How To Share Data On Airtel, Transfer Airtime and Check Your Account Balance

Getting an Airtel sim gives you a lot of benefits. As one of the leading providers of prepaid, postpaid mobile, & 4G services, Airtel offers its customers airtime and internet data bundles at cheaper rates. In addition to letting you enjoy a fast internet service at a cheaper rate, the network also provides its customers features that would enable them to share data and airtime with their loved ones.

Sharing data on Airtel is one of the benefits one enjoys for being on the network. Airtel provides a means for its customers to share data through its platform known as the Airtel SmartSHARE. The Airtel SmartSHARE allows families and friends to share and use one data plan on phones, laptops, and tablets. This feature is also available for business owners to manage data among employees via a centralized source.

How the Airtel Smartshare Works

With Airtel SmartSHARE, you can share your purchased data in two different ways:

  1. Me2U (aka Data Share): The Me2U option is applicable for customers who have already purchased data bundle and wish to share it with others. One drawback to this is that the customer can only use the Me2U option for one customer at a time.
  2. Gifting: You buy a data bundle and gift another Airtel customer using the “Gifting” option. Gifting allows you to buy bundles for as many people as possible. Interestingly, you can gift any Airtel and Android bundle.

Key Facts to Note about SmartSHARE Methods

  •  Data Sharing is for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers. Users can share or transfer their weekly/daily bundles, monthly bundles, and MegaPacks. You can also choose to either gift Weekly/Daily Bundles, Monthly Bundles, or MegaPacks to your friend or family,
  • You can gift data to as many people, as many times as you wish. There are no restrictions.
  • Both SmartSHARE methods can be accessed by dialing *141# and selecting 5 in the popup menu. So, whether you intend to share or gift data, you can get started by dialing *141# and following the prompts.
  • Unlike Me2U, “Gifting” can be auto-renewed. The validity of “Gifting” also depends on the validity of the gifted bundle but the validity of Me2U depends on the residual validity of the owner customer; however, the maximum validity of Me2U is 30 days.
  • The Airtel gifting option can be Auto-renewed. You can choose to opt-out of auto-renewal on gifting data to another customer or when purchasing any Airtel plan. To do this, simply text “STOP” to 141.
  • You can share a maximum of 200MB of data with one person.
  • For you to use the Smartshare feature, you must first generate a pin which you will use to prevent an unauthorized person from doing Data Sharing/Gifting from your phone. Here’s how to generate your own Smartshare Pin.


How to Generate or Change Airtel Data Sharing PIN 

In order to prevent an unauthorized person from accessing your phone data, a Pin is required before you can share or gift data. By default, all Airtel lines come with 1234 as their transfer PIN. When you purchase an Airtel sim and access the Data Sharing/Gifting platform for the first time via the *141# USSD Menu, you will be required to change your Pin from the default Pin of 1234 to any Pin you desire to use. One PIN is applicable for Data Gifting & Data Me2U.

How to Change Your Airtel Transfer Pin

  • Dial *141# from your Airtel line.
  • Choose option 6 (Data gifting and sharing) and reply.
  • Choose option 1 (Change PIN – Default PIN -1234) and reply.
  • Enter Old PIN – former pin or default pin and reply.
  • Enter New PIN – A four-digit number that can be easily remembered and reply.
  • Confirm New PIN – Enter the new pin again to confirm and reply.
  • You will receive a successful message.

How to Share Internet Data on Airtel

  • Visit the official Airtel website www.
  • Enter your Airtel mobile number and login with OTP (The OTP will be sent to your phone).
  • After entering OTP, you will get an option to share or transfer your Airtel internet data with another Airtel mobile number.
  • Now select the “Share Airtel data” options.
  • Enter the Airtel mobile number one in which you want to share your data.
  • You can only add up to four numbers and no more.
  • When your procedure is completed, you will receive a confirmation message.

How You Can Share Your Airtel Data Via SMS

  • Open the SMS app on your smartphone.
  • Now click on the compose SMS and then type “Share” and then send this text on 121.
  • Then wait a few seconds and you will receive an SMS from Airtel.
  • To add your number to the list, ADD and send it to 121.
  • After adding the mobile number on the list, click on confirm.

How to Use Airtel Data Gifting

  • Dial *141# on your phone and reply.
  • Choose the “Gifting or Me2U” option and reply.
  • Choose option 2 (Data gifting)
  • Select the plan you’d like to gift (weekly/daily bundles, monthly bundles, and MegaPacks) and reply.
  • Select the main plan under each bundle.
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number and send

What to do if your Airtel Transfer is Blocked

You may be barred from using any of the SmartSHARE services after you’ve attempted to use your PIN for the fifth time. This barring will be for 1 hour at a time but where 3 barring(s) happen to one MSISDN in a 24-hour period, you will then have to call the Call Center for a reset.

How Much Data Can One Transfer Per Time?

Airtel allows you to share a maximum of 200MB of data with one person. This data can also be shared with a maximum of 2 recipients daily. This means that you can share a maximum of 200MB each with 2 recipients daily. You can also share the data with the same person again only after that person finishes the first shared data.

How to Know who’s on your shared List

There is no known USSD code or method to identify all the numbers you registered to share your Airtel data with. You can put a call to the Airtel Customer care service by dialing 111 to get all the numbers listed on your shared list. Use the method listed above to add a number to your shared list.

To delete a number from your shared list:

  • Step 1: Open your message box and type “Del phone number” to 121. That is to say, you will type and send “Del 08012345000”  to 121.
  • Step 2: You’ll see a pop-up notification requesting you to confirm the transaction by pressing “1”.

How to check your Airtel Data Balance

  • Dial *140# on your Airtel number and wait for an SMS
  • The SMS should contain information about your remaining data and the expiry date of your subscription.


  • You can fail *141# on your mobile phone,
  • Select 9 (Data balance) and wait to receive full details of your data balance, including the bonus.

How to Transfer Credit on Airtel Line Using USSD Code

  • Dial *432# on the phone you wish to send from.
  • Select transfer airtime.
  • Enter the number of the person you’re transferring credit to
  • Enter your PIN;
  • Confirm your transaction by replying with option one (1).


How To Transfer Airtime on Airtel Using SMS

  • Open your phone SMS menu on your phone.
  • Proceed and Create an SMS write it in the following format: 2u [space] Airtel Number [space] Amount [space] PIN. That is, if you want to N100 to 08012345678, you will write: 2u 08012345678 100 9087.
  • Send the SMS to 432.
  • If you followed the above process, then you will receive a message from Airtel stating if or not your transaction was successful.

How to Check Airtel Account Balance

  • On your Airtel line, dial *123#
  • Wait for a few seconds to receive a notification of your balance.
  • You will receive an SMS to confirm the credit you have left.

To Check Your Airtime Bonus

  • On your Airtel line, dial *123*1#
  • Wait a few seconds to receive the notification of your bonus balance
  • You might also receive an SMS confirming what bonuses you have left.

The bonus inquiry code above does not only display your airtime bonuses but also every other bonus you have on your line, including data bonus.

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