Who Is Mick Dodge, Is He Real and What Happened to Him?

Mick Dodge (born 29th of August, 1951) is a 72-year-old American TV personality, rainforest-dweller, and former sailor who grew tired of modern life and decided to relocate to the Olympic Mountains in western Washington in the United States. He is best known for appearing in the National Geographic documentary series The Legend of Mick Dodge

It’s high time we all talked about the “Barefoot Sensei” and this has little or nothing to do with his decision to walk barefoot. The reason this man is so sensational and popular stems partially from his decision to abandon the complexities of modern living and his appearance on the National Geographic channel show The Legend of Mick Dodge. Admittedly, it has been a hot minute since the world heard from this special man and to find out more about him and his recent activities, keep reading.

Summary of Mick Dodge’s Biography

  • Full name: Mick Dodge
  • Nickname: The Barefoot Sensei, the Barefooted Nomad, and Walking Mountain
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: August 29, 1951
  • Place of Birth: Olympic Peninsula, Washington, United States
  • Mick Dodge’s Age: 72 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Mick Dodge’s Parents: Ronald L. Dodge and Peggy June Wills Dodge
  • Profession(s): TV Personality
  • Mick Dodge’s Height in Inches: 5 feet and 4 inches
  • Mick Dodge’s Height in Metres: 1.65 m
  • Mick Dodge’s Weight: 68 kg (149 pounds)
  • Famous for: Appearing in the National Geographic documentary series The Legend of Mick Dodge

How Old Is Mick Dodge Now?

Mick Dodge, popularly known as the “Barefoot Sensei”, “The Barefoot Nomad” or “The Walking Mountain” is 72 years old and was born on the 29th of August, 1951 in the Forks area of the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington, United States of America.

His father is Ronald L. Dodge and used to serve in the Marine. Information about his mother is unknown. Mick was reportedly raised by grandparents who frequently took him on adventures into the natural forest. This offers a good explanation for why Mick grew up loving the forest enough to build an entire life there.


Speaking of his education, Mick Dodge had his early and high school education in Okinawa, Japan. His exposure to various parts of the world was made possible as his father was a marine and frequently traveled around the world. After Mick’s graduation from high school, he joined the US Marines where he served for six long years. After his service in the US Marines, in an attempt to live a normal life, Mick found work in an auto repair shop. Soon enough, this special man realized that normal was boring and decided to do the unthinkable.

How The Legend of Mick Dodge Was Birthed

In 1991, Mick Dodge packed his bags and made the decision to relocate to the rainforests of Washington! Big move! He seemed to blend in really well with mother nature as he had lived in the forest for 20 long years when he was discovered by the National Geographic Network. This discovery was very monumental as the network sought to make a documentary showcasing the life of this intriguing man.

The show was titled The Legend of Mick Dodge and was widely received all over the world. The reality television series featured the life of the outdoorsman on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, The show first aired on the 7th of January, 2014. It ran for two seasons and had a total of 20 episodes. The show-stopped airing in 2014 reportedly due to creative differences between the two parties involved. It was rerun in 2017 and season 3, which didn’t air on the network is available on DVD.

Starring in his own reality show is not the only great thing the Mick Dodge has been involved in. In 1994, while in the forest, he started a program called the EarthGym program with Jacquie Chandler. This program is a special fitness program that uses the natural forest’s products and tools to facilitate fitness. With this, Mick has built a community of forest dwellers who utilize mother nature in keeping fit. Good stuff!

Being known as “The Barefoot Nomad” didn’t just come out of nowhere. He is popularly called this because he is known to always walk around the forest and environs barefoot. When asked about this, Mick Dodge claims that walking barefoot has immense benefits to him. It helps him prevent the occurrence of plantar fasciitis, back pain, hammertoes and also helps him attain a deeper connection with the earth and natural forces.

What is Mick Dodge’s Net Worth?

Mick Dodge’s net worth is estimated to be 500 thousand US dollars ($500,000). His reality show on National Geographic was widely successful so it is no surprise that Mick Dodge has accumulated impressive wealth over the years.

Where is Mick Dodge Now?

Speculations about why this man decided to cut himself completely from the modern world have no doubt risen over the years. Some claim that this behavior is usually caused by a traumatic event that occurred in the life of the person. In the case of Mick Dodge, this seems to be largely untrue as there is no record of any traumatic event occurring in his life. Growing up around nature and traveling around the world with his father perhaps developed a deep love for nature in his heart. Mick Dodge continues to live happily in the forest.


What Happened to Mick Dodge?

After appearing on the National Geographic documentary series The Legend of Mick Dodge for two seasons, with the last season airing on February 17, 2016, Mick decided he was done with the show. According to Peninsula Daily News, he decided not to renew his contract, citing reasons such as “creative differences” between him and the NatGeo team.

Is Mick Dodge Fake?

Mick Dodge is not fake but some of the things he did on the show that made him popular (The Legend of Mick Dodge) were not quite real. In a Reddit AMA he did in 2014, he explained that he would not actually eat things from the poop of an elk, and that he was just playing around the with camera crew. Speaking with the Peninsula Daily News, Mick once joked that his TV show was just a show, It’s a TV show. If you think anything that’s on TV is real, then welcome to America.”

Is Mick Dodge Still Alive?

We cannot say for sure if Mick Dodge is still alive as the public has not heard from him since 2015-2016 when The Legend of Mick Dodge last aired. However, in 2019, a few hikers said they ran into him as, as mentioned on Instagram here and here.


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