Dissecting Van Vicker and Wife Adjoa Vicker’s Love of Over Twenty Years

Considered one of the most successful Ghanaian actors in modern times, Van Vicker has been in the spotlight for a while. Since his acting career kicked off, he has risen to become one of the most sought-after movie stars from Ghana and also won great admiration for his handsomeness (especially among the ladies) and for his great flair for role interpretation. He has starred in several movies and is a role model for many aspiring movie stars.

Needless to say, Van Vicker’s life has always been subjected to public scrutiny because of his fame, and his marriage and family life have especially been among the most highly discussed parts of his life. This is mainly because most of the roles he has played are romantic ones and people have come to be very curious about who the real woman in his life is and whether or not he has a family.

Van Vicker Met Adjoa Vicker In High School

The handsome actor is married to a beautiful woman called Adjoa Vicker. Van Vicker and his wife have been together as lovers for a very long time. As a matter of fact, they had already known each other before they started dating. Our investigation has revealed that Van Vicker and Adjoa met in 1993 when they were both in high school.

At first, they started out as friends before things took a new turn for the couple and they fell in love. Van Vicker and his wife started dating in 1994, one year after they first met each other. They were still teenagers at the time. The actor revealed this piece of information himself when he shared a post on Valentine’s Day 2021 to celebrate his wife. According to him, they were celebrating Valentine’s Day for the 27th year.

They Dated For 10 Years Before Their Wedding In 2003

Because they were teenagers when they first met, Van Vicker and his wife dated for a long time before they decided to tie the knot as husband and wife. In fact, we know that they dated for about 10 long years, creating and sharing some really wonderful memories along the way before settling down in holy matrimony. The longevity of the couple’s love story has remained very inspiring for many people who know them today.

After dating for quite some time, Van Vicker and his wife tied the knot on October 16th, 2003. The exact venue of their wedding is unknown but the ceremony was attended by family and friends who came out to celebrate the couple.

The couple has remained married ever since they settled down in holy matrimony and there is no end in sight for their love story, judging by how smoothly they have held things down over the years. Theirs has been a happy marriage that has been hailed by many fans and admirers.

Vicker Was Already Famous When He Became A Married Man

Van Vicker is now one of the most famous Ghanaian public figures, however, this was not always the case with the man. There was a time when he was just trying to find himself and his purpose, and work his way through life to find fulfillment. It was during this time that he met his darling wife.

At the time he finally got married to Adjoa Vicker in 2003, the actor was still largely unknown by the general public. It is known that the actor made his start in the entertainment industry in 1997 when he got employed as a TV personality for TV3 Ghana. He later worked for Metro TV from 2000 to 2004. During this time, he had a 10-episode stint in the Ghanaian television series Sun City in which he played the character of LeRoy King Jr. However, it was in 2004 that he finally landed his first film role when he was cast in the movie Divine Love.

Van Vicker
Van Vicker and Adjoa Vicker on their wedding day

It is noteworthy that in 2004, when he landed his first film role, Van Vicker had been married for just one year and he was still a newbie in the movie industry so he was still considered an up-and-coming star who was working very hard to get to the top. In fact, it was in 2008 that he eventually began to enjoy immense superstardom after he got nominated for both the Best Upcoming Actor and Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards.

When he burst into the limelight, many fans did not know that the actor was married. This was especially because of the roles he was playing which were mainly romantic ones. The actor was constantly seen playing loverboy roles and was often linked romantically to other actresses whom he acted with. Many fans were left stunned when it was later revealed that he had been married even before he started acting in films.

Why Van And Adjoa Vicker Are Role Models To Many

Many people consider Van Vicker and his wife to be role models when it comes to getting married and remaining married. The reason for this is very simple; the actor and his wife have kept things going smoothly since they got married and have largely stayed away from scandals over the years. In an age where people marry and divorce within very short time frames, the actor and his wife have stuck together and, at the moment, there are no signs at all that some crisis is about to pull them apart.

In 2018, while celebrating his 15th wedding anniversary, the actor himself revealed that someone once told a newly divorced man that he should have studied Van Vicker and learned how to stay married. This was how much people respected his enduring union with his wife.

How Adjoa Vicker Handles Her Husband’s Romantic Scenes

Van Vicker’s wife has been credited with being a deeply understanding wife who knows that her husband’s job requires him to be away from home and also expects him to kiss and caress other women onscreen. So, this has not been an issue for her as it would have been for other women.

In an interview that he had with Vanguard, Van Vicker described his wife as a strong woman emotionally. He says it is tough for his wife to see him kissing other women onscreen, however, she understands that it’s his job and so,  she handles it maturely. In fact, he claims that it was his wife who inspired him into acting in the first place and that he owes her a lot for how she has helped him grow in the industry.

The Marriage Has Produced Three Children

The marriage between Van Vicker and his wife Adjoa Vicker has produced three children. They have two daughters called J’dyl Vicker and Ji-an Vicker, and a son called Vj Van Vicker.

