Who Is H2O Delirious Wife or Girlfriend?

H2O Delirious is not married and therefore does not have a wife, but has been in a relationship with Elizabeth Katz, popularly known as Liz Katz. Katz is a cosplayer and fellow gaming enthusiast, as well as the mother of their two beautiful daughters. She also has another child from a previous relationship.

H20 Delirious joined YouTube and began creating content in May 2007. He currently has 13.4 million subscribers, has uploaded 3,600 videos, and has amassed over 4.3 billion views to date. H2O has a mysterious personality and even though he appears on his Liz Katz family Vlog series on YouTube called Familylirious, he has never revealed his face as he is always behind the camera, but we do know what his real voice sounds like.

Is H2O Delirious Married?

H2O Delirious is currently not married nor has he ever been married before in his lifetime, and this may be a little bit confusing for those who follow him and his partner or baby mama Liz Katz. H2O Delirious’s girlfriend has afforded his many followers and admirers the opportunity to see the behind the scene experience of their relationship and though they all seem like a very nice couple and family, Liz and H2O Delirious are not yet married.

Who Is H2O Delirious’s Girlfriend?

H2O Delirious has been in a relationship with a partner known simply as Liz Katz for a couple of years now. Elizabeth Katz, also known as Liz Katz to many of her followers and admirers, is an American gamer, cosplay model, aspiring actress, and former pornographic actress.

Elizabeth Katz was born in Randolph, New Jersey in the United States of America on July 8, 1988.  She stated that her father was probably the major reason why she is a gamer today. When she was very young, her father would force her to play tabletop games like miniature war games, and she has been stuck on gaming ever since then. Her whole family was actually forced to play these games.

Liz Katz is of half-Jewish heritage and it is not clear which of her parents she got this from. Like anyone of Jewish heritage, Liz celebrates popular Jewish festivals like the Festival of Lights (Hanukkah) and the Festival of Freedom (Passover), and several others. Not much information is known about her parents and other siblings.

Liz attended Randolph High School, and began cosplaying at 14 as an elf – in fact all through her teenage years. In 2012, at 24 Liz began cosplaying professionally and she began to gain a lot of public attention due to her skills and personality. She was voted the top cosplayer in 2012 at Wondercon. She also began playing video games on the popular streaming platform – Twitch.

Liz Katz, under the pseudonym Risi Simms, had a very brief career in the pornographic industry.  She created a Facebook account under her name and began posting her cosplay work there. In 2014, she began playing video games on Twitch. She began her own self-styled YouTube channel in May 2016, and it has been active to date.

Her first foray into the acting world came in 2018 when she was invited to audition for the season 3 love interest of the HBO show, Crashing. She took this on with little or no experience in acting and thinking about that experience still makes her cringe with fear. A year later, she took on a supporting role in the comedy film Guest House (2020).

H2O Delirious’s girlfriend voiced the character known as Bloodshine in Gearbox’s video game called Borderlands 3, and she was at the premiere of the game as a Twitch personality. She also has a few other video game voice character roles to her credit to date, most notable as the voice of Harley Quinn in the game Mr.J and I.

She has been with her partner H20 Delirious for more than 5 years now, and they live together somewhere in the United States of America with their two beautiful daughters, and a son that she had previously before she began dating H20 Delirious.

How Many Children Does H2O Delirious Have?

H2O Delirious and his partner Liz Katz have two beautiful daughters and an adopted son. Through Liz Katz’s family Vlog series on her self-styled YouTube channel, their fans, and admirers have been able to see their family life as they experience the joy of fatherhood and motherhood.

H20 Delirious and Liz Katz first made it public that they were expecting their first child in the first quarter of 2020, at about the same time that the Covid-19 pandemic began to wreck devastating effects around the whole world, finally culminating in the lockdown of the same year in the United States and all over the world.

Liz Katz gave birth to her first child with H2O Delirious in September 2020 and has always fondly refers to her as “babylirious” in her family Vlog series. Their first child – a daughter whose real name is still a mystery, was also referred to as a “lockdown baby” who she believes was conceived at the turn of the year 2020.

In early 2021 while H2O Delirious and Liz Katz were still reveling in the joy of having “babylirious” added to their home, Liz posted on her family Vlog series on YouTube that she was not feeling too well lately and had missed her period, and took a pregnancy test on the video she posted on YouTube, which turned out to be positive.

She found a very creative way to break the news of her pregnancy to H20 Delirious after presenting him with a box containing about five pregnancy test kits and a sonogram she had gotten from her doctor. He was shocked and happy about the news but remarked that their baby girl was still just a few months old at the time.

In December 2021, Liz Katz gave birth to their second daughter who she fondly refers to as “Littlelirious” – a nickname she had agreed upon with her partner a few months earlier. She documented the experience of “Babylirious” meeting her baby sister for the first time on her family Vlog series on YouTube, and it was a very cautious and curious one for the little angel.

As stated earlier, Liz Katz already had a son before she began dating H2O Delirious and so he has a stepson as well, which brings the total number of children that he has to three, and who knows as more “babylirious’s” could be joining the household soon.

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