How Ayanda Ncwane Coped With Sfiso Ncwane’s Death And All About Her New Boyfriend

South African actress, singer, and businesswoman Ayanda Ncwane got married to (late) celebrated gospel musician Sfiso Ncwane sometime in 2002. With her husband beside her, she was everything anyone would want in a wife and more. Ayanda managed her husband’s music career, headed the African Gospel music awards, and is the CEO of Ncwane Communications; a company she co-managed alongside her late husband. She is currently the brand ambassador of Clientele life and has also been featured on a reality TV show, Durban Real Housewives, as a lead cast.

But following the death of her husband, the celebrity has got a lot to contend with, this includes opposition from her step-children and her husband’s family members. Despite all these, she seemingly comes out of every challenge stronger and determined to advance her career and that of her children. Recently, Moreso, Ayanda appears to be done mourning her husband as there’s a new man in the picture!

Ayanda Ncwane Was Married To Sfiso For 14 Years Before His Death

Ncwane was married to Sfiso Ncwane who was a famous gospel artist until his death. Before they got married, the Kulungile Baba crooner was formerly entangled and had kids named Snqobile Mzelemu, Sduduzo Dlamini, and Umawenzonkuhle Ncwane. Nonkululeko Williams, a famous reality TV star and blogger in an interview revealed she had a daughter for Sfiso before he got hitched with Ayanda. Ncwane’s family confirmed the revelation Nonku made on the debut of The Real Housewives of Durban. Her beautiful daughter Nothile takes after her father Sfsico as she’s very good at playing the piano and guitar.

Born on 21 April 1979 in Port Shepstone, South Africa, Sfiso met Ayanda when she was 18 years of age. At the time, Ayanda was working in Johannesburg to raise some money for her education. One day, she went out with a friend to get ice cream and came across Sfiso who was single at the time. The two got talking and within a short while, the duo began dating. About 15 years after, in 2002, they signed the dotted lines and became husband and wife.

Sadly, their union didn’t last forever. 14 years into their married life, Ayande lost Sfiso in the early hours of August 5th, 2016. He had been battling kidney complications for some years and had complained of pains that fateful day. He died at Life Four-Way Hospital where he was rushed the night prior to his death.

The Couple Had A Happy Marriage That Produced Two Children

Sfiso’s death came as a big blow to Ayanda; while he lived, the couple were head over heels in love with each other. They were supposed to celebrate their 15 years wedding anniversary the following year before death came calling. One of Sfiso’s plans for the proposed celebration was to write and publish a book about his love life with his wife.

Ayanda made this dream come through; she authored a book titled For the Love of Sfiso Ncwane. The book detailed her life before and after her meeting the late popular gospel music star and how his death further affected her. She dedicated the tell-all book to her late husband.

Ayanda and Sfiso had two beautiful children together, named Ngcweti Ncwane and Mawenza Ncwane. His death meant she was left with the sole responsibility of raising their kids, as well as overseeing the affairs of the family’s organization and working hard at her acting career.

Here’s Why Her Stepchildren Dragged Her To Court

Ncwane coped on fine but it wasn’t long before she began to have a share of her husband’s family issue. In July 2020, barely 4 years after the death of her husband Sfiso, Ayanda’s two stepchildren sued her to court. They took this step to get a share of their late father’s estate. Ayanda was accused of misappropriation and being dishonest over her late husband’s properties.

Ayanda suspected that the problem was insinuated by her mother-in-law, Fikile Ncwane. Fikile had termed the actress a gold digger and even accused her of knowing the cause of her son’s death. Fikile reportedly made these accusations on the ground that her son looked swollen and had sores at the sides of his mouth. Furthermore, she claimed to have been denied access to Ncwane’s autopsy result. The hallmark of her accusations was that Sfiso was poisoned when he ate a meal prepared by his wife.

These accusations added to other allegations made by Sfiso’s family, making life really unbearable for the actress. However, Ayanda had to toughen up and stay strong for her sons and also to protect her image.

How Long After Sfisco’s Death Did Ayanda Ncwane Start Dating Again?

Ayanda Sfsico has since the death of her husband remained single. It’s been about five years now, but the TV personality stated that love was the last thing on her mind as she was still learning to live without her husband. She does not seem to be seeing anyone as she added that she still felt the connection and bond they both shared and was still viewing and living life as though her husband were here monitoring her.

In March 2021, the South African actress and singer revealed her thought of having a daughter before she turned 40 years, but on the ground that she would be in a relationship with a man who will measure up to the standards of her late husband Sfiso.

She said she had told her brother to find a befitting man with whom she would go on a blind date. A while after, she was said to be pregnant but this turned to be a false story spread to raise dust and chase clout by members of the Ayanda Ncwane fan base. It was also rumored that she was back in the dating field when people spotted her fingers bare of her wedding ring. She had purportedly lost her wedding ring in a pool where she went swimming.

In April 2021, Ayanda took to her social media platform to share a picture of herself and a man who looked very much like the superstar DJ Khalid, both looking stunning and wealthy in white. Her fans inferred she was done mourning her late husband and was now ready to mingle, news she has not debunked to date.

Well, it has not been substantiated if Ayanda has got something steamy going between her and the DJ Khaled lookalike. Also, the picture can also be that of a celebrity and fan but going by what many South African’s are insinuating, the man might likely be her new lover. Ayanda has however not deemed it necessary to reveal the identity of who her new lover is; at least a name. Perhaps, she want’s to let the public in on her love life one bit at a time. We will also be looking out for a baby bump!

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