Answers About Ntando Duma’s Age, Daughter Sbahle and Why Fans Thought Thando Was Her Twin Sister

At her young age, Ntando Duma has had quite the life. Despite her rough start to life, at 25 years old, Duma has made something of herself, overcoming poverty and becoming a renowned South African actress, with a daughter following gingerly in her path.

Ntando Duma’s first child, Sbahle Mzizi, is one of the most famous children in South Africa, thanks to her social media exploits. Together, mother and daughter have become one of the country’s most significant success stories, with never-ending interest in their lives.

Ntando Duma was Born in Orange Farm in August 1995

The South African model, actress, and TV personality was born on August 29, 1995, in Orange Farm, Johannesburg. Duma, in her couple decades of living, has recorded several accomplishments; however, hser journey to the spotlight was not straightforward.

At the age of 6, Ntando Duma’s life was upended after her mother decided to relocate her and her siblings to Orange Farm from Soweto to live with their grandmother. Her mother, Kayise Zulu, moved to protect her children from their father, an abusive alcoholic. The triggering moment came after he set their Soweto shack on fire after they refused to let him in.

As a result of the move, she and her siblings grew up in Orange Farm without their father, who made sparring efforts to reach out. At the age of 13, Ntando Duma’s father died, and after his family went through the burial rites, she was taken in by one of them. The family member also paid for her education, setting her on the course to become the celebrity she is today.

The ‘Official’ Age Difference Between Ntando Duma Her Mother Might Be an Inside Joke

One source of curiosity about Ntando Duma is her mother’s age. On the 30th of October, 2020, when Ntando Duma was 25 years old, she posted several photos on Instagram, celebrating her mothers birthday. The question marks immediately began flying as photos from the event showed her mother, Kayise Zulu, holding an age declaring banner that said ‘Kayise 38’, insinuating  her mother was 38 years old.

The age left many confused, as its validity would mean Ntando is 13 years younger than her mother; that is not impossible as she also has three older sisters. The math simply did not add up. There has not been an official explanation from Duma. Still, one possible answer is it might be an inside joke between daughter and mother.

Chances are the banner and party were designed to reflect the celebration and joy she should have received earlier in life before Duma found fame and success. Another theory suggests Duma is adopted, and Kayise is not her biological mother. The theory grew wings after an unverified YouTube comment claimed Kayise is her aunt who adopted the model/actress.

It further claimed Kayise is Ntando Duma’s father’s sister, implying she is the unnamed family member who took the actress in at the age of 13 after he died. Whatever the truth is, there is no denying that the mother and daughter pair have a happy relationship, regardless of their age difference.

Sbahle Mzizi is a Product of Her Relationship with Junior De Rocka

Speaking of mothers, Ntando is one too, following the birth of Sbahle Lisakhanya Mzizi in July 2017. Her daughter’s name, Sbahle Lisahanya, means beautiful and light. The young Sbahle was born out of Ntando’s relationship with the South African DJ and presenter, Junior De Rocka. The relationship initially seemed healthy until it crumbled under the weight of infidelity and physical abuse.

Like her mother, Sbahle has emerged out of the ashes like a phoenix and become one of South Africa’s youngest stars despite the parental struggles. As the daughter of a famous personality, she has always had a degree of presence in the spotlight. However, her fame went up a notch in October 2019 when she debuted at the AFI Fashion Week runway alongside her mother.

Since then, she has continuously gone viral with videos and clips of her showcasing intelligence beyond her age and a bubbly personality rivalled only by her mother’s. It has made her social media famous, with over 700 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 52k subscribers on YouTube.

At her age, Ntando Duma’s daughter has attracted attention from major brands. She has worked with Disney Junior, appearing on the web show Coffee Morning. Mzizi has also partnered with Elegance Optometrists and received nominations from Generational Wealth Education for the most influential South African Child Star.

Her longest-running brand partnership is with Cute Kiddies as an ambassador. It began from when she was two months old and led to the launch of her Instagram page, and ultimately, sparked her fame as a viral star. Her turn as a public star has undoubtedly benefited the family financially and socially.

Ntando Accused Junior De Rocka of Neglecting Their Daughter

Ntando Duma Sbahle
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When they were together, Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka were one of South Africa’s ‘It couples’. However, that began to change slightly after Duma got pregnant with Sbahle. Internet sleuths consistently caught Junior with other women, and rumours of his abusive behaviour grew. Their relationship eventually ended amidst allegations of physical abuse and Duma catching him in bed with another woman.

However, they share a daughter, and because of her, they have put their differences aside. While we wouldn’t go as far as saying they are close, Junior De Rocka has an amicable relationship with both mother and daughter. His journey to their amicable partnership was a long walk, one that involved court battles and public spats.

In January 2019, Ntando accused him of failing to contribute his financial share to raising their daughter. She accused him of neglect following news of De Rocka donating computers, sanitary pads, and essentials to underprivileged children in KwaZulu-Natal. The famous disc jockey denied the allegations, and fans of both celebrities took sides on social media. During this period, Ntando had full custody of Sbahle. De Rocka, who was ordered by a court to provide child support, could not see his daughter.

Thankfully by 2020, things improved between father and mother. Public interaction between them became cordial, and the DJ now spends time with his daughter, appearing in her videos alongside her mother.

Shared Parental History Made Fans Think Ntando and Thando Duma are Twins

Ntando Duma Thando
Ntando & Thando Duma: image source

One other aspect of Ntando Duma’s family life that draws questions is her relationship with the popular DJ, Thando. Their eerily similar looks sparked suggestions that they are twins; however, that is not true. Instead, they are siblings who happen to have similar combinations of their parents’ genes.

They also have a close relationship, one that goes beyond their shared genes. On several occasions, they take the time out to appreciate each other on social media. We also know that they are close enough for Thando to be one of Sbahle’s Instagram account managers.

Aside from their shared looks, both sisters are also putting the Duma name on the map. While Ntando is a renowned radio and TV presenter, actress, and model, Thando – the older sister – is one of South Africa’s most applaudable female DJs. She goes by the professional name ‘DJ Lady Amar’ and has become one of the most prominent names in the industry.

Other than playing at festivals and clubs as gigs, she is also the dedicated DJ of SA singer, Makhadzi. Thando is also an ambassador of the flavoured cream liqueur, Strawberry Lips.

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