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Minoo Rahbar is an animal enthusiast, rescuer, adopter, and activist. She came to a widespread public notice after marrying a fellow animal lover, Jackson Galaxy. Jackson who is specifically a cat behaviorist is popular as the host of Animal Planet’s show, My Cat from Hell. Meanwhile, Rhabar and Jackson’s love for each other is deeply rooted in their common affection for animals, especially cats and dogs. To buttress their love for the creatures, they happily share their home with a total of fourteen permanently resident animals. Minoo alongside her husband makes a decent living caring for animals and advocating for their rights. The couple’s entire livelihood practically revolves around everything animal. Read on to find out more about Minoo Rhabar.

Minoo Rahbar’s Bio

Minoo Rhabar was born on the 8th of August. Her birth year and place are, however, not available. She reportedly had a very difficult childhood. She migrated from a war-ridden country to the United States at the very young age of ten and subsequently attended the US Grant School in Van Nuys, Los Angeles.

Her horrible childhood experiences could be the reason she scarcely talks about her background, making information on her family very difficult to lay hands on. Although her original nationality is not known, Rhabar could now be taken for an American having spent over five decades of her life in the States as well as married an American citizen. She is fluent in Spanish but appears to be of Middle-Eastern descent.

Owing to her early life experiences, Rhabar dedicated her life to kittens and cats rescue, later receiving Kitten Rescue’s Advocacy Award at her 4th Annual Furball held in 2011 at West Hollywood’s House of Blues in Los Angeles. She has also received other recognition for her immense contributions to the charitable cause.

Marital Life with Jackson Galaxy

Minoo Rhabar with her husband, Jackson Galaxy and their pet dog, Mooshka on her wedding day image source

Minoo Rhabar met Jackson Galaxy at a kitten rescue benefit gala. The duo after the event, spent about fifteen minutes having coffee during which they casually got acquainted with each other. They subsequently became friends and started dating.

Minoo finally married Jackson on the 29th of June, 2014. The wedding was a private affair which remarkably came off at Best Friends Animal Society’s “no-kill pet sanctuary” in Kanab, Utah in the United States. More remarkably, the ringbearer for the marriage solemnization was the couple’s pet dog, Mooshka. That’s what you get when two die-hard animal lovers are becoming one!

Rhabar has since been living happily with her husband with no rumors of controversies or marital issues. The couple collaboratively engages actively in numerous activities that cater to animals. Together they run the Jackson Galaxy Project which raises awareness for animal rescue and adoption. She also assists her husband in managing his Jackson Galaxy Solutions which deal on Spirit Essences which is a line of holistic therapies alongside toys and other products for cats.

As earlier pointed out, Minoo Rahbar lives in Los Angeles with her husband alongside fourteen animals comprising nine cats (with five living indoors and four feral ones living in the garage), two turtles and three dogs. What a family!

How Much Is Minoo Rahbar’s Net Worth?

Together with her husband’s, Minoo Rhabar’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. She makes most of her money from her numerous animal businesses. Her husband has also amassed significant wealth from My Cat from Hell and other television/media appearances. His numerous ventures including his private cat consultancy practice, Little Big Cat; Galaxy Project, and Galaxy Solutions also pay handsomely. Moreover, her husband’s best-selling books also contribute to their worth.

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Facts About Jackson Galaxy’s Wife

  • Minoo Rahbar has been on a vegan diet for close to three decades now. She also helped her husband to turn vegan as well as keep clean and fit through regular workout sessions.
  • Prior to meeting Minoo, Jackson galaxy had no intention of marrying in his lifetime. But now, he describes her as “an incredibly grounding force” for him.
  • Rahbar’s husband refers to himself as strictly bi-pet-sual since he has a close affinity for both the so-called “feminine” and “masculine” pets – cats and dogs respectively. Meanwhile, his love for cats has since earned him widespread gay suspicions.


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