Top 10 Ethiopian Movies To Watch

The most impressive thing about Ethiopian movies and their movie actors is the fact that many of their actors are very creative and have always tried new things to make their movies not just bold but also original. Indeed we believe that many new unique movies are yet to come from Ethiopian movie industry. They will include very interesting stories with awesome actors.

Not only are they interesting to watch, Ethiopian movies hardly miss the African touch in all aspects from pre- to post-production. You can see this in a range of epic Ethiopian movies sounding the African voice and projecting the continent to the rest of the world. The beauty, history, and culture of Ethiopia are well mirrored in the unique movie industry of the country.

If you wish to experience an interesting local movie, you can start by watching any of the following Top 10 Ethiopian Movies:

1. Abugida:

This is one of the best Ethiopian drama, which takes a political scene. It portrays the traumatic times that most societies in Ethiopia undergo. It depicts contemporary life with a lot of contradictions, misunderstanding, and misconception as we try to survive the violent social turmoil of despair and hopelessness. It features the enormous disparity between rich and ordinary people with abject poverty. The fear of gloomy bureaucracy and justice system indifferent is depicted throughout the movie.

2. Addis Hiwot:

This film features the popular American Dream’s story but with Ethiopian perspective. It is a very interesting and touching story depicting how hard to achieve a better life. It features comedians that ensure that you feel happy throughout the movie despite a number of emotional chaos.

3. Askerenu

The movie features the story of a greedy doctor who flatters wealthy peoples’ wife to kill their husbands and be with them. The criminal finds himself in a tragic moment when one of the husbands came after the criminal. The story is very interesting.

4. Comparada

This is one of the most romantic Ethiopian movies. It is good for young people who wish to get entertained. It features two college students, Gelila and Danny, who share campus life together but soon find themselves bound by awkward romance.

5. Tasralech

This movie features a  young woman who is fighting for freedom. Her parents were very strict and mean. This situation worsened the life of the young girl who found herself always angry and sad. The movie featured some unexpected twist at the beginning of the movie which made the whole movie interesting.

6. Nege

This movie depicts the hard life that women go through in urban centers. The whole movie features the life of a romantic woman who finds herself in a hard situation as soon as she got into Addis Ababa. The movie informs women that luxury can never be a real possibility and thinking about a promising future can be an unreachable dream.

7. 13 months of sunshine

This movie gives a clear message to people who face marriage as if it is a business deal. A man who believes that marriage is a contract that leads to a better life under a protection of U.S. green card decides to explore and pay for this life, but soon the man realizes that the idea was not good at all. The movie is among Top 10 Ethiopian Movies as it carries a powerful message while entertaining at the same time.

8. Enkoklesh

It shows how children suffer when parents-children relationship fade. The movie teaches that although the children are the first to suffer in any deteriorated relationship, there is still a possibility of change to a better situation with better understanding.

9. Ye WonzMaibel

The movie features a man who lost his brother and friends in a very difficult situation. The movie informs the audience that real men try to find out ways of ensuring peace for their families during difficult times.

10. Desert flower

It depicts a dramatic story about catwalk. It features a young fashion model who suffers at an early part of her life to become a better person in future.

It is based on a real story of a supermodel, Waris Dirie. Waris Dirie was played by popular Ethiopian model Liya Kebede. Kebede portrayed the role of the young girl who was subjected to genital mutilation and child marriage and later made her way to America to become a supermodel advocating against female genital mutilation.


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