Who Is Danny Duncan And How Much Does He Make On YouTube?

YouTube is not only an educational and entertaining platform; it also serves as a source of wealth and fame for a lot of people. Danny Duncan is one of such people who have become rich and famous through YouTube. For Duncan, his wealth was made by uploading skating and prank videos, but this is just a small part of the fame he enjoys today. Keep reading to learn more about this YouTuber.

Who Is Danny Duncan?

Danny Duncan is a vlogger who uses the video streaming platform YouTube for his online exploits. This vlogger was born Daniel Duncan on the 27th of July, 1992. He was born in Englewood Florida, which is where he spent his childhood but now lives in Los Angeles, California. He is one of the two children his parents had before they got divorced. Danny grew up with his mother, sister, Kathy and he has a half-brother called Matthew.

For his high school education, Danny Duncan went to Lemon Bay High School; while he was there, he was part of the school’s baseball team and also ran track, but he was better at the latter. In some of the videos on his channel, he displays the athleticism he has learned from participating in the two sports. Danny graduated from Lemon Bay in 2010. After graduation, he started to work at a Walgreens but felt deeply dissatisfied with his life, so, he decided to quit.

Danny Duncan had always been involved in skating and because of this, he was friends with some professional skaters. He used to give advice on how skaters can stretch and the exercises they can do to help with ankle injuries. One day, a friend who is a former professional skater turned actor advised him to go into acting and he said the quickest way to get roles in movies in recent times is by having a huge following and fan base. Duncan decided that he wanted to build this fan base on YouTube.

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In 2014, four years after leaving high school, Duncan created his YouTube channel. He uploaded his first video on the 3rd of July in that same year and it was a skating video. His YouTube channel has been running for five years and in that time, he has made more than 300 videos and accrued over four hundred million views. The videos are a mix bag of skating tips and pranks, but the biggest part of this mix is the pranks.

It is not unusual for Danny to feature the members of his family in his pranks, his prank of driving his sister’s car in a pond and going ahead to buy her a new car is one of his videos with the highest views. Danny Duncan is known for the authenticity of his pranks and how organic they are and because of the originality of the pranks, he has endeared himself to fans worldwide. But he has gotten in trouble with the cops for some of his videos, despite his extreme care to avoid the legal implications of each of his pranks.

This YouTuber has expressed his desire to become an actor and that is what led to his move to Los Angeles. For Danny Duncan, comedies are the greatest films of all time and he wants to create and be in films that people will keep going back to watch because of how funny they are.

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Danny Duncan
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How Much Does Danny Duncan Make On YouTube?

The rate at which people earn money on YouTube is dependent on the number of views they get on their videos. The higher the views on your videos, the more money you get as ads will be placed on these videos and as more people see the ads, the owner of the videos gets more money. Danny Duncan gets at least 500,000 views in a day from his more than 3 million subscribers, this number of views means that he earns at least $2,000 on a daily basis.

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Interestingly, YouTube is not his only source of income, he has started getting roles in movies and television shows. Also, the sale of his merchandise which includes shirts, hoodies, and bags that bear funny sayings from him is another wealth-making avenue for Danny Duncan.

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