Get to Know Malika Andrews Sister and Parents

Malika Andrews’s sister is Kendra Andrews, while her parents are Mike and Caren Andrews. Together, they are a close-knit family of four.

Malika Andrews’ parents are both sports lovers, and they encouraged their daughters to love and participate in sports, which later became an activity that bonded parents and children together. Hence, they have raised very smart and intelligent young ladies, currently taking the sports journalism world by storm.

Malika and her sister Kendra are both sports journalists, and they currently work for ESPN – with the rare opportunity of getting to feature together on the same show. Malika is the host of NBA Today on ESPN, while her sister, Kendra, is a reporter for the same organization covering her childhood team, the Golden State Warriors.

Who are Malika Andrews’ Parents?

Malika Andrews’ parents are Mike and Caren Andrew. Mike is of African-American descent, while his wife is Caucasian. Mike and Caren had Malika and her sister in Oakland, California, in the United States of America, and the connection that the Malika Andrews family of four has with their hometown is incredibly deep. Mike and Caren have been happily married for close to 3 decades now and live together.

Mike Andrews is Malika Andrews’ Father

A big part of Malika Andrews’s family is her father – Mike Andrews. Mike is a personal trainer by profession, and you could say he was largely responsible for his daughter’s liking of sports. Both daughters state that their father encouraged them to take up sporting activities while they were still young girls because he believed that it would help them build very good physical and mental attributes – which would prove very useful to them in life. Personal information about Mike Andrews is not readily available, like his exact age, parents, siblings, etc.

Being a personal trainer himself, he might not have been directly responsible for whipping his daughters in shape, but his encouragement and advice drove the girls in the right direction. Both Malika and Kendra stated in an interview that though their father was a very busy man who always got home just before dinner on most days, watching some kind of sporting activity on the television after dinner was what brought the Malika Andrews family together.

The only time Mike allowed his daughters to stay up after their bedtime was if they were watching sporting activities on television, as he never extended the girl’s curfew if they decided to use the opportunity to watch other types of television programs like movies, soap operas, etc. Mike has always been a Raiders supporter, and the tutelage and explanations he gave his daughters on sporting activities went a long way to make them the very good sports reporters and hosts that they are today.

Malika Andrews’ Mother Is Caren Andrews

Caren Andrews may not have contributed the most in terms of the physical conditioning of her daughters, but being an Arts teacher herself, she most probably taught Malika and Kendra Andrews the artistic side of their professional life – which shows in their day-to-day job.

Caren is the one that taught her daughters to be strong and independent and to always make their presence felt in any room they might find themselves. Kendra Andrews remembers fondly that, as they were growing up, whenever their mother saw them in pictures with their legs crossed, she would always tell them not to do that but rather to make themselves big and noticeable.

Malika, on the other hand, believes that she and her sister come from a long line of strong women – like her maternal grandmother and her mother and that they helped mold them into the strong women that they have also become today.

How Old is Malika Andrews Compared To Her Sister Kendra?

Malika Andrews was born in Oakland, California, on January 28, 1995, which makes her currently 28 year old. Her sister, Kendra Andrews, on the other hand, was born in the same neighborhood as her sister on October 20, 1997, which makes her 26 year old. From their date of birth, it is easy to see that Malika is the older of the two sisters, with an age difference of about two years and eight months.

It is not clear if the choice of career of the two sisters was just by coincidence or if they had a discussion on what they would both like to do when they grow up and just set about doing exactly that.

It is also easy to see that both sisters took the same path while developing their careers to get to where they both are.

What Does Kendra Andrews Do For A Living?

Malika Andrews’ sister, Kendra Andrews, currently works as an NBA reporter for ESPN, primarily focusing on reporting all events about the Golden State Warriors. She also reports and writes for while also contributing insightful reports to other platforms on ESPN TV, such as SportsCenter and NBA Today – which coincidentally is hosted by her older sister, Malika Andrews.

Many people wonder how two women, let alone siblings, came to work for probably the best sports channel in America and are taking center stage in a male-dominated world. As Kendra recalls, she was actually the one that conceived the idea that she could actually make a career from sports reportage, and she sold the idea to her older sister, Malika, who also embraced the idea. Now, both ladies are making waves in the sports reportage industry in America.

Kendra graduated from Gonzaga University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in Solidarity and Social Justice. She went through a 10-week sports internship at the Washington Post. She thereafter was an intern at The Salt Lake Tribune before she joined the Gonzaga Bulletin as a Sports Editor.

In 2019, she joined The Athletics as a beat reporter covering the NBA and especially the Denver Nuggets for about a year. On January 2021, she joined NBC Sports Bay Area as a reporter covering the Golden State Warriors. She also worked as the co-host of the Dubs Talk Podcast while in their employ. Kendra joined ESPN in January 2022 and currently works in their employ.

Malika and Kendra Andrew’s Relationship

Everyone in the Malika Andrews family shares a close relationship, including Malika and her sister, Kendra. The sisters have shared a cordial relationship right from when they were teenagers to date. When asked about their relationship during an interview, Malika recalled that when they were still very young, both girls were responsible for clearing the dinner table and cleaning the utensils used for dinner.

She recalled that they would set a 24 seconds timer and would race around the diner table to collect all the plates and napkins used while eating – this is contrary to most siblings bickering over whose responsibility it was to clean up after the family’s meal.

As both young Andrews girls grew up into young ladies, they continued to challenge each other to work hard, not be afraid to make the hard choices, and always give their best in everything that they did. Malika, being the first of the sisters that came to the limelight, has always said that she genuinely always wants the best for her little sister Kendra. A look at their career projection reveals that they almost went through the same game plan to get to the current pinnacle of their careers today.

They are probably so fond of each other that they even have nicknames for themselves. Malika simply calls her sister “K”, while Kendra calls her older sister “Meeks”. They call each other these nicknames even while at work, with Malika stating that the only few times she calls her sister by her real name are when she is mad at her or when she is trying to get her attention in public. The Andrews sisters still share ideas on the job, as they bounce ideas and information off each other while preparing for their separate shows on TV, and they also appear on the same show together at times.

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