Easy Ways to Check Your AirtelTigo Number, Available Call Bundles, and Their Codes

When Airtel and Tigo merged in 2017 to become AirtelTigo, some subscribers had a lot of questions. The questions ranged from if they would have to get new SIM cards to if they would have to go and re-register their current ones they possessed. One pertinent question that also arose was how customers could check their numbers under the new AirtelTigo umbrella. That remains a worry to date as some customers remain unfamiliar with the process. Below are three various ways through which you can check your AirtelTigo number within minutes.

How to Check for Your AirtelTigo Number via USSD Code

One of the numerous methods you can check for your AirtelTigo number is using the USSD code provided by your network operator for that specific purpose. It is effortless, fast, and pretty much straightforward. Here is a step-by-step on what to do to get your number via USSD code:

  • Launch your dial pad on your phone
  • Input the code *703#
  • Dial the code using your AirtelTigo sim card in case you use a dual-sim phone
  • Wait a few seconds, and your AirtelTigo number will appear on your screen
  • You can proceed to save the number somewhere safe in case of an emergency

That is how to check your number on AirtelTigo using USSD code. It is that easy, fast, and direct.

How to Check Your AirtelTigo Number using Customer Care

Another method you can use to check your AirtelTigo number is to get the customer care representatives to dictate it to you. You can achieve this by contacting them directly and speaking to one of the representatives. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open your call app
  • Dial 100
  • Call using your AirtelTigo sim
  • Follow the prompts that will lead you to speak to an agent
  • Request your mobile number from him/her
  • Get a piece of paper and pen so you can jot down the dictated number

This method might take much longer than the USSD option as the customer care agents might be occupied and take a while before attending to you. Sometimes, you might not even get to speak to them as the call might disconnect due to network issues.

How to Check Your AirtelTigo Number with the help of the Mobile App

The AirtelTigo mobile app was created to make life easier for millions of subscribers. With the app, so many things can be done, including buying data, buying airtime, checking your account and data balance, etc. One of the things you can also do with the app is to check for your number.

If you have never done this with the app and want help, this is a step-by-step guide on the process:

  • Proceed to either play store if you use an Android or app store if you use an iOS
  • Search for the AirtelTigo app
  • Click install and wait for your phone to download and install the app
  • Open the app and signup with the required details
  • After getting in, navigate until you find the option that lets you check your number
  • Follow the prompts, and you should get your number within seconds
  • Proceed to save the number somewhere personal for easy recollection in the future

Available Call Bundles on AirtelTigo

For all lovers of talking nonstop over the phone, their network operators must have various options they can choose from. Every subscriber wants to have favorable call bundles that provide good value for money. AirtelTigo, with over 10 million subscribers, recognizes that they possess a very diverse set of customers and, therefore, created call bundles that cater to everyone.

AirtelTigo, therefore, currently has three major voice packages in its ranks. Within these three major packages are sub-packages with their price ranges. Therefore, it is up to the subscribers to go through the bundles and select the one they feel is perfect for them according to their budget and needs. With their advantages and disadvantages, here are the call bundles on AirtelTigo.

AirtelTigo Xtra Unlimited Call Bundle

AirtelTigo Call Bundles
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This call bundle lets you subscribe to unlimited call plans from a day to an incredible six months. Depending on your subscription plan, you can talk for a day or six months. This plan is available to both prepaid and hybrid customers on the network. AirtelTigo Xtra Unlimited Call Bundle has seven sub-bundles consisting of the price range and the time frame. Subscribers can choose the plan that benefits their budgets.

Price (GHc) On-Net Minutes Validity
60 Unlimited (1440 minutes Fair Usage Policy) One day
1.00 Unlimited (2880 minutes Fair Usage Policy) Two days
4.00 Unlimited (21600 minutes Fair Usage Policy) Fifteen days
6.00 Unlimited (43200 minutes Fair Usage Policy) One Month
10.00 Unlimited (86400 minutes Fair Usage Policy) Two Months
12.00 Unlimited (129600 minutes Fair Usage Policy) Three Months
24.00 Unlimited (259200 minutes Fair Play Usage Policy) Six Months


The advantage of this bundle is that it offers excellent call rates at very reasonable prices. It is very beneficial for people that operate on a budget and do not have the luxury of spending a lot on airtime. A significant disadvantage, though, is that it is not quite an unlimited plan.

The fair usage policy means that customers cannot go beyond certain time usage. It means the two-day GHc 1.00 plan has a talk time cap of 2880 minutes, even if the original plan states that it is unlimited. This can be discouraging for potential subscribers.

Interested subscribers should dial *111# on their AirtelTigo lines to select from the Xtra Unlimited call bundles available. You can purchase either with airtime or your AirtelTigo money account.

Fuse Xtra

AirtelTigo Call Bundles
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The Fuse Xtra Call bundle is an AirtelTigo combo bundle that provides subscribers with voice minutes to call local networks and data to browse the net. The price range for this bundle ranges from GHc 2 – GHc 15. The bundle is also available to both prepaid and hybrid customers. The offers under this bundle are:

  1. GHc 2 – 52mins to call any local network + 52mb data + 52mb data for night browsing
  2. GHc 5 – 155mins to call any local network + 155mb data + 155mb data for night browsing
  3. GHc 10 – 330mins to call any local network + 330mb data + 330mb data for night browsing
  4. GHc 15 – 415mins to call any local network + 415mb data + 415mb data for night browsing

The pros of this bundle include:

  1. It comes with no expiry, meaning there is no validity period, and you can use for as long as you desire
  2. Despite being a combo bundle with voice and data benefits, it also comes with extra data benefit valid from 12 am – 4 am.

This bundle’s downside is that the extra data lasts only 7 days despite the overall bundle being a ‘no expiry’ bundle. Therefore, you are under pressure to exhaust your midnight Xtra data before 7 days or risk wastage. If you are a fan of bundles that do not have expiry periods meaning you can use at your own pace, the Fuse Xtra Call bundle is for you.

Interested subscribers can dial *111*2# to purchase this bundle. You can also buy using airtime or from your AirtelTigo money account.

Sunday Special Offer

The AirtelTigo Sunday call bundle involves unlimited AirtelTigo calls as well as free WhatsApp and Facebook. This bundle lasts from 6 am to 6 pm on Sunday. The bundle, like the previous two, is available to both prepaid and hybrid subscribers. The bundle costs 30 pesewas.

This bundle can be purchased by dialling *533#. An advantage of the bundle is its cheapness and great value. However, it only lasts for 12 hours, which can be considered too short and might not be worth the cost. The bundle is perfect for subscribers looking for a stop-gap, short-term subscription until they can afford something more long-term.

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