How Much is Danny Trejo Worth Now, Years After Being In Machete?

Many years after he appeared in the Machete films, Danny Trejo’s net worth has become a point of interest to many people. The actor, who many film enthusiasts know for his portrayals of either a thug or a lowlife in movies, is a phenomenal actor that has come a long way from being a drug addict to being one of the most popular names and faces in Hollywood with significant earnings to show for his work.

In case you do not know him by his name, one of the films which the actor is most popular for appearing in is the 2011 action movie, Spy Kids. Apart from just being an actor, he is also an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses around the United States of America. Read on to find out more about Danny Trejo’s worth as we explore his life, rise to fame, and other facts about the brilliant actor.


Danny Trejo was born on the 16th of May, 1944 in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California. Both of his parents are Mexicans who migrated to the United States. His father, a construction worker during his lifetime, was named Dionisio Trejo while his mother, who worked multiple odd jobs, was named Alice Rivera.

Interestingly, Danny Trejo is related to the popular Mexican filmmaker and producer, Robert Rodriguez. The pair are second cousins and for a long time, they were completely unaware of this. The two found out about their familial ties when they were filming the 1995 action film Desperado which Rodriguez produced. Trejo is an American by nationality but is of Mexican descent. He is trilingual as he is fluent in English, Spanish and Russian, all of which has helped him land multiple roles in different languages.

There isn’t any information regarding Danny Trejo’s education as it is believed that he did not receive any formal education. His childhood and adolescent years were very rough as he was always getting into trouble, largely due to his physical appearance.

Although he is not too tall, standing averagely at 5 feet 6 inches, he has a very tough look thanks to the deep lines on his face caused by acne and multiple brawls. He also has a huge tattoo that is repeatedly shown off in his movies. The tattoo sports a woman who is dressed in a traditional wide Mexican hat called a sombrero. He was reportedly in and out of jail for a really long time.


Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo in Machete (2010)

Danny Trejo’s journey to becoming an actor did not start from the get-go as he was first a youth rehabilitation counselor. During his time as a counselor, he came across the movie director of a film called Runaway Train. This opened up opportunities for him and he was soon introduced to the screenwriter Edward Bunker who hired him to train an actor for a scene. Edward Bunker was so impressed with his training that he decided to give him a small boxing role. Since then, he has featured in a lot of movies including Spy Kids, Machete, Point Blank, Animal Factory, Lock Up, and Against the Wall.

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How Much is Danny Trejo Net Worth Now?

After appearing in multiple high grossing Hollywood films, it comes as no surprise that this talented actor goes home with a jaw-dropping paycheck that has helped in transforming his life. His acting career has lasted for many decades and he appears to still have his head in the game unlike many others he started with have managed.

Apart from just acting, he also makes a lot of money from the running of his multiple restaurants and fast food ventures. Some of these businesses include his own brand of coffee, beer, and even a taco restaurant located on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles.

As of 2019, Danny Trejo’s net worth is estimated to be around $16 million. Thanks to this, he has been able to afford himself a lavish life that includes a home in San Fernando Valley where he lives with his two children. The actor used to be married but has since called it quits with his wife of 12 years, a woman only identified as Danny Shreve who he wed in 1997 and divorced in 2009.

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