10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dakore Akande

Dakore Akande is a Nollywood actress, humanitarian, all-around television personality, and multi-brand ambassador. The multi-talented celebrity started her career with acting roles in television series and today has over 50 productions under her belt. She has won a few awards for her performances and has been credited as a woman of charisma, confidence, fame, and fortune. Even the fact that she did not complete her university education didn’t dent her progress one bit.

Dakore, who hails from the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, is not just successful at the professional level; she is equally adept at keeping the home front united. She is the wife of an aviation expert and businessman, Olumide Akande. Their union, which has endured for over a decade, is blessed with two beautiful daughters.

Profile Summary Of Dakore Akande

  • Full Name: Dakore Omobola Egbuson – Akande
  • Date of Birth: 14th of October 1978
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Education: Corona Primary School, Gbagada; FGGC Bauchi, and the University of Lagos
  • Parents: N/A
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Occupation: Actress, Singer, Poet, Songwriter, Humanitarian, Television Personality, Multi-brand Ambassador.
  • Years Active: 1997 to date
  • Net Worth: 310 million Naira

1. Dakore Akande Was Born In Bayelsa But Spent Most Of Her Childhood In Lagos

The 14th of October 1978 is Dakore Akande’s date of birth and she was born in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The actress’ given name at birth is Dakore Omobola Egbuson; she only appended Akande to her name after marriage. The first of 10 children in the Egbuson family, the movie star grew up alongside four direct siblings and five half-siblings; however, the identity of Dakore’s parents is not known. She mentioned that her parents already went their separate ways as at the time she was about to enter the university. Though her birthplace is Bayelsa, Dakore spent a better part of her life in Lagos State until she left Nigeria for London.

Notable among the movies star’s siblings is Nollywood actor, movie producer, and digital creator, Timini Egbusun, who debuted in the industry in 2009. Timini has been featured in a good number of productions, including Isoken, Elevator Baby, Tinsel, Skinny Girl in Transit, Shuga, The Girl Code, and many more. Dakore’s younger brother is equally talented and hardworking and has a few awards to show for his years of hard work. Her second brother has been identified as Samuel Egbuson but he is not as popular as Timini.

2. The Movie Star Dropped Out of School In Her Third Year

Akanda acquired all her academic qualifications in Nigeria. For her basic education, she attended Corona School Lagos before proceeding to enroll at Federal Government Girls’ College Lagos for secondary school. She, however, graduated from FGGC Bauchi.

Upon her graduation from secondary school, Dakore Akande really wanted to acquire a university degree before venturing into her chosen career path; thus, the blossoming entertainer joined Lagos State University to study Mass Communication. However, things didn’t go as she expected, making the up and coming star take the hard decision of calling it quits with academics in her third year

3. Strikes and Harrasments Prompted Her To Drop Out of The University

When information sipped out that Dakore Akande is in actual fact a school dropout, people couldn’t help but wonder the reasons she quit school. This particular question remained unanswered until the movie star was speaking to Chude in an interview session when she revealed her real reasons for dropping out of the University of Lagos.

According to the actress, her major reason for quitting school was incessant strike actions. Going on, Dakore said she did a diploma at UNILAG – 1996/97 and went to work at the advertising company Casers. She also worked at Y2Group for one year before going back to school. Unfortunately, the actress wasn’t successful in gaining a direct entry to study Mass Communications as she was incapacitated; everything was just too tough after her parent’s split and she had no help coming from anywhere.

Consequently, she had to sit for another JAMB, and luckily, it came out good, gaining her an admission to study Mass Comm at UNILAG. Dakore Akande didn’t mind about the years spent in doing a diploma that couldn’t get her into school directly, and neither did she mind starting all over from year one after passing Jamb. But the stroke that broke the camel’s back was the strike actions. Dakore said they had to sit at home for one full year at a point and she was then already engaged on television with Sports TV. When it became clear that academics was dragging her back from moving onto the next phase of her life, the emerging star got disillusioned and just had to call it quits at 300 Level. The actress added that she equally had to contend with harassment from her HOD which contributed to her final decision.

4. Dakore Akande’s Acting Career Took Off In The Late 1990s

Being the kind of person that can’t stay idle, Dakore Akande was already active on Sports TV during her years at The University Of Lagos; she equally worked with one of her uncles in photography. However, the up-and-coming entertainer came onto the acting scene in 1997 when she scored her debut onscreen role on the set of a television soap known as Inheritance.

The TV actress later joined Nollywood where she has recorded over 50 appearances and counting. Dakore gained prominence as the lead character in She-Devil. Some of her most recent projects include Lunch Time Heroes, Fifty, Isoken, Chief Daddy, New Money, The Set-Up, and Coming From Insanity. Akande’s career in the entertainment industry has led her to work alongside professionals like Tope Tedela, Ireti Doyle, Diana Yekinni, Omoni Oboli, Tina Mba, and many more.

5. She Is Equally Into Music and Advocacy

Away from the acting scene, Dakore Akande is also talented in music. However, the movie star only activated this side of her personality after relocating to London. While there, she was opportune to know a big promoter who helped her to launch her music and began recording performances at events. Notable among the entertainer’s London gigs is her show at The Royal Festival Hall – London’s leading venue.

Since her emergence in the limelight, the Bayelsa beauty has shown great concern about the female gender and their wellbeing which led her to become an advocate. Evidence of her advocacy work can be seen in her role in The V Monologue where the movie star gave voice to the travails of women in modern-day society.

