Who Is Matthew McGreevy and Is He Phillip Schofield’s Partner?

Matthew McGreevy is a British actor, presenter, and television personality. The 27 year old, who worked as a runner for the popular daytime show This Morning for several years before moving on to another show on ITV, is the alleged partner of Phillip Schofield, a popular British television host who came out as gay in 2020.

Aside from the controversy that has trailed the young production runner due to his love life, McGreevy has appeared in a number of movies and television shows. Some of them include The Sparticle Mystery (2011), The Mill (2014), Murder in Provence (2022), and Next Level Chef UK (2023).

What is Phillip Schofield’s Relationship With Matthew McGreevy?

Phillip Schofield has admitted to having an affair/relationship with Matthew McGreevy for a while. Phillip’s revelation has been one of the most shocking news in the British media, considering the fact that there have been rumors and speculations about their relationship in ITV, the media house where they both work, even before Philip came out as gay in 2020. During this period, Philip was still married to his wife of 27 years, Stephanie Lowe.

The rumor of a relationship between Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy began to circulate in early 2020 as they grew suspiciously close after the older gentleman got Matthew a position at ITV. The management questioned both parties, and they repeatedly denied the rumor. Schofield, in his confession statement, has tried to clear the air about the nature and the length of their relationship.

After a heartfelt apology for lying about the sordid affair, Schofield admits that he did have a consensual and on-off relationship with a younger male colleague at ITV. According to Phillip, they didn’t have any sexual encounters until the colleague was 20, and they had between 5 to 6 romantic encounters over a few months before they called it quits.

In all his revelations, Phillip chose not to disclose the younger colleague’s name just to protect his identity, but it was already an open secret that the younger man he was referring to was Matthew McGreevy.

Schofield also denied the allegation that he had been with Matthew McGreevy since he was a child/teenager. While he admits to having met him while he was a teenager, he claimed that he was asked to help the young Matthew into television, which he did by getting him a position as a production assistant at ITV.

After Matthew McGreevy began to work on the This Morning Show as a runner, they went beyond friendship and began a relationship. Schofield has admitted that even though the relationship was unwise, it was not illegal as it was consensual.

This revelation led to a great fallout for Schofield in his personal and professional life. Despite all this, he begged the media to respect Matthew McGreevy and his family’s privacy since they didn’t do anything wrong.

The News of Phillip Schofield’s Relationship With Matthew McGreevy Has Affected His Personal and Professional Life

The unraveling of this affair between Phillip and Matthew has had serious ramifications, especially for Phillip Schofield. Aside from the uproar of the media and ITV executives for his dishonesty, Phillip had to resign from ITV as the revelation led to a fallout between him and his co-host, Holly Willoughby. The tension between them was so palpable that the audience picked it up, which reduced the viewership of the show.

Phillip Schofield decided to resign so as not to hurt the show which he loves. His resignation also led to the cancellation of his hosting duties for the British Soap Awards.

Schofield was also dropped by his talent agency, YMU, who had managed his career for more than 35 years. In a statement, his former agency reiterated that integrity and honesty were core values of their company and that their relationship with Phillip Schofield was based on mutual trust, which he had abused by not being sincere.

Phillip was also dropped as an ambassador of the charity organization Prince’s Trust, who claimed it was no longer appropriate to work with him. The charity, which was founded in 1976 when King Charles III was still the Prince of Wales, is known to help vulnerable young (between the ages of 11 to 30 years) people to get their lives back on track.

It is possible that some of the people who have been against Phillip Schofield have jumped on this controversy to bring him down. Before he chose to step down from This Morning, some group of people began to call for a need to boycott the show. This group claimed that Schofield had lied in his revelation as he was said to have first met Mathew McGreevy when he was 9 and attended Simon Schofield’s Kids Theatre Club, where he was a patron.

Phillip was then said to have gotten Matthew a job at ITV when he was a teenager and sodomized him regularly. He was then said to have gotten him fired after he got too old for his taste. He has been accused of being a pedophile who shouldn’t be allowed to work with kids.

On the other hand, some people who claim to know Phillip have been quick to defend him and attest to his integrity that he is indeed a caring guy. An inside source on ITV claims that it was an open secret that Phillip was gay even before he chose to come out. They claim that he supported others who were gay and made sure they felt comfortable to be themselves. He was said to have helped to mentor and support young gay men who were struggling to deal with their sexuality.

In an effort to manage the scandal, Schofield reportedly hired a crisis management team and social media monitoring. He was also said to have used super injunction against UK media to curtail the spread of the story.

While nothing has been heard from Matthew McGreevy over this alleged affair, Phillip has chosen to accept responsibility for his actions and take all the blame. He believes that his career on TV is over and that he has lost everything. He claims to have felt ashamed, embarrassed, and utterly broken by his own actions. He also revealed that he might have attempted suicide if not for his daughters guarding him.

How Old is Matthew McGreevy Now?

Matthew McGreevy is currently 27 years old. While there have been some speculations about him being born in 1995 or 1996, IMDb states his date of birth as the 21st of March 1996. He was born in Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom. While much is not none about his parents and family members, it is known that Matthew McGreevy has a twin sister by the name of Lizzie.

