Congo River – Location, Depth & Outstanding Facts

Congo River Facts: The popularity of the Congo River is never in doubt; this world-famous river has been featured in many documentaries, publications as well as films quite often. This goes to suggest its remarkable nature.

A lot has been said and written about the river, however, the following are the top 10 outstanding Congo River facts and we hope you’ll find them interesting:

Congo River Map

On the African map, the Congo River will be found at the boundary between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Congo Kinshasa. The two were formerly one Kingdom know as Kongo. While acting as a boundary between the countries, the Congo River also has different tributaries that start in different countries.

Congo River Location

The Congo River is located between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo Kinshasa but it has many tributaries including Lake Tanganyika, The East African rift, and Lake Mweru. It flows through Angola, Zambia, Burundi, Tanzania, Cameroon, Rwanda, Central African Republic (CAR), DRC, Congo Republic, and Gabon.

Congo River Depth

The Congo River stretches for approximately 2,922 miles (4703 kilometers) and its depth is just as impressive. In fact, while it’s the second-longest River in Africa, it is also the deepest. The Congo River, despite having its depth vary from section to section, has the depth in some areas extending beyond 220 meters (720 feet).

Impressive Congo River Facts

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1. Formerly Zaire River

The Congo River was formerly known as Zaire River. The name was prevalent in the period between 1971 and 1997. The name change took effect from 1997 when Zaire changed its name to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Following this change, the river was renamed after the country. Although it may be referred by its earlier name, the use of this term is declining over time.

2. The largest river in Africa

The Congo River takes the crown for being the largest river in Africa. The river is ranked as the 2nd largest in the world with the Amazon River as the largest. Its large volumes of water remain constant throughout the year. The huge quantity is attributed to the many tributaries that feed the main river. They originate from different countries in the region.

3. Most powerful river in the Continent

One of the fascinating Congo River facts is that not only is the mighty river the largest in Africa, it’s also the most powerful in the continent as well as in the world. The huge water mass creates lots of rapids and currents in several sections of the river. Statistics show that during peak output, it can release as much as 50,000 cubic meters (1,800,000 cubic feet) of water per second.

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4. The deepest river in the World

The remarkableness of the River Congo seems to go on and on. It is also rated as the deepest river in Africa and the World. Though the depths may vary from section to section, it is quite deep in most sections. The depth in some areas extends beyond 220 meters (720 feet).

5. The second longest river in Africa

The Congo River takes the second position in Africa in terms of length. It stretches for approximately 2,922 miles (4703 kilometers). This also makes the river the 9th longest in the world. The massive river meanders through several states in eastern and central Africa.

6. The most navigable in the Continent

The River Congo is placed among the top 10 most navigable rivers in the world. It is also the most navigable in Africa. The good sections that can be used by boats or vessels lie in the low tide and cataract-free sections. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has the most navigable sections that can cover about 9,000 miles.

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7. Serves the 2nd largest rainforest in the World

When the River is mentioned, the Congo forest also comes to mind. This is because the river flows through the tropical rainforest. The forest is the largest rainforest in Africa and the 2nd in the whole world right behind the Amazon Forest. The Congo forest is famous for its diverse and robust flora and fauna.

8. Home to 40 hydroelectric power plants

Due to its large water mass, powerful rapids and waterfalls, the Congo River offers good spots for the creation of hydro-electric power plants. In fact, at the moment, 40 power generating plants exist on the river. The largest plant is the Inga Falls Dam. Plans are underway to increase the power plants in several locations.

9. Flows through 10 countries

The Congo River is so massive and long that it flows through quite a number of countries. It also has different tributaries that start in different countries. The main sources are at Lake Tanganyika, The East African Rift, and Lake Mweru. It flows through Angola, Zambia, Burundi, Tanzania, Cameroon, Rwanda, Central African Republic (CAR), DRC, Congo Republic, and Gabon.

10. The boundary between the two countries

The name Congo was named after the Kongo (Congo) kingdom that existed some decades ago. However, due to political wrangles, the Kingdom was split into two; the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or the Congo Kinshasa, and the Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville). The river acts as the boundary between the two countries.

The above breakdown of the top 10 outstanding Congo River facts affirms the power and potency of the river. The great river plays a vital function in the different countries it passes through. The most important is probably the generation of hydro-electricity. Other important functions include agriculture, mode of transport, tourism, and fishing.

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