Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Julian Corrie Broadus And His Family Ties 

Julian Corrie Broadus’ identity became the talk of the town after it circulated that he is the son of the famous rapper, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., popularly known as Snoop Dogg. The bone of contention on how true the story was later led to a paternity test which subsequently proved that Snoop is indeed the father of the kid. To the best of our knowledge, the rapper has accepted Julian as his son and has embraced the responsibilities of being his father.

Like his father, Julian who is currently a student at the University of California has a strong bond with music. An avid social media user, the number of those following him has increased tremendously after the disclosure made about his paternity. Besides, the revelation also sparked a healthy dose of interest in the youngster’s life as curiosity grew among his father’s fans who want to know more about the child Snoop Dogg fathered with Laurie Holmond.

Julian Corrie Broadus is a Product of Snoop’s Affair with Laurie Holmond

When news broke that Julian Corrie Broadus is Snoop Dogg’s child, the internet was set abuzz. If not for anything, for the fact that Snoop refused to openly admit paternity of the child. He only accepted Julian as his son when a paternity test proved that he’s indeed the father.

It was later learned that the child is a product of the rapper’s extramarital affair with a lady named Laurie Holmond. Julian grew up with little knowledge of his father and was solely raised by his mother. Since his birth, he has lived a private life but was dragged to the spotlight in 2008 when it started circulating that he is the son of the famous rapper.

How the Rapper Found Out About Corrie

The legendary rapper reportedly found out about the existence of his estranged son in 2008, which is quite unbelievable when you consider how quickly anyone of significance can easily become bait for purported relatives to creep out of the woodwork displaying cringe-worthy actions just to lay claims on family connections.

Either way, it is understood that Julian Corrie Broadus’ conception sure has something to do with the rapper’s supposed dodgy-ness. Snoop apparently knocked up Laurie Holmond, who was his former high school girlfriend, after his marriage to Shante Broadus. According to Holmond, the rapper was really distraught after he got to know that she was pregnant. He was worried about how to break the news to his wife Shante Broadus.

Julian Corrie Broadus
Julian Corrie Broadus and Snoop

However, following Julian’s birth, the musician assumed his responsibilities like a man after it was established beyond doubt that his blood runs in the boy’s veins. Julian’s mum claimed that she had to take Snoop to court to establish paternity before he consented to support the child.

Julian’s True Feelings About His Connection With The Famous Rapper

Julian Corrie Broadus, who had always craved to experience the love of a father, didn’t get to know about his real father until age nine. The young man has always been vocal about his great need for a father figure and is not happy with the whole situation. He actually penned an open letter lamenting about his estranged relationship with Snoop.

According to the youngster, life is quite difficult when you don’t have the advantage of a father’s guidance. Julian went further to state that being the rapper’s son is a huge part of his life which cannot be denied, but Snoop’s unwillingness to associate with him is rather hurtful.

The youngster, however, revealed in a recent interview that he is no longer hurt but by the isolation as he is almost a grown man so his mind isn’t as heavy as it used to be. He went on to reveal that while he doesn’t see eye to eye with either of his parents, he is grateful to his mum for making him what he is today.

Julian also revealed his love for poetry and his intentions to go into music like his iconic rapper father. He said that he was initially pushing his musical talent away trying not to be like Snoop, but with time, he has stopped resisting it, knowing fully well that music was what his life was really about. Since then, he has never felt better or more passionate about something.

Discovering Julian’s Existence Changed Snoop’s Relationship with His Wife

According to reports, Snoop Dogg didn’t try to hide his serial cheating habit from his wife. He even sought a divorce in 2004 as his sexcapades were so bad that he reportedly participates in sex clubs. However, the rapper’s divorce moves were halted by his wife who thought she could handle it. But finding out about Julian was the last straw which made the duo take some life-changing decisions after Snoop tried filing for divorce a second time.

Presently, the couple who have three children; sons Corde and Cordell, and a daughter named Cori, are said to be still married but are living separately, only making public appearances as a couple when the occasion calls for it. Regarding his illegitimate son, Snoop and his wife came to the agreement that he won’t try to initiate or maintain a personal relationship with the boy but can only pay child support.

Julian Corrie Broadus Appears To Be Forging a Career in Music

Choosing to walk in his father’s shoes, Julian Corrie Broadus is already working his way to the top as a music artist. Though his father is a renowned rapper, his son’s style of music seems to lean towards RnB and Pop. Many have come to believe that he would be as reputable as his father in the music industry as the rising musician already commands fine attention with the little efforts shared on his social media platforms.

Presently, Julian is a student at the University of California where he is studying for a degree while pursuing his passionate dream of becoming a musician. The young lad seems adamant at making it on his own without any assistance from his famous dad, as he doesn’t want people to attribute his eventual success to Snoop.


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