A Look Into Warren Masemola’s Family With Wife and Why Fans Thought He Was Gay

Warren Masemola is married to Kgaugelo Masemola and they have a child whose identity has been kept away from the public. Following the gay role he played in the SABC1 television show, Ses’Top La, a lot of people thought he was gay but that is untrue as the actor is straight.

The life of a celebrity is fraught with many stories, some of which might be true or false, and regardless of what the celebrity might think or do about it, the rumors won’t stop spreading. Celebrities have no control over what stories the public decides to spin about them and can only either confirm, deny, or keep mum about the tales that circulate about them every once in a while. As such, notable South African actor Warren Masemola has been the subject of a number of unfounded claims, especially about his sexuality and relationships.

Over the course of his career in the entertainment industry, Warren has mostly been associated with women when it comes to relationships. But still, people often wonder if he is, in fact, gay and is hiding this secret. They have their reasons for such conclusions but Warren has in fact been married to a woman.

Warren Masemola’s Wife Makes a Living Away From the Entertainment Industry

Unlike a lot of people who work in entertainment where most celebrities tend to marry or be in a committed relationship with someone who is engaged in the same industry, Warren Masemola is married to a woman who does not have any link to the industry. Kgaugelo Masemola, the actor’s wife, is a business analyst who also doubles as a product manager. She has worked with a number of organizations, including Flowcentrix and AGIFLEX Solutions. She currently works with Hutech International Group.

On his own part, Warren is a widely loved South African actor known for depicting the character of Lentswe Mokethi (an art director) on the soap opera Scandal!.

The actor attended an art school where he studied dance before later taking drama lessons at the Theater Market Laboratory. He has since gained huge popularity on the small screen with works like Tjovitjo, Heist, 90 Plein Street, The Republic, Ring of Lies, Saints, and Sinners, as well as Vaya.

In essence, Warren Masemola is an entertainer in every way possible while his wife only has a head for business. This has not affected the dynamics of their relationship in any way. However, it is indicative of the fact that Masemola is a very private person, whose personal life is rarely publicized. This is one reason for the mystery that surrounds his marriage, as it is not known how he met his wife. But, we do know that they got married in 2017 and are still waxing strong as a couple.

The Actor and His Wife Have One Child

The actor and his business savvy wife are working hard to build a family of their own. The first hint of an addition to the Masemola family was offered by Warren Masemola when he uploaded a picture of his baby’s sonogram on Instagram. He made the post on the 8th of May, 2020, and captioned the picture with a quote from the bible.

To solidify his earlier hint, Warren, on the 3rd of November, put up another picture. This time, it featured him and his wife in white outfits and her fully-formed baby bump. But, it later turned out that by the time he posted the pregnancy photoshoot, his wife had already had their baby. Now, the exact date of the baby’s birth is not clear because, on the 29th of July, the actor put up a picture of him in the hospital with his wife. This is just one of the ways that Warren Masemola has protected his privacy, leaving the media with their wild guesses.

These speculations have sometimes led to unfounded rumors about the actor’s love life. In one of the cases where rumors were spread on his behalf, he was said to be married to another industry star.

The Truth About Warren Masemola and Jessica Nkosi

Warren Masemola and Jessica Nkosi – image source

In 2018, one of the most interesting rumors to have spread about Warren Masemola was that he had taken a new wife, and the person he had chosen as his wife was actress Jessica Nkosi.

The same year the rumor went rife, South African rapper AKA released the music video for his song titled “Caiphus Song” which featured Masemola and Nkosi. The two played the role of a couple who was getting married in the video of the song and to authenticate what was happening in the video, both of them shared a long steamy kiss.

When pictures of this got to the public space, there were rumors that they had gotten married. This was very convincing because of how authentic the picture looked if taken out of the context of the video. However, the rumor was false as Masemola is still married to his wife, Kguagelo. Besides, in his occupation as an actor, he can be caught in a lot of cozy situations with different women which could all be an act put up for a movie or TV series.

Meanwhile, getting married the second time is not the only thing he has been accused of. His sexuality has also raised many eyebrows with people saying he is gay.

People Think Warren Masemola is Gay But He Was Actually Homophobic

In 2012, Warren Masemola played Thokozani in the SABC1 television show, Ses’Top La. His character on the show is a gay man, and because of how good he is at acting, his fans and fans of the show were convinced that he was gay.

It came as a shock to a number of people when it was discovered that Warren Masemola is not a homosexual and does not have fluid sexuality tendencies. The actor has in fact spoken about him being homophobic in the past. Masemola once revealed that as a young man, he was very homophobic, so much so that it resulted in him getting kicked out of Market Theatre Laboratory – the school where he studied Drama, for a short period.

He later realized that he needed to do some introspection to help him get over his reservations; and he went on to speak to gay people, as well as homophobic people like him. Masemola came to the realization that his statement and behavior towards gay people was wrong. Now, he considers himself a reformed homophobe.

In his career, this would be the second time that a rumor has been generated about him because of how well he puts on his performances, which only speaks of how gifted he is an actor. He is known to bring characters to life in such a way that you wouldn’t imagine any other person doing a better job.

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