10 Most Livable Cities In Africa

Africa is one of the richest as well as poorest continents of the world. This statement may sound contradictory but it is just a fact in the sense that African cities offer varying experiences; while some provide amazingly good experiences, some others leave a very poor memory. The advisable thing here is that you make a research to find out, what city best suits your needs and in that light, we’re going to provide some helpful information in this article that’ll help you know the most livable cities on the continent so as to help you choose if you wish to spend some time in or settle completely in Africa.

10. Tunis, Tunisia


This is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Tunis is the capital of Tunisia, located in the northernmost part of the continent, the capital is in one of the hottest yet conducive areas on the planet. It is difficult to fathom that Tunis would be on this list following what plagued the city a couple of years ago. The Arab Spring unrest almost robbed this city of its space in the development. It has a state of the earth architecture that at one time, elevated the city to become one of the wealthiest cities in the Arabic and Muslim world. Despite all of that, the cost of living in the city is affordable. This makes it one of the most livable cities for many in Africa.

9. Libreville, Gabon


It might astound many that Libreville is among the most livable cities in Africa. Fortunately, it is. Being the largest city in Gabon, it is definitely home for many people. True to those words, Libreville is home to approximately half a million people. Interestingly, it is one of the African cities with the highest literacy levels at over 90%! Among the things in the city are the parks, beautiful monuments, and nature reserves. The country’s, as well as city’s common language, is French.

8. Akwa Ibom, Nigeria


Don’t be surprised to learn that Akwa Ibom is the continent’s best economy! Though not known to many, Akwa Ibom has peaceful and warm-hearted citizens. Besides that the road network within the city is superb and it was named one of the neatest cities in Nigeria. Recently, the city got a boost from the government to build its roads, something the local authorities are taking seriously. It’s affordable to live in the city unlike other places like Lagos or Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. Unfortunately, between Boko Haram and the Niger Delta militants, this beautiful city is becoming as destabilized as other cities in Nigeria.

7. Windhoek, Namibia


Namibia was colonized by the Germans. So, you are likely to see a few Germany paintings and distinct architecture around the city. You will never get to Namibia and especially the city of Windhoek without coming across the Windhoek Lager, the country’s renowned brewery which is in this city. The finely crafted restaurants will make you want to stay and even live in Windhoek. About 330,000 people enjoy the clean environment in the city.

6. Accra, Ghana


Accra has a rich history starting with the late founding father of the country, Kwame Nkrumah. It would interest you to know that of all of Ghana’s total population, Accra has about 20%. The city enjoys closeness with Nigeria and has one of the best tourist spots in West Africa. Its bars, malls, restaurants, bars and clubhouses as they call them, serve as places to rest for all visitors who come to Ghana or to other neighbouring African countries like Nigeria. It is only a 45 minutes flight from Abuja. One thing stands out when you hear of Accra: hospitality among the hosts.

5. Gaborone, Botswana


It would be an understatement to say that Gaborone is a city of beauty. The city has been accorded with beauty beyond awe. Gaborone is home to ¼ a million people (250,000). The country is known for its large diamond deposits. Additionally, it is also associated with plenty of meat since the country is one of the largest exporters of beef. Visitors who come here are treated with warmth and entertained with different foods.

4. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Dar as many call it, is one of the 10 most livable cities in Africa that has had a fair share in the democratic and political space. It is so far the largest city in Tanzania. Recently, it has been seen growing in terms of infrastructure. Generally, Tanzanians are extremely polite people. This saying “extremely polite” should make you want to see this for yourself.

3. Nairobi, Kenya


So far, this is East Africa’s most growing city. Nairobi from the “place of cool waters” is a quiet place. Though since it is at the Equator, you are likely to experience weather conditions that will give you the ultimate feel of your life. The Nairobi National Park is only a 10 minutes drive from the CBD. People in Nairobi are welcoming.

2. Johannesburg, South Africa


The many companies that are situated in this city gives it an urban look. People in Jo’berg as it is fondly called, are warm and very friendly indeed! “The city is as green as a forest,” said one visitor. The country has put emphasis on the city’s infrastructure. Because of the forest, Johannesburg is at times called “the largest man-made forest in the world.” Generally, the cost of living there is quite affordable for the average earner. Because South Africa is a rainbow nation, you can imagine why people would willingly flock to Johannesburg.

1. Cape Town, South Africa


Are you surprised that South Africa is represented by two cities? This is absolutely possible! According to IIAG, Cape Town tops the list of 10 most livable cities in Africa because, among other things, it is a one-stop traveller destination. Besides, it is known to be among the most beautiful cities the world has ever had. Despite the modern sophistication, the city is peaceful day and night. The number of tourists that flock Cape Town year-round proves this fact.


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