200+ Monumental Sites in Kenya – A Comprehensive List

A monument is a kind of structure that was specially erected in remembrance of an important event or an individual. It is a structure which has become so important to a social group in remembrance of historic times or cultural heritage. There are lots of these structures in Kenya today, bringing millions of tourists to Kenya on yearly basis. These sites bring to light the origin of mankind and the rich historical background of Kenya as well as the remnants of the colonial era. This explains why the tourist industry in Kenya is booming. Here is a comprehensive list of monumental sites in Kenya. When next you visit the country, be sure to checkout these places.

200+ Monumental Sites in Kenya 

Description Date  County Location 
Chetambe’s fort 1981 Bungoma County Bungoma
Kanam Prehistoric site 1982 Homa Bay County Homa Bay
Kanjera Prehistoric site 1982 Homa Bay County close to Mount Homa
Jumba La Mtwana Ruins 1982 Lamu County Lamu
Takwa Milinga Ruins 1982 Kilifi County Kilifi
Pate Ruins 1982 Lamu County Lamu
Brooks quarry prehistorics site 1982 Lamu County Manda Island
Chemogoch prehistoric site 1982 Kisumu County East of Muhoroni
Bwana Bakari mosque 1982 Lamu County Pate Island
Bwana Tamu 1982 Mombasa County
Kongo mosque 1983 Kwale County Kwale
Shaka ruins 1983 Tana River County Tana River
Kwa wanawali saba 1983 Tana River County Tana River
Kwa ungwana wa mashaa 1983 Tana River County Tana River
Ishakani III 1983 Lamu County Lamu
Ishakani II 1983 Lamu County Lamu
Ishakani I 1983 Lamu County Lamu
Kisauni bell tower 1983 Mombasa County Kisauni
Shanga 1983 Lamu County Lamu
Mbaraki pillar 1983 Mombasa County Mombasa
Omwe 1983 Lamu County Lamu
Kiunga 1983 Lamu County Lamu
Diani ruins 1983 Kwale County Kwale
Lamu fort 1984 Lamu County Lamu
Old law courts 1985 Mombasa County Mombasa
Historic lamu town 1986 Lamu County Lamu
Historic old town, MSA 1990 Mombasa County Mombasa
DO’s office Malindi 1991 Kilifi County Malindi
Mama Ngina drive 1991 Mombasa County Mombasa
Kaya Diani 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Kaya muhaka 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Kaya Galu(Ganzoni) 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Kaya kinondo 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Chale island sacred grove 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Shimoni cave 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Kaya bogowa 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Kaya gandini 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Kaya mtai 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Dugumura hill sacred grove 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Kaya kwale 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Kaya Dzombo 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Mrima hill sacred grove 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Kaya Ukunda 1992 Kwale County Kwale
Hyrax hill museum and site 1995 Nakuru County Nakuru
Kaya fungo 1996 Kilifi County Fungo
Kaya kauma 1996 Kilifi County Kauma
Kaya chivara 1996 Kilifi County Kauma
Leven House 1996 Mombasa County Mombasa
Lord Egerton Castle 1996 Nakuru County Ngata Farm
Mombasa golf club 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
Mnarani ruins 1929 Kilifi County Kilifi
Mtwapa 1935 Kilifi County Kilifi
Mambrui 1935 Kilifi County Kilifi
Redoubt 1935 Mombasa County Mombasa
Shirazi 1935 Kwale County Kwale
Selengai Stone 1935 Kajiado County Kajiado
Selengai wells 1935 Kwale County Kwale
Tumbe 1935 Kwale County Kwale
Takaungu south 1935 Kilifi County Takaungu
Trumpet metal 1935 Mombasa County
Trumpet ivory 1935 Mombasa County
Vasco da Gama pillar 1935 Kilifi County Malindi
Old watch towers 1935 Mombasa County
Tiwi 1935 Kwale County Kwale
Kilepwa island 1954 Kilifi County Kilifi
Kariandusi 1954 Nakuru County Nakuru
Jamadra mosque 1956 Kilifi County Malindi
Sheikh Said 1956 Kilifi County Kilifi
Sheikh Othman 1956 Kilifi County Malindi
Manda town ruins 1956 Lamu County Manda Island
Jumaa mosque 1958 Mombasa County
Luziwa 1958 Mombasa County
Mambore 1958 Lamu County Lamu
Riadha uwani 1958 Mombasa County Mombasa
Siyu 1958 Lamu County Pate Island
Takaungu north 1958 Kilifi County Takaungu
Jamia of Siyu 1958 Lamu County Pate Island
Lango la Shee of Siyu 1958 Lamu County Pate Island
Bwana shali patani 1958 Mombasa County
Faza 1958 Mombasa County
Jumaa Mtwapa 1958 Kilifi County Kilifi
Mwana 1958 Lamu County Lamu
Pillar tomb 1958 Mombasa County
Mgangani 1959 Kilifi County Kilifi
Fort Jesus National Monument 1970 Mombasa County Mombasa
Gede Ruins National Monument 1970 Kilifi County Kilifi
Olorgesailie national monument 1970 Kajiado County Kajiado
Kenyatta house — Maralal 1977 Samburu County Samburu
Portuguese shipwreck 1977 Mombasa County Mombasa
Kilombe Archeological site 1980 Nakuru County Nakuru
Thimlich ohingas 1981 Migori County Kadem
Lanet prehistoric site 1981 Nakuru County Lanet
Sibiloi National Park 1981 Marsabit County Marsabit
Italian church 1981 Kiambu County Kijabe
Fort Ternan Palaeo site 1981 Kericho County Fort Ternan
Songhor palaeo 1981 Kisumu County Muhoroni
Muguruk Archeological site 1981 Kisumu County East of Muguruk River
Kapurtay prehistoric site 1981 Nandi County South Aintomotua river
Muhanda fort 1981 Bungoma County Bungoma
Kijabe church 1981 Kiambu County Kiambu

