Who Is Kerith Coldham, Ken Bruce’s Wife?

Kerith Coldham is the wife of Ken Bruce, the Scottish broadcaster who is legendary for hosting a long-running mid-morning weekday show on BBC Radio 2 from 1986 to 1990, and then also from 1992 to 2023 when he retired.

Kerith Coldham, who was born in 1967, is Ken Bruces’s third wife, and they have three children together, including an autistic son named Murray, which has made them champion several autistic causes over the years. After being together for more than two decades, it is safe to say that the third time was really the charm for Ken Bruce.

Summary of Kerith Coldham’s Biography

  • Full name: Kerith Coldham
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1967
  • Kerith Coldham’s Age: 57 years
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: White
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Kerith Coldham’s Husband: Ken Bruce
  • Kerith Coldham’s Children: Murray, Verity, and Charlie
  • Famous for: Being Ken Bruce’s wife
  • Twitter: @KerithB
  • Facebook: Kerith Bruce

Kerith Coldham was Born in the Late 1960s

Kerith Coldham is a sharp contrast to her popular and outgoing BBC presenter husband. Kerith has never disclosed any personal information about herself and life before she became Ken Bruce’s wife, and all that is known about her are titbits that have fallen from her husband over the years.

Even her actual age is not known, but it was said that she was 33 years old when she married Ken Bruce in the year 2000, which implies that she would have been born sometime in 1967. Details about her family and early life remain a mystery, but she must have had a significant level of education which is how she came about working as a broadcast assistant when she met her husband.

Kerith Coldham Met Ken Bruce in Her Line of Work

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Kerith Coldham’s husband has spoken about how they met at different times and different interviews, and the story is the same. According to Ken Bruce, they met in 1998 when they both attended the Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham which was held in the (ICC) International Convention Centre building very close to a canal.

Bruce, who had been through two failed marriages and was already disillusioned by the marriage institution, described their meeting as unexpected. According to him, they were backstage when a clutch of ducklings who had lost their mother was wandering about, Kerith, who was a fan of animal life, was so amused, and they began a conversation about ducks and Eurovision.

They got on so well that they decided to meet after to see how things could go from there. Before long, they began to date before they decided to make things official.

Kerith Coldham Became Ken Bruce’s Wife in The Year 2000

Despite Ken’s promise never to get another one, he soon saw himself walking down the aisle with the beautiful Kerith Coldham two years after they met. While this was Kerith’s first walk down the aisle, it was Ken Bruce’s third and, according to him, final marriage.

Ken Bruce was determined to make his marriage work this time around, and he even shared that he took Kerith to see his mother – Minnie, in the Highlands, and it meant a lot to them getting her approval on their relationship before she passed on.

Kerith Coldham was 33 years old when she married Ken Bruce while he was 49 years which makes him 16 years older than his wife. But their age difference has never been a deterrent in their love story that has produced 3 beautiful children.

Kerith Coldham and Her Husband Have Three Kids

Kerith and Ken have been married for more than twenty years now, and during the course of their marriage, they have welcomed three children together. They welcomed their first child together in 2021 – a son they named Murray. Their second child, a daughter they named Verity, was born in 2005. Their youngest child, Charlie, was born in February 2008.

The family lives together in Towersey, Oxfordshire, where they put locks on all their bathrooms as Murray is fond of turning on all the taps and leaving them running.
It is pertinent to mention that Ken Bruce has 3 older children from his first two marriages.

Kerith Coldham Has An Autistic Son

Murray is Kerith and Ken Bruce’s autistic son, and he has been a blessing and a learning curve for the whole family. He is autistic and non-verbal. This is probably one of the reasons why Ken Bruce is very active in his campaign for autism charities, as this is a cause that really resonates with him.

Kerith Coldham has dedicated lots of time and effort to raising awareness about autism, especially the non-verbal category to which their son belongs. On Twitter which is the only social media platform where she is active, Kerith describes herself as a “mum” and an “autism mum”. She is an advocate of “non-verbal doesn’t mean not intelligent” and has dedicated her time to raising awareness, especially for the inclusion of autistic people.

Is Kerith Coldham Ken Bruce’s First Wife?

Kerith Coldham is Ken Bruce’s current and third wife. Before they got married in 2000, Ken Bruce had been in two failed marriages. His first wife was Fiona Fraser. They got married in 1976 and got divorced in 1988. During the course of their union, they welcomed two children (Campbell and Douglas) together.

Ken Bruce soon found love again in the hands of the beautiful researcher Anne Gilchrist. They got married in 1990 and went their separate ways in 1995. They had a daughter(Kate) together.

According to Kerith Coldham’s husband, he is aware that his biography looks bad on paper, being married 3 times with 6 children by the 3 women. Some have even referred to him as a serial bridegroom, but he claims that it isn’t as exciting as it sounds, and he is definitely not a playboy.

He clarified that his previous marriages were proper relations involving children, but things just didn’t work out until he met Kerith.

What Does Kerith Coldham Do For a Living?

Presently, what Kerith Coldham does for a living is not known. However, when she met Ken Bruce, she was working as a broadcast assistant in the 1998 Eurovision Contest. After their connection and marriage, it is unclear if Keith has continued her work in the same industry as her husband.

Kerith does have an autistic child, and caring for him will be a great responsibility. It is possible that she has dedicated her time to caring for her children and family. Kerith is also very supportive of her husband’s career. While she prefers to stay out of the limelight, she has been photographed alongside her husband at various social events.

Kerith Coldham’s Husband is a Renowned Broadcaster and Media Personality

Born Kenneth Robertson Bruce on the 2nd of February 1951. Ken Bruce, as he is popularly known, is a renowned Scottish media personality who has established himself in the industry. He is known for his long-running mid-morning weekday show on BBC Radio 2. The show ran from 1986 to 1990 and also from 1992 to 2023.

He moved on in his career to Greatest Hits Radio in April 2023 and is really doing well.
In 2023, Ken Bruce became an appointed member of the (MBE) Member of the Order of the British Empire for his services to charity, autism awareness, and radio.

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