6. She Took A Long Hiatus From The Acting Scene

After making her debut in the entertainment industry, Dakore Akande came to be regarded as one of the most promising actresses in Nollywood. After she widened her horizon with music performing in prestigious places in London, the actress succeeded in writing her name in gold in both the acting and music world. However, she took fans by surprise when she exited from the entertainment scene without any prior notice. This raised a lot of questions about what could have prompted her exit and her whereabouts.

When it became glaring that Akande was no longer part of the movie world, the news quickly hit the airwaves, giving rise to different suggestions from fans. While many took it as her personal decision, there were a good number that placed the blame on the doorstep of her billionaire father-in-law, Harry Akande, whom they said asked her to quit acting. Dakore, however, denied all the allegations. It was during her five years hiatus that the actress had her first child but she has since returned to acting. Upon her return in 2012, she appeared on the set of the movie Journey to Self and has since recorded several others.

7. Dakore Akande Is The Wife Of Aviation Expert and Entrepreneur Olumide Akande

Dakore dated her spouse Olumide Akande for a few years before they decided to tie the nuptials, however, the reports about their wedding date have always come with several variations. While some sources said they wedded on the 17th of January 2011, others reported that it happened in 2010 which is more believable given the fact that the duo’s 10th wedding anniversary was celebrated in 2020. Their wedding was a glamorous affair graced by dignitaries from different fields, including movie stars, A-list entrepreneurs, politicians, and other celebrities.

Olumide is a big-time Lagos-based businessman and an aviation expert, however, he is a private man that loves to stay clear from the limelight. He only became known after his marriage to the Nollywood actress and for being the son of a billionaire.

Dakore Akande’s husband comes from a privileged background. His father was a renowned billionaire businessman, the late Chief Harry Akande. During his lifetime, Chief Harry founded NAFTEC (New African Technical & Electrical Company). He is also the founder of Engineering and Energy Production Nigeria Limited, and Akande International Corporation. Harry’s monthly revenue was estimated at $533 million, making him one of Nigeria’s wealthiest men. The business mogul notably ran for president in 2007.

Going by what we sieved from reports, Harry had a strong influence on his son Olumide, so much that he asked him not to wed Dakore because of her acting career, but he refused. This, according to reports, led Chief Harry to give the actress an ultimatum to quit acting before she can be welcomed as a member of the Akanda family. Perhaps this was what fueled the rumors that she exited the acting scene to obey the command of her father-in-law.

8. They Were Rumored To Be Getting a Divorce in 2020

Dakore Akande is among the few Nollywood celebs whose marriages have sustained for over a decade, but not without challenges. Recently, rumors of their purported impending divorce rent the air, as bloggers started publishing different versions of the story. One notable report said their marriage already crashed and the reasons were that Olumide was finding it a bit hard to afford the same level of luxury they enjoyed at the initial stage of their union. A second version said the split was a result of the pressure Olumide’s family was putting on Dakore to give them a male child. There was yet a third version that alleged the couple’s issues started after a bikini-clad photo of the actress was spotted on Instagram. Also, the fact that Dakore rarely posts her spouse’s photos on social media also came to scrutiny.

With all the rumors flying around, the couple never deemed it necessary to dignify the claims with a response until their 10th wedding anniversary when they came out in splendor to celebrate in January 2020. This automatically led all rumors to rest as it became glaring that their union was not heading for the rocks after all. To celebrate, the actress released a video of the members of her family and the most interesting part is the caption which referred to Olumide as Dakore’s best support system. Dakore Akande who never denied that their union does experience glitches from time to time said they usually make a conscious effort to fix things. She advocated prayers as a major workforce in their relationship. According to the celeb entertainer, their busy schedule does not prevent them from making out time to pray together as a family.

9. Dakore Akande and Her Spouse Are Parents To Two Adorable Children

Shortly after they tied the knot, the couple welcomed their first child. Though nothing much is known about the baby, it is public knowledge that they had a baby girl who announced her entrance sometime in 2011. Following the birth of her first child, Dakore Akande made her come back to the movie scene and in 2014, she became a second-time mother as their daughter Dasola Zahra came to complete their family.

With that said, the actress does everything possible to shield her children from the limelight as she prefers their personal info to remain private. The movie star appears to be enjoying the joys of motherhood as she has let on in an interview that she wouldn’t trade her experience as a mother for anything on earth.

The couple is currently doing a great job of raising their daughters together and even with their tight schedule, they still create enough room to spend quality time together as a family. The Akande clan has been spotted going on vacation several times, sharing the details with fans on social media through pictures. The two girls appear to be pretty good at music and the proud mother has recorded and shared their video with fans in an IG post.

10. The Nollywood Actress Is A Super Stylish Woman

With a weight of 73kg and a height of 1.68 m, Dakore Akande is well proportioned with other body measurements of 34-24-34 for bust, waist, and hip. Perhaps the most notable part of her physical appearance was the 12-year-old dreadlocks that set the movie star apart from the crowd. That particular hairstyle marked Dakore as one of the most stylish entertainers in Nollywood. Being a stylist herself, the actress knew just how to keep it simple while rocking her natural hair locked up in dreads.

Dakore was comfortable with her locks for 12 long years after she decided to cut it off and commence another natural hair journey. Even though those dreads are no more, fans still associate her with it. Dakore is dubbed the lady with the stately style only deemed fit for a superstar. Many see her as a woman with a comely smile – the mark of a heart-warming humanitarian. In fact, simplicity is the best word to describe this paragon of beauty with a heart of gold.

Chacha is a writer with a wealth of experience who has contributed across several channels. Her specialty includes celebrity lifestyle including how top movie stars, musicians, and comedians live their lives.
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