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Louie Anderson has one of the most abstract faces in the industry and equally knows how to use it to his own advantage. He is not only a stand-up comedian but also an actor and television host who is known for his distinctive comic wits. Some of his popular stints include Family Feud, where he was a host for three years. With a funny face that had comedy written all over it, Anderson probably discerned his passion right from his mother’s womb. His funny but enigmatic persona has rather caused many to be curious about his lifestyle. Here are answers to questions you may have asked about the life of the versatile entertainer.

Who is Louie Anderson? – Bio, Age

He was born on March 24, 1953, in Saint Paul, Minnesota to Ora Zella, his mother, and William Anderson, his father. Louie attended Johnson Senior High in Minnesota, where he was raised alongside his 10 siblings. He was always inclined to creative arts.

Anderson made his debut in 1984, on the stand-up comedy platform The Tonight Show. Afterward, he starred on the standalone episode of Perfect Strangers. He made an appearance on Showtime in 1987 and in the following year, he appeared in the popular comedy-drama Coming to America.

After creating his first show ‘Life with Louie’ in 1995, his second show The Louie Show was created in 1996. Anderson cast himself in the popular show which ran for six episodes before it was canceled. He got the role of the host for Family Feud in 1999 when the new version was to commence. He went on to make appearances in TV series like; Touched by an Angel, Scrubs, Chicago Hope, and many others.

Louie Anderson in ‘Baskets’

In 2013, the entertainer also made an appearance in the series Splash. The comic personality has also had his impact felt in the ads and promotions faculty. In 2014, Anderson became the spokesperson for ‘Land O’Lakes’ butter. He has voiced some jingles on the radio as well as featured on advert campaigns for the product. He stars as ‘Christine Baskets’ on the popular comedy series, Baskets.

His Net Worth

Louie Anderson has quite a comfortable net worth befitting for his achievements. The versatile comedian sits on a net worth estimated at $10 million. He has his comedy and movie stints to thank for his financial status.

The actor also has some attractive endorsement deals with brands which also add to his net worth. The comedian who earned about 1,500,000 for his stint with Family Feud (1999) earns even more now, given his growing prominence. He amassed great wealth from his animated TV series, Life with Louie.

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His Family Life

As mentioned earlier, Louie has 10 siblings from same parents. The actor revealed that his mother actually had 16 children but lost five of them in childbirth, leaving Anderson with 10 siblings. He also revealed that he had an abusive and violent father who always oppressed his mother until she died in 1990. These and many more were portrayed in his first production ‘Life with Louie’.

In 1995 it was time for Louie to create something from his own idea, he produced Life with Louie animated series which aired Saturday mornings on Fox. The series portrayed the troubled childhood of Anderson who alongside his 10 siblings were raised by their quiet mother and violent father. The show which was a massive hit also portrayed how the comedian was mocked for his weight while growing up, and how he managed the body shaming.

Anderson’s pioneer show earned great critical acclaim by critics, and also bagged accolades like the Daytime Emmy Awards for ‘Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program’.

Personal Life – Is Louie Anderson Gay?

This question is undoubtedly one frequently asked about the actor and comedian. This is given his delicate and feminine aura, his indifference over the LGBT, and recent accusations of same-sex sexual assault. These issues have raised speculations about his sexuality, as well as questions pertaining to his sexual orientation.

Louie Anderson was accused of sexual assault by fellow comedian Tom Rhodes. Rhodes who claimed the assault happened when he was 19, only came out to speak up during the MeToo hashtag created after horrifying revelations of assault were made against Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein.

Moreso in 1997, Anderson became a victim of blackmail after a certain Richard John Gordon demanded money from him to keep shut about his (Anderson) sexual advances towards him in a casino four years back. Louie reportedly paid some hush money to the tune of $100,000 to the blackmailer who was later nabbed by the FBI. These and more have given rise to speculations about his sexuality, but have in no way caused his fan base or flourishing career to dwindle. The talented comedian remains a favorite to many Americans.

Is He Dead or Alive?

Louis Anderson is alive and well contrary to death hoaxes on the internet. For a celebrity of his status, such contradictions are expected. Anderson who stars as Christine on FX’s comedy ‘Baskets’ penned an open letter titled ‘“Hey Mom,” to his late mother. The letter later became a book.

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