Meet Julie Lauren Curtis – Trace Adkins’ Ex-wife

Julie Lauren Curtis is the ex-wife of Trace Adkins; she is also an actress and model. Julie Lauren Curtis got married to Trace Adkins, the renowned country music artist, in 1991 and from her marriage to the tragic events that took place and their eventual separation, Julie Lauren Curtis played a significant role in Trace Adkins’ personal life.

Their journey together, filled with love, shared experiences, and moments of bliss, resonated with many. While their paths ultimately diverged, their time together left an indelible mark on both their lives. Julie Lauren stands as a remarkable figure, garnering interest and admiration for her connection to Trace Adkins.

Summary Of Julie Lauren Curtis’s Biography

  • Full name: Julie Lauren Curtis
  • Birthday: March 1974
  • Julie Lauren Curtis’ Age: 49 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Julie Lauren Curtis’ Ex-Husband: Trace Adkins
  • Julie Lauren Curtis’ Height in Inches: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Julie Lauren Curtis’s Height in Centimetres: 164
  • Julie Lauren Curtis’s Weight: 65kg
  • Famous for: Being an actress and model and Trace Adkins’ ex-wife

How Old Is Julie Lauren Curtis?


Julie Lauren Curtis
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Julie Lauren Curtis is 49 years old and was born in March 1974. Known for her work in entertainment, Trace Adkins’s ex-wife has a somewhat mysterious early background. While information about her parents and early life is limited, it is believed that she was born in New York sometime in March 1974 though her actual date of birth remains a mystery. But it is known that she spent her formative years in New York with her brothers.

Later on, she pursued higher education at the renowned Dartmouth College. Although we may not have all the details about her early life, Julie Lauren Curtis’s accomplishments in the entertainment industry have left a lasting impression, showcasing her talent and contributions to the field.

Julie Lauren Curtis Met Trace Adkins In 1989

Trace Adkins met Julie Lauren Curtis in 1989, and they began dating around that time. However, there is limited information available about the specifics of their first meeting. It is worth noting that Adkins divorced his first wife, Barbara Lewis, in 1990, which suggests that his relationship with Curtis may have played a role in the end of his first marriage.

Following their courtship, Julie Lauren and Trace Adkins got married in early 1991. They shared six years of marriage before their divorce in 1997. Unfortunately, the exact reasons for their divorce remain undisclosed, leaving us to ponder the mysteries of their separation.

Julie Lauren Shot Her Ex-husband, Trace Adkins, During their Marriage

Trace Adkins has faced a series of unfortunate accidents and injuries throughout his life, which have had significant impacts on his well-being. One of the most notable incidents involved his then-wife, Julie Lauren Curtis, during their marriage. In 1994, a distressing altercation occurred between the couple, ultimately resulting in Curtis accidentally shooting Adkins.


Reports suggest that the argument centered around Adkins’ struggles with drinking, and tensions escalated to a violent stage. Curtis, in a moment of desperation, brandished a gun to defend herself or intimidate Adkins. In an attempt to disarm her, Adkins raised his voice and made a threatening gesture, which might have caused Curtis to erroneously pull the trigger. The bullet penetrated Adkins’ lungs and heart, leaving him in critical condition.

Thankfully, Adkins received emergency surgery, which proved successful in saving his life. In a surprising turn, Adkins chose not to press charges against Curtis, perhaps reflecting a desire to move forward and heal from the tragic incident. Despite such a grave accident, the couple remained together for three more years before eventually divorcing in 1997.

Their divorce may have been precipitated by Adkins’ developing relationship with Rhonda Forlaw, whom he married in the same year. Adkins and Forlaw’s connection likely played a significant role in the unraveling of his marriage to Curtis.

How Many Children Does Julie Lauren Have with Trace Adkins?

During their marriage, Julie Lauren and Trace Adkins did not have any children. Following their divorce, there have been no reports indicating that Curtis has had any children of her own. However, in contrast, Adkins is a father to five daughters. With his first wife, Adkins had two daughters named Tarah and Sarah. He later had three daughters named Mackenzie, Brianna, and Trinity with his now ex-wife Rhonda Forlaw.

After his divorce from Julie Lauren Curtis, Adkins went on to have two more marriages. His second marriage was to Rhonda Forlaw, and they later divorced in 2015. Adkins then tied the knot with Canadian actress Victoria Pratt.

While Adkins has expanded his family with his children and subsequent marriages, Julie Lauren Curtis has seemingly chosen to focus on her personal life and professional endeavors.

Julie Lauren Curtis Has Concentrated On Her Career After Her Divorce From Trace Adkins

Following her divorce from Trace Adkins, Julie Lauren Curtis effortlessly transitioned back into the private life she had embraced before tying the knot. Beyond being recognized as the ex-wife of the esteemed country star, Curtis has continued with her acting career. Curtis has skillfully navigated the delicate balance between her public image and her desire for a quiet personal life.

Julie Lauren Curtis continued to pursue her passion for acting, making appearances in a variety of television shows and movies. While her involvement in these projects may have been in minor roles, her presence added a touch of charm and talent to the screen. Television series such as “Friends,” “Diagnosis,” and “The Good Wife” included her as a guest star, while movies like “Kissing Jessica Stein,” “Jack, Jules, Esther & Me” showcased her versatility. Though her work may have been relatively understated, she continues to contribute to the world of entertainment and speaks this to her enduring love for the craft.

It is unclear if Julie is currently in any relationship as she has chosen not to disclose anything about her private life to the public. It is, therefore, safe to assume that she has remained single following her tumultuous marriage to the popular country singer Trace Adkins.

Where is Julie Lauren Curtis Now?

While Julie Lauren Curtis may have walked the path of fame, she has also ardently safeguarded her privacy, making it challenging for the public to gain insights into her personal life. Despite being married to one of the most prominent country stars, Trace Adkins, Julie has struck a balance between her public persona and her desire for a more private existence.

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The last project she appeared in was in 2021, but it is obvious that she has chosen to continue to act. Though specific details about her ongoing projects may be elusive, her commitment to her craft remains unwavering. Curtis proves that as a celebrity it is possible to have a thriving career while still protecting one’s privacy and finding fulfillment in everyday life.


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