Who Is Traves Kelly, Lisa Kelly’s Husband?

Traves Kelly is the husband of Lisa Kelly, the popular “Ice Road Truckers” actress and television personality. Born and raised in Alaska, Traves is an indigenous Native of Alaska who loves biking and racing. He is said to be a dirt biker but prefers to stay out of the limelight, unlike his wife. He also works as a mechanic and spends most of his time with his family, whom he supports wholeheartedly.

Traves’s wife, on the other hand, is known for many things. She’s a talented truck driver and television personality with a large fan base who has been featured on shows like “Ice Road Truckers” and “Highway Thru Hell.” But behind every strong person, there is often a supportive partner. For Lisa Kelly, that person is her husband, Traves Kelly. While Lisa Kelly has garnered quite a bit of media attention for her impressive driving skills and her on-screen persona, not much is known about her husband or their relationship. Traves Kelly isn’t someone who is often in the public eye, but those close to Lisa Kelly are familiar with him as he is her husband.

Summary of Traves Kelly’s Biography

  • Full name: Traves Kelly
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Traves Kelly’s Wife: Lisa Kelly
  • Famous for: Being Lisa Kelly’s wife

How Old is Traves Kelly?

Traves Kelly’s actual age is not known to the general public. He is the lesser-known better half of his popular wife and as such there is not a lot of information on his life. This is very particular to his early life. He is so private that there is barely any information on his birth or who his parents are. However, it is known that he is an indigenous Alaskan Native.

Traves Kelly Met Lisa Kelly When Working as a Mechanic in Alaska

For fans of Lisa Kelly and her career as a truck driver and television personality, many are curious about how she met her supportive husband, Traves Kelly. The couple’s origins have been somewhat of a mystery, with few details available on how they first crossed paths. However, in interviews and on social media, Lisa has shared some insights into their love story.

It is believed that Lisa and Traves first met when Lisa was working as a mechanic in Alaska, and Traves brought his truck in for repairs. According to Lisa, she was immediately attracted to Traves and his truck, which was a black Peterbilt with red stripes. They struck up a conversation, and Lisa was smitten with his easy-going attitude and sense of humor. From there, they began dating and quickly fell in love.

Traves Kelly Became Lisa Kelly’s Husband in 2008

Lisa Kelly and her husband Traves Kelly have been a longtime couple, sharing a strong bond and a deep love for one another. The couple got married after dating for four years in 2008. However, details about their wedding day have been kept private, with little information available on the specifics of their ceremony or anniversary celebration.

Despite this, it is widely known that Lisa and Traves have been married for over a decade. The couple tends to keep their personal lives out of the public eye, choosing to focus on supporting each other’s careers and passions. In interviews, Lisa has spoken about Traves’s unwavering support and how integral he has been to her success, both on- and off-screen.

For Lisa and Traves, their love story is about more than just a wedding day or a specific anniversary date. They have built a life together based on shared values, mutual respect, and a deep commitment to one another. Their relationship is a testament to the power of love, and their partnership is a reminder that when you find the right person, love knows no bounds and can withstand the test of time.

How Many Children Does Traves Kelly Have?

Traves and Lisa Kelly do not have children. While he may not be in the public eye as often as Lisa, he is still an important part of her success both professionally and personally. The couple has a strong partnership built on mutual love and respect, and they have made a life together by prioritizing their relationship and their careers.

Lisa has spoken in interviews about the challenges of balancing her work as a truck driver and TV personality with her personal life, but she has also emphasized the importance of having a supportive partner in Traves.

She has also spoken about how the way her family currently is, works for her, and as long as she has her husband and their animals they are already a family. They have built a loving home together in Alaska, where Traves works as a mechanic and Lisa spends time with family and close friends. Their relationship is a reminder that a strong partnership can be built on a foundation of mutual respect and love, even without having children.

What Does Lisa Kelly’s Husband Do For a Living?

Traves Kelly is a very private individual, and as such, his career information is not publicly known. Most of what is known about his life and career have been titbits dropped by his wife in a series of interviews.

Like his wife, Traves has a big love for biking. He is said to be an avid dirt biker which is a type of biking that takes place off-road. They basically drive on surfaces that are not conventionally paved. Traves is also a very skilled motorbike mechanic.

In an interview that Lisa granted in “The Great American talk show, which was held in Dallas, Texas, USA, she revealed that her husband has switched careers again and that he is now a plumber. She reiterates that the Alaskan life is a weird one and one should never say never.

Traves Kelly’s Wife is a Successful Celebrity Truck Driver

Lisa Kelly, Traves’ wife, is a well-known celebrity truck driver who has gained prominence for her appearances on the reality television series “Ice Road Truckers” and “IRT: Deadliest Roads.”

As a truck driver, Lisa Kelly has had to operate large trucks across difficult terrain and hazardous conditions, exhibiting her skills and expertise in the field. Her work as a truck driver has led to a huge following of fans who admire her tenacity and the valuable contributions she makes to the industry.

In addition to her television work, Lisa has participated in trucking shows and events, showcasing her talents and connecting with other industry players. Her successful career has enabled her to earn a comfortable income, which presumably enables her and her husband, Traves, to lead a decent life without much financial strain.

Lisa Kelly’s achievements as a female truck driver have broken stereotypes and opened doors for other women to pursue their dreams in this male-dominated industry. Her dedication and hard work have earned her respect and admiration from her fans, colleagues, and the broader public. Traves Kelly, on the other hand, continues to keep a low profile, and while his wife’s celebrity status has brought some attention to their private lives, they remain protective of their personal information.


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