reality tv star.

She referred to him as her husband on social media, and fans rushed to her page to congratulate the love birds on their being together. While some speculated that it could be a joke.

On the 16th of April 2023, Alabama took to Instagram to announce that she was single again. Several of her followers encouraged her to cheer up that she has her whole life ahead of her. They encouraged her to focus on herself.

Alabama Barker And Crystal Shaded Each Other On Social Media Over DD Osama

In March 2023, not long after Alabama went public with her relationship with DD Osama by publicly referring to him as her husband, Crystal made a post on Instagram that she has been there and done that. She also said that she could still have that but was just giving the new girl her own turn.

Alabama quickly shut things down with her own post claiming that she doesn’t fight over guys as it is “giving miserable and stuck on him vibes”. About a month after this back and forth, Alabama was single again.

DD Osama Prefers To Keep His Personal Life Away From His Public Life

DD Osama whose real name is David Reyes is one of those celebrities that made it big early in life. He is a hip-hop artist and rapper from Harlem, New York, who has gained popularity for some of his songs like “Dead Opps,” “40s N 9s,” and “Without You.”

One of the reasons why he is the rave of the moment is his uncanny ability to capture the essence of the drill sound in his song, which is nothing short of remarkable. His unique style of music is characterized by a rapid-fire delivery of unfiltered and intense lyrics in every verse of his song. His undiluted talent has gained him a large following and fan base across all social media platforms.

Despite all this, Osama has remained grounded and hardly shares anything about his personal life on his platforms asides from promoting his music and speaking about his family especially his late brother Notti Osama.

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