For his education, the television production runner turned actor attended Loreto Sixth Form College, where he studied Theatre Studies. Before this formal education, Matthew began acting as a child and had appeared in a number of movies as a child and teenager. It was in his quest to get a big break on TV that he got introduced to Phillip Schofield, who has no doubt helped him along in his career.

Before Matthew began to work with Phillip at ITV, Matthew, as a member of The 2 Faced Theatre Academy in Guide Bridge, was invited to the ITV London studios to watch the program “This Morning” go live, and according to Matthew, it was an eye-opening experience for him. Matthew also had a lot of good things to say about Phillip Schofield in the past.

Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy’s Age Difference

The age difference between Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy is 34 years. Phillip Schofield was born on the 1st of April 1962, which places his current age at 61. Matthew McGreevy, on the other hand, was born on March 21, 1996, which makes him 27 currently.

The huge age difference between Matthew McGreevy and Phillip Schofield is one of the major reasons the news of their relationship was so scandalous. Considering the fact that Phillip even admitted to knowing Matthew McGreevy since he was a teenager, Philip has been accused of grooming McGreevy and taking advantage of his position over young people.

Moreover, it is obvious that Matthew McGreevy holds Schofield in high esteem in every regard. He saw him as a mentor and a senior colleague who could teach him a lot about television and the entertainment industry generally.

Despite Philip’s claim of legality, the media and general public have viewed the alleged relationship as a breach of trust since they were never on the same level, especially in age and level of experience. Some have even speculated that Matthew might have been pressured into the relationship.

Moreover, Phillip Schofield believes that homophobia is one of the reasons why the news of the affair has been deemed scandalous. He claims that it is natural for people to get attracted to each other despite their ages, and this relationship wouldn’t have been scandalous if it had been a heterosexual or male-female relationship. He even claimed that a prominent public figure called him to vent over the homophobic way the news was been portrayed because it is a gay relationship.

Was Matthew McGreevy Silenced?

It is not clear if Matthew McGreevy was silenced about speaking on his alleged relationship with Phillip Schofield. Schofield has been very careful about mentioning Matthew McGreevy’s name in all of his confessions. He only referred to him as a younger colleague.

Logically, it makes no sense for Matthew McGreevy to speak on the issue since he was not directly mentioned. Since the news broke, Matthew McGreevy has not spoken directly or indirectly about this alleged relationship. This has led to speculations that Phillip got a gag order against Matthew.

During one of the interviews Phillip granted to clear the air, he denied the allegations that he silenced Matthew McGreevy or got a court injunction prohibiting him from speaking about their relationship.

Moreover, After Phillip Schofield went public about his relationship with his younger colleague at ITV, people began to speculate that he must have been pressured to come out by some prevailing issues since he already denied this relationship in the past and even claimed that they were no longer together when he came out to admit the truth.

From what was gathered by some concerned people of the press, Phillip Schofield has not been truthful about his revelations. He has been accused of trying to play the gay hero victim while he was the one who betrayed McGreevy after grooming him, defiling him, dumping him, and getting him fired.

Matthew McGreevy was reportedly hurt and threatened to go to the press. In order to control the narrative, Schofield was said to have chosen to reveal the truth.

Is Matthew McGreevy Still Phillip Schofield’s Boyfriend?

Matthew McGreevy is no longer Phillip Schofield’s boyfriend. From what Schofield has shared about his relationship with Matthew McGreevy, it is safe to say that they are no longer together.

While some believe that the relationship might have gone on for a longer period, Phillip claims that the relationship lasted for a few months in the year 2020 and that they are no longer together.

It is pertinent to mention that even though Phillip came out as gay in the year 2020, he has admitted that he has always liked men. He also shared that this information was not something he hid from Stephanie Lowe, with whom he ended up building a life and home. He has clarified that while he has never hidden his attraction to men, he thought he was bi-sexual for the longest time.

As he grew older, he became more in tune with himself and his preferences, which is why he chose to officially come out. While he is not yet legally divorced from his wife of more than two decades, they separated after Phillip came out as gay. Considering the fact that Phillip was still married when his relationship with Matthew occurred, he did cheat on his wife and was unfaithful in that marriage.

However, it is also a possibility that Phillip and Matthew are still together but have chosen to keep things under wraps for now, even though Schofield insists that they have remained friends. From the way that Phillip Schofield has handled this public backlash, he has tried to protect the reputation and identity of Matthew McGreevy.

Some might even go as far as saying that he was in love with the young Matthew, as Phillip reiterated in all his interviews that the only reason he lied about the affair in the first place was to protect the younger man.

Where is Matthew McGreevy Now?

Matthew McGreevy is still pursuing a career as an actor and in television with ITV. Insiders claim that Matthew had a falling out with Schofield, which led to him being fired from This Morning but not ITV. He then moved to the rival ITV show Loose Women, fronted by Ruth Langsford. He has also continued to act in films and television shows.

Matthew McGreevy is a talented actor who has a lot of potential in the entertainment industry. Despite all the controversy that has trailed his short career on television, McGreevy remains optimistic about his future in television and the entertainment industry.

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