12 Churches And Cathedrals In AfricaThat Are Absolutely Stunning

Churches are divine places, as expected to be. These are places where people render worship to their maker. It definitely has to be of perhaps an excellent standard, say as Godlike as perfect. No matter how remote the place, there is always a church somewhere for the people. One stunning thing about churches is the out of the world aesthetics they come with, perhaps the designers get the divine inspiration to know what will be befitting. You can only appreciate their structure and architecture if you have a sharp and heightened sense of appeal. Church designs  usually come with some uncommon cryptic details of belief; time past and their style of representation; archetypal features- towers and detailed/arched windows, or the statues in the surrounding of the church. Churches, especially the Roman Catholic Churches are known for the preservation of tradition as seen in their choice of architecture. It might not be as exotic as expected but it sure does say something about the church itself, its location or the circumstances surrounding the erection of the building.

1. Cotonou Cathedral

Country: Benin

Benin Cathedral

The first point of attraction that hits you is the sharp exterior decor of the cathedral- maroon red and white striped tiles. This is the headquarter of the Roman Catholic Community in Cotonou. This Gorgeous architecture has survived and existed for over a hundred years. Cotonou Cathedral is an elegant and captivating beauty.

2. Saint Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral

Country: Tanzania, Zanzibar

Saint Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral, Tanzania

St Joseph’s catholic cathedral is a tourist site in Zanzibar, a hundred and seventeen(117) years old and still functional. The church was built during the colonial era by the French missionaries between 1893 and 1898. The location of the church is an attraction of its own; the stone town, a UN world heritage site where some historical buildings are also harbored. It is an ancient but a major city in Zanzibar.

3. Tripoli Cathedral

Country: Libya

Tripoli Cathedral, Libya 1

Located in the capital of Libya; Algeria/Elgazayer Square. Owing to the Italian roots of the architects involved in the construction of the cathedral, the building is a typical piece of the Imperial Roman Architecture. This Tripoli Cathedral has survived a multiple of decades, however, it was more functional in the 60’s. In the year 2000, the site was turned into a mosque.

4. Saint Catherine’s Cathedral

Country: Egypt

Alexandria Cathedral

The Cathedral of St Catherine of Alexandria has been in existence and functional since 1832. It was constructed and dedicated to St Catherine, the Alexandrian patron saint. She was martyred for her refusal to compromise her faith in God and her feast day is on the 25th November, every year. The cathedral has an exceptionally beautiful interior when the chandeliers are on. Members of this church have created a niche for themselves; they are generally known for rendering charitable manual services for the development and beauty of the community.

5. Ambalavao Church

Country: Madagascar

Madagascar Church

This Madagascar Cathedral is located in Ambavalao, a beautiful ancient city with incredible landscapes. Ambavalao Cathedral has beautiful brick designs on  the exterior; a tower and subtle colored arched windows. Near to the church is the Anja natural reserves- a place to enjoy nature to the core. Ambavalao is a city of plateaus; with a kiss of the sunlight on the highlands and the buildings there, Ambavalao is an undeniable beauty.

6. Saint Joseph’s Cathedral

Country: Eritrea

St Joseph, Eritrea 1

The exterior of St Joseph’s Cathedral is an amazing site to sit out and relax in the twilight. The building has co-exited with a 200 feet tower, a convent, a monastery and a school. St Joseph is found in the city center of Asmara; built in 1922 by the imperial authorities and consecrated the same year.