Courses Offered At Ashesi University and Their Fee Structure

Ashesi University is a private, non-profit institution located in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. It was established in 2002 by Patrick Awuah Jr. and the mission of Ashesi University is to educate ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa; cultivating within the students, critical thinking skills, philanthropic traits, and the know-how to metamorphose the African continent and courageously compete in the outside world.

Like every other higher institution of learning, Ashesi University offers a long list of courses across multiple faculties. Yes, the school is a non-profit establishment but that does not mean students don’t pay school fees. It only means that Patrick doesn’t profit from the funds generated.

A Look At The Courses You Can Study At Ashesi University

Ashesi University offers admission to prospective students into undergraduate degree programs. Below is a complete list of undergraduate courses offered at Ashesi University.

Faculty of Business, Arts & Social Sciences

  • Department: Business Administration
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

  • Department: Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  • Department: Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Cost Of Studying At Ashesi University

An academic session at Ashesi University consists of two semesters. The first semester of every academic year begins from late August to December, and the second semester runs from January to May. However, the fees may vary per semester so students are advised to check the university’s website for more details.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee at Ashesi University is the same for both Ghanaian and international students. This fee is set at $3,948 per semester, and it covers the costs of textbooks needed for the student’s coursework.

Housing Fee

The university offers optional on-campus housing to its students at different costs for local and foreign students. The accommodation comes with some perks; janitorial services, utilities, recreation spaces, dining, and laundry services.

  • Ghanaian students: $940
  • International students: $1,233

Medical Insurance

Ashesi University requires that students make use of a medical insurance policy for the duration of their academic program with the school. However, students who are already holders of medical insurance are exempted from this, provided they show proof or certificate of insurance.

NOTE: Students are also advised to set aside about $300 for other living and incidental expenses.

A Guide On How To Pay Your School Fees at Ashesi University

Ashesi University has provided students with several options to choose from in paying their fees. One can pay either through direct deposit to the bank, wire transfer, and even online.

Payment By Direct Deposit to The Bank

This option is quite easy to follow. It is open to students living within Ghana or the West African (ECOWAS) region who can deposit their school fees directly to either the school’s Ghana Cedi or US Dollar accounts.

It involves the following steps:

  1. Proceed to Ecobank to pay the fees (Ghana & ECOWAS Region)
  • Cedi Account Number: 0200014411600902
  • Dollar Account Number: 0202034411600901
  1. Fill three copies of the deposit slip:
  • An original copy for the bank.
  • A second copy is to be submitted to Ashesi University.
  • A third copy is to be kept by the student as evidence of payment.
  1. Before concluding the payment, students should ensure that the correct details are filled on the deposit slip and that it has a valid stamp of the bank.
  1. Make payment and submit a copy of the deposit slip to the finance office of the university in exchange for an official Ashesi receipt.

Payment by International Wire Transfer

This option is for other students that do not fall within the regions stated above. This includes other parts of Africa, The Americas, the UK, and Europe.

  1. West Africa Rapid Transfers

This transaction can be conducted at any ECOBANK location in the West African region using the following account details:

Bank: Ecobank

Account Number: 0200014411600905

  1. Africa Wire Transfer Payment Information

This transaction can be conducted from banks located in Africa. This applies to both tuition and application fees.

Swift code: ECOCGHAC

Account Number: 0201014411600901

Account Name: Ashesi University


PMB CT 443, Accra, Ghana

  1. The Americas (USA, Canada, South America) Wire Transfer Payment Information

Transfer from:


Account Number:36013639

Account Name: ECOBANK

Transfer to:

Swift code: CITIUS33

Account number: 0201014411600901

Account Name: Ashesi University


  1. The United Kingdom and Europe Wire Transfer Payment Information

Transfer from:

Ghana International Bank PLC,

69 Cheapside, London EC2P2BB, United Kingdom

Swift Code: GHIBGB2L

Account Number: 0001362303

Account Name: ECOBANK

Transfer to:

Swift code: CITIUS33

Account number: 0201014411600901

Account Name: Ashesi University


Online Payment Portal

Students can make payments for their fees using their VISA or MasterCard debit or credit card. They will be required to provide their Student ID number and PIN.


The finance office of the university may be reached for further information as regards payment of fees. Also, note that the deposits made to the school are non-refundable.

Students are advised to review all their official receipts to ascertain the correctness of the following:

  • Date of receipt
  • Date of the deposit slip or payment order
  • Full name
  • Deposit amount and exchange rate if applicable
  • Payment description, e.g. application fees
  • Signature of the Admin Assistant
  • Phone number

Off-Campus Accommodation

Ashesi University has the capacity to provide on-campus housing to only several students. There are other readily available off-campus housing options situated close to the campus for students. Students have to consult with the Student Affairs Office to get proper guidance on becoming residents at the available accommodations.

How Expensive Is Ashesi University Fee?

Some students may find the Ashesi University school fees affordable, while others may find it expensive. Students who pay their fees before the standard deadline are issued a 3.5% discount from the cost.

The university has made provisions for students who may find it difficult to pay their fees at a go; they can pay on an installment basis. This can be split into as much as two to four installments. Payment in two installments is granted for up to 60 days after enrolment and attracts a 3% surcharge per semester. Payment in three to four installments is granted for up to 90 days after enrolment and attracts a 6% surcharge per semester.

The school also has provision for scholarships which are awarded based on student’s proven need, academic performance, and availability of funds.

Further questions about admissions, courses, fee structure, and payment of fees can be obtained here.

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