Mau-Mau Cave 2001 Nyeri County
African Retail Trade Stores 2001 Nyeri County Lumumba Street
New District Comminsioner’s 2001 Nyeri County
Nyeri Old Clock Tower 2001 Nyeri County
Nyeri Court 2001 Nyeri County
Riringu Police Station 2001 Nyeri County
Ruringu Old African Court 2001 Nyeri County
The Baden Powell Grave 2001 Nyeri County Nyeri
Pax-Tu Building 2001 Nyeri County
St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Nyeri 2001 Nyeri County
St. Cuthbert’s P.C.E.A. Church 2001 Nyeri County
Mathari Catholic Mission Church 2001 Nyeri County
Italian Memorial Church, Nyeri 2001 Nyeri County
Italian Servants’ Wall Monument 2001 Nyeri County
Queen Elizabeth Monument 2001 Nyeri County
Dedan Kimathi’s Trench (Kahigani) 2001 Nyeri County
Mau Mau Fig Tree 2001
District Commisioner’s Office 2001 Kisumu County
Kisumu Police Headquarters 2001 Kisumu County Kisumu
Brandman’s House 2001 Kisumu County
A.I.C. Kijabe Church Ruins 2001 Kiambu County Kijabe
Nairobi School 2001 Nairobi County Westlands
Khoja Mosque 2001 Nairobi County
Old Mutual Building 2001 Nairobi County Nairobi CBD
Standered Chatered Building 2001 Nairobi County Nairobi CBD
Pan Africa House 2001 Nairobi County Nairobi CBD
Royalty House 2001 Nairobi County
Imperial Chambers 2001 Nairobi County
Imperial British East African 2001 Nairobi County
Bull Cafe 2001 Nairobi County
Prembro House 2001 Nairobi County
Pansoms Building 2001 Nairobi County
Surat District Association Building 2001 Nairobi County
Rahimtulla Trust Library 2001 Nairobi County
Bohra Mosque 2001 Nairobi County
Tom Mboya Mausoleum 2001 Homa Bay County Rusinga Island
Karima Hill 2001 Nyeri County
Bedida Sacred Grove 2002 Kilifi County
Lamu Water Catchment Area 2002 Lamu County Mwawesa
Burguret Mau Mau Shelter 2003 Nyeri County Gakawa
Naromoru Mau Mau Cave 2003 Nyeri County
Thaai Sacred Lake 2003 Meru County Kibirichia
Nkunga Sacred Lake 2003 Meru County Nkunga
Bututia Sacred Lake 2003 Meru County Kianjai
Gitune Sacred Forest 2003 Meru County Gatimbi
Ras mtandanda mosque Mombasa County
Shatin Tomb
Blixen House Nakuru County Naivasha
10 year Nyayo era Nairobi County Nairobi
City hall Nairobi County Nairobi
Peace pole Nairobi County Nairobi
Global forest Nairobi County Nairobi
Jomo Kenyatta Nairobi County Nairobi
Silver jubilee monument Nairobi County Nairobi
Peace, Love and Unity monument Nairobi County Nairobi
The Judiciary building Nairobi County Nairobi
The National monument Nairobi County Nairobi
The Tetrahedron Nairobi County Nairobi
Kaya mtswakara 1997 Kwale County Kasemeni
Castle Hotel 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
Holy ghost cathedral 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
