New Generation Army Being Groomed in African Desert is Ready

These African animals believe they can outperform humans when it comes to parade even without a certified commander and they prove themselves in the video below.

What you would see in this video is the least of what you would have ever imagined.

A shepherd has taken his job to the next level by “recruiting” and training a group of animals.

He is leading this dedicated group of animals, presenting a coordinated parade with uniformity and timing.

This would have passed as an excerpt from a hilarious Hollywood animal movie except that it happened live in Africa.

The 15 seconds video shows a selection of African animals including rams, sheep and a donkey involved in a parade.

The parade is led by the shepherd who is closely assisted by a donkey  in a quick march and include a salutation before the group finally comes to a halt.

Animal Army 2

They all seem to know when to start and stop the parade.