J’dyl Vicker

J’dyl Vicker is Van Vicker’s first child. She was born on February 27, 2004, several months after her parents Van Vicker and Adjoa Vicker got married. She has now grown into a fine young woman and is now 18 years old.

The actor is very fond of his daughter and often shares photos of her and his other kids on Instagram. In 2020, he celebrated her 16th birthday with a sweet post on Instagram, describing her as “intelligent, smart, beautiful, enthusiastic, 100% go getter, confident, and respectful”.

Ji-an Vicker

Ji-an Vicker is Van and Adjoa Vicker’s second daughter. She was born on May 25, 2006, about two years after her elder sister, J’dyl. Ji-an is now 16 years old.

Just as he is with his first daughter, Van Vicker is also very fond of Ji-an, and the evidence is in how he celebrates her with every given opportunity. In 2020, he shared a sweet post on his Instagram page to celebrate her 14th birthday describing her as “generous, modish, caring, ingenious, street smart, beautiful, and resolute”.

Vj Van Vicker

Vj Van Vicker is Van Vicker ad Adjoa Vicker’s third child and only son. The boy was born on November 21, 2008, and is now 14 years old. Vj has grown into a fine young man whose father is very fond of.

Occasionally, Van Vicker shares pictures of Vj and his sisters online, expressing his love and admiration for them. In 2020, the actor shared a post on Instagram to celebrate Vj’s 12h birthday, revealing that the boy makes him a proud father.

The Messy Scandal That Threatened Van Vicker’s Marriage

Van Vicker has enjoyed a really great marriage since he tied the knot with his wife. However, it has not been all rosy since day one as the actor has had to battle a very messy scandal that threatened to tear his marriage apart.

In 2016, fans of the movie star were shocked when he was accused of sleeping with his manager, Clarice Ford-Kulah. It was even more shocking because the accusation was made by the manager’s husband Bartum Kulah. In his accusation, Bartum Kulah said Van Vicker was having an affair with his wife and that he had even caught them in the act twice at a hotel.

Bartum Kulah claimed that his wife was disguising as Van Vicker’s manager and business partner to engage him in the ungodly act of adultery. He also claimed that the actor has traveled to different cities around the world to have an affair with his wife. He then sensationally claimed that he has evidence to back up his allegations.

The allegations went viral and for some time, Van Vicker’s name was on every lip. Fans were divided on whether or not to believe the accusations as shock waves spread over the matter.

What Clarice Ford-Kulah Had To Say

Shortly after the cheating accusations were made, Van Vicker’s manager, Clarice Ford-Kulah came out to speak on the matter. She released a strong statement refuting the accusations and declaring that her husband was wrong about his claims. According to her, she and Van Vicker have always maintained a professional relationship and have never thought of engaging in such an unholy union.

She claimed that her husband has insecurity issues because of an accident he had and has been harassing all her male friends, including ministers, deacons, and pastors for years. She said her husband has no evidence as he claimed and that Vicker is her friend and ‘family’. She then urged the public to disregard all the allegations her husband made.

Van Vicker and his manager, Clarice Ford-Kulah

Van Vicker’s Reaction

It was not only Clarice Ford-Kulah who had to react to the grievous allegations of cheating made by her husband; Van Vicker also had something to say. The actor reacted to the development days after the allegations during an interview he had with HitzFM. As expected, he flatly denied the allegation and called it ‘nonsense’.

The actor claimed that he and Clarice Ford-Kulah were business partners who had worked together for years, partnering on a number of projects, including movies and other things. He also revealed that he and Clarice had become more like family because she knows everyone in his family, including his wife, mum, sister, and others.

Reacting to the claims that Clarice’s husband had proof of him cheating with his wife, Vicker claimed that this was a lie and that there can never be a photo or video of him being in a compromising position with Clarice Ford-Kulah.

Van Vicker’s reaction was met with mixed reactions as some people believed him while others waited for Clarice Ford-Kulah’s husband to release the evidence that he claimed he had. The scandal lingered for some time.

How It All Ended

The Van Vicker cheating scandal lasted for some time. However, everything became clear when Bartum Kulah, the man who started the storm by making the allegations, came out to retract his claims. In a sensational post he made on Facebook, Bartum Kulah apologized to Van Vicker and his wife.

He explained that he was overcome by jealousy and totally misunderstood the professional relationship between his wife and the actor to be an immoral one. He confessed that his allegations were not true and regretted the inconvenience the false accusations had caused the parties involved. He then asked for forgiveness from his wife and Van Vicker. Bartum Kulah’s Facebook statement put to rest the huge storm that was generated by the dramatic allegations of cheating against Van Vicker.

It is noteworthy that Van Vicker has been romantically linked to different actresses, including fellow Ghanaian star, Nadia Buari in the past. However, the actor has sworn that he has never been with anyone else apart from his wife and that he will never have anything to do with anyone else romantically until death.


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