City park 1997 Nairobi County Nairobi
St Emmanuel Church, Frere Town 1997 Mombasa County Nyali
Kericho Wagon Works Ltd 1997 Kericho County Kericho
Kaya Mstwakara 1997 Kwale County Kasemeni
Babu Motors 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
Kilindini House 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
Ivory House 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
Issa Thawar House 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
MSA Hospital Dispensary 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
Central Police Station 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
District Officer’s Office, Mombasa 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
Anglican Cathedral 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
Mackinnon Market 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
Alidina Visram School 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
Grindlay’s Bank Intn’l 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
National Bank of Kenya 1997 Mombasa County Mombasa
Fort hall 1998 Muranga County Murang’a
Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga 1998 Muranga County Gakuyu
Kaya Mudzi Muvya 1998 Kilifi County Rabai
Kaya Lunguma 1998 Kilifi County Golini
Sheikh Mwinyime Shrine 1998 Mombasa County Mombasa
Former Parklands Railways Staff 1998 Nairobi County Parklands
Kaya Choni 1998 Kwale County Gandini
Muyu wa Kae, Swahili settlement 1999 Kilifi County Marereni
Kaya Boumu/Fimboni 1999 Kilifi County Mwawesa
Kaya Mzizima 1999 Kilifi County Mwawesa
The First District Commissioner’s 2000 Machakos County Machakos
Jeevanjee Gardens 2000 Nairobi County Nairobi
Ronald Ngala’s Tombstone 2000 Kilifi County Kaloleni
Old St. Marks A.C.K. Sagala 2000 Taita Taveta County Sagala
Jaramogi Oginga Odinga 2000 Kisii County Nyamira
The Calton Fenzi Memorial Stone 2000 Nairobi County Nairobi
St. Paul’s Church (A.C.K) 2000 Kiambu County Kikuyu
The War Memorial Statue 2000 Nairobi County Nairobi
Lamu District Vetenary Office 2000 Lamu County Lamu
Government Rest House-Sori 2001 Homa Bay County Karungu
The Old SDA Church — Rapedhi 2001 Homa Bay County Kanyidoto
Muliro Gardens 2001 Kakamega County Kakamega
Institute of African Studies — Chiromo 2001 Nairobi County Chiromo campus, University of Nairobi
Nyeri Provincial Police 2001 Nyeri County Nyeri
Nyeri Club 2001 Nyeri County
White Rhino Hotel, Nyeri 2001 Nyeri County
Tumutumu P.C.E.A Church, Nyeri 2001 Nyeri County Konyu
P.C.E.A. Tumu Tumu Secretary’s 2001 Nyeri County
Macalder Mines 2001 Migori County South East Kadem
Old Provincial Commissioner’s 2001 Kisumu County
Mau Mau Mass Grave 2001 Nyeri County


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