What Is Bella Ramsey’s Disease?

Bella Ramsey’s disease is Anorexia Nervosa which she suffered from for about three to four years, beginning in 2016 – a year before her eventual diagnosis by her doctors. The English actress battled this condition while working on The Worst Witch, and it led to her having some sort of mental health challenges which she was able to overcome.

She revealed that her faith and religion played a very important role in helping her overcome the disease and mental health challenges. The love and support of her family also helped her immensely during the trying period. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that nothing is wrong with Bella’s face as some people have suggested.

What Is Bella Ramsey’s Condition?

Bella Ramsey’s disease or medical condition is Anorexia Nervosa. Which also made her experience some mental health challenges for a few years. Bella’s medical condition is not a secret anymore as she came out publicly to acknowledge that she had the condition, and used the opportunity to support others having mental health challenges in whatever form.

On October 10, 2018, she posted a few tweets on her official Twitter handle while marking World Mental Health Day to share that she had been diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa a year before, but that the problem really started around 2016. Though she revealed that her doctors could not lay their fingers on the cause of the condition, she has been able to overcome it.

Anorexia Nervosa causes those suffering from it to have extreme food restriction tendencies because they fear gaining weight. It could also cause its sufferers to exercise excessively or to purge whatever food they eat. If it is left untreated long enough it can lead to malnutrition or other health complications, or in extreme cases, even the death of the victim.


She Overcame Her Condition With Help From Her Family And Her Faith

Bella revealed in an interview with the New York Times in 2023 that she was able to overcome the fatality of Anorexia Nervosa because her faith and religion (she is a Christian by the way) played a huge part in helping her deal with it. She also revealed that the love and support that she received from her family during the trying period also helped her greatly to overcome it.

She suffered this condition while she was on the set of The Worst Witch and playing the role of Mildred Hubble. At some point between the second and third seasons of the show, the illness had taken a toll on her so much that she had begun experiencing some mental health issues. She, however, revealed that by the time she decided to leave the show, she was in a better place mentally.

Bella’s experience with this condition and the subsequent mental health challenge that came with it made her become a mental health advocate. In May 2019, she took up the #KickUpChallenge where she did some ball juggling to show her support for Young Minds UK and express her solidarity with everyone suffering from any mental health challenge. In December of the same year, she revealed that she had become an ambassador for Young Minds UK.

Does Bella Ramsey Have a Face Disease?

Some folks believe that Bella Ramsey’s disease is showing up on her face, but in actual fact, there is nothing showing on Bella’s face, and her face actually is pretty and perfectly healthy as it is. The real truth with Bella Ramsey’s face is that some die-hard lovers of the game The Last Of Us and her critics, do not like the fact that she was cast to play the role of one of their favorite characters Ellie.

The “facial attributes” of the character Ellie in the video game The Last Of Us are actually very different from Bella Ramsey’s facial attributes and some folks just do not like the fact that she was the one selected to play Ellie’s character in the television series adaptation of their much-beloved game.

These die-hard fans of the original video game believe that Ellie’s character should have been played by actors such as Elliot Page or Ashley Johnson, they just were not having it that Bella was cast in this role at all, and some of them were not shy about making their feelings known and putting it all out in the public space for her to know how they felt.

These criticisms and strong disapproval from a section of video game lovers and its consequent adaptation for television initially got to Bella, but with a strong belief in her own talents and her abilities, as well as love and support from her family, she was able to win her critics over with the incredible portrayal of Ellie’s character that she has pulled off so far.

Does Bella Ramsey Have Down Syndrome?

Bella Ramsey’s disease is not Down Syndrome as some people have been made to believe by the rumors flying around about her. It is not clear when and how the rumors began but everything seems to suggest that Bella is not suffering from this condition at all. Down syndrome is not a medical condition that would not show in its sufferer.

As stated earlier, Bella suffered from Anorexia Nervosa which led to some mental health issues later, but she never had Down Syndrome. She would have revealed that she was suffering from this condition – if she ever had it, just like she was open and upfront about having Anorexia Nervosa even when she was under no obligation to do so.

Another thing about Down syndrome is that it does seem to have a negative impact on the lives of those suffering from it, and Bella Ramsey’s eating disorder is definitely not a symptom exhibited by someone who has Down Syndrome. She lives a very active and “normal” but very demanding lifestyle, and this is another reason why we believe that she does not suffer from this condition in any way at all.

Down Syndrome, also known as Trisomy 21, is a medical condition where the sufferer has an extra or duplicate copy of a chromosome pair (exactly chromosome 21), which is caused by an abnormal cell division involving chromosome 21. Folks who have this condition are exposed to sicknesses such as cancer and blood disorders – which may involve Leukemia and several other illnesses that may arise from suffering this condition.

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