10 Remarkable African Leaders and Warriors in History

Leadership is an inherent part of human personality and people exhibit this quality in various capabilities. The largest black continent has produced a lot of remarkable African leaders and warriors who had made history and written their names in the books of memories. Before colonialism, the continent of Africa was subdivided into groups and each group had their warrior who mostly was their leader. Most of the African Warriors were leaders of other groups commonly known as tribes. They also used to lead their people all time including times of war. The most renown African leaders and warriors who had lived through history and had achieved remarkable feats in their lifetime include the following people.

10. Ahmed Baba

Ahmad Baba al Massufi

His full name was Abu al-Abbas Ahmed al-Takrui Al-Massufi al-Tinbukti. He was a leader in the Songhai Empire that ruled approximately two-thirds of the West Africa. Nowadays the areas are called Niger, Northern Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, Guinea, Mauritania and Mali. The Empire collapsed due to invasion of European and Arab in 1591. All leaders including him were arrested and were taken to Sahara. He later died in 1627. He was also a renowned medieval West African writer, scholar, and political provocateur.

9. Almamy Suluku

Almamy Suluku of Sierra Leone

He was a very powerful ruler and maintained his independence for as long as possible. His kingdom was known as Biriwa. He became the war captain and made his kingdom to become one of the largest in Sierrra Leone. He made his kingdom to become rich as he fostered the trade in foodstuffs, hides, ivory and gold. His name has gone down in history as a powerful African leader.

8. Behanzin Hossu Bowelle (The King Shark)

Behanzin Hossu Bowelle (The King Shark)

He was the most powerful king among the West African Kings during the last years of 19th Century. He was the master of the kingdom he ruled. If he nodded his head, he meant either death or life to his subjects. He overpowered the French expedition in 1890 and made them to pay for using the Cotonou port. He was later defeated in 1894 by Colonel As. A. Dodds who was a Senegalese – European. He had been sent to fight against him and had been provided with very powerful French armed forces. He died in 1906 when he was in Algeria.

7. Steve Biko

Steve Biko

Steve Biko is one of the most influential African leaders and was among the founders of South African Students Organization (SASO) since he was among the educated Africans. He was elected as the first president of the organization. The main objective of the SASO was to call all Black students so as avoid being spectators and rather take part in the restoration of South Africa to its rightful owners. He was detained and died on a floor of a cell in Pretoria Central Prison for his leadership skills.

6. Cetshwayo Kampande (Zulu King)

Cetshwayo kaMpande

He was a hero in a war against the British and he caused the biggest defeat which the English men had never had from Africans. When the British invaded Zululand, he defeated them and killed the heir to French throne by the name Prince Napoleon. He was later captured and imprisoned. He died in February in 1844.