Pearl Monama Biography: Everything About Sphesihle from Generations

Pearl Monama is an actress and university lecturer from South Africa best known for depicting the character of Sphesihle Moroka on the set of the best-known soapie, Generations: The Legacy. Pearl scored her first major role in the movie entitled Suurlemoen and has gone on to appear in several other notable productions.

Summary of Pearl Monama’s Biography

  • Full Name: Pearl Monama
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 10th December
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Famous For: Acting
  • Pearl Monama’s Instagram: noxolomonam
  • Twitter: MonamaPearl
  • Facebook: pealnoxolo.monama

How Old is Pearl Monama From Generations?

The year of birth for Pearl Monama has never been mentioned in the public arena but the actress is said to be a child of the 90s. Named, Pearl Noxolo Monama at birth, she was born on the 10th of December in Witbank, South Africa, and never fails to celebrate her birthdays.

Though she has never let on the name of both parents, it is public knowledge that the actress’s mum and dad are bank employees. While her dad is engaged in Standard Bank (Home Loans section), her mum is a staff of African Bank. Pearl appears to be very close to her parents, especially her mum whom she sad is very proud of what she has achieved in life. The fact that Monama was born in Mzansi and spent her growing up years there serves as an inspiration to the Mzansi natives who would love to follow a similar career path.

Monama spent her formative years with a brother who is younger than her by a few years. The actress has only mentioned her sibling a few times, saying that they were raised by their parents to always uphold good values.

She Passed Through Afrikaans Schools 

Pearl Monama attended only Afrikaans schools for all her academic qualifications. From Witbank’s Laerskool Kragbron, the upcoming TV star proceeded to Hoërskool Brandwag in Benoni. The quest for further education took the Mzanzi native to the University of Pretoria to study film and drama. During her university days, Pearl did some theatre performances with Matchbox Theatre and The Forgotten Angle Collaborative.

Pearl Monama Scored Her First Lead in Suurlemon

Pearl Monama has always wanted to end up in the movie industry which informed her course of study. Thus, the Witbank-born actress started auditioning for roles early in life. Unfortunately, the beginning was not so easy for the up-coming-star as she attended numerous auditions but succeeded in very few.

After a while, she started scoring cameos in popular television shows like Isibaya, Isidingo, Scandal, and several others. The SA actress then scored her debut lead role in the movie Suurlemon in 2014. Despite Monama’s natural beauty, unique acting style, and confident on-screen personality, the smart and gorgeous actress had to pass through a lot of struggles before scoring her big break.

Pearl Monama eventually captured millions of hearts in 2016 when she began depicting the character of Sphesihle Moroka in Generations: The Legacy which has marked her emergence to the limelight and her best-known role to date.

Pearl Monama’s Role on Generations The Legacy

The character of Sphesihle Moroka in Generations: The Legacy happens to be a daughter to Jack Mabaso, one of the soapie’s most loved characters. At the onset, Sphe comes in as the wife of Mazwi Moroka; the duo was joined as husband and wife through an arranged marriage in a bid to cement the existing relationship between the Cele and the Moroka families. Their wedding was a colorful traditional affair.

At the initial stage, Pearl Monama’s character was that of a good and well-behaved lady but all of a sudden, she went from good to lousy. As the plot unfolds, Pearl was able to capture the hearts of millions with her depiction of Sphe.

Comparing Pearl Monama’s Onscreen vs Real Life Character

Of late, it has become a big problem for South Africans to differentiate an onscreen character from a real-life character. Pearl Monama is one of those that have been facing some trolls over her Sphe character in Generations. Fans seem to be taking the “good girl gone bad” role too seriously and Pearl had a tough time, shrugging off all the “Negative Nancys”. The entertainer is just too good at her craft and owes no one any apologies for that.

Speaking about her Sphe character in an interview session, Pearl said people actually think that Pearl Monama and Sphesihle Moroka are one and the same person. Many have come out to blame the Witbank native for the negative change in her onscreen character. When they see her off-set, many fans expect that she recognizes them and she always gets confused when that happens. More often than not, these fans get carried away and over-excited, and end up pulling her in different directions.

Also, after viewing her colorful wedding to Mazwi on set, fans want to know who her real-life husband is. They believed that she must be married in real life for her to play that part successfully. However, the actress’ onscreen character and her real-life personality are poles apart.

Where Does Pearl Monama Lecture?

Pearl Monama’s career life is not only about scoring onscreen roles on TV and depicting the characters to perfection. When the Generations star isn’t dazzling viewers with her stellar acting prowess, she wears the hat of a lecturer at her alma mater, the University of Pretoria.

There, she is not just a tutor, the TV actress also functions as an assistant director. Monama is really a hard worker and has been tagged so.

Pearl is on Social Media

Pearl Monama is quite popular on social media as the Generation actress’s presence can be felt on almost all the popular platforms. She can be accessed on Instagram @noxolomonama, on Facebook @pealnoxolo, and her Twitter handle is @MonamaPearl.

On Instagram, the South African entertainer has garnered over 229 thousand followers. She is equally growing on Facebook and Twitter. The actress is known for sharing engaging content that attracts a deluge of comments and feedback from fans. An apt instance was her December 2020 post when the TV star shared a picture of her wet swimmer-clad body by the beach. The caption that came with the provocative attire made fans run wild – it reads; “If you see nipples under my T-shirt it’s because I’ve got them”.

Pearl has what many ladies of her ilk are trying extremely hard to get and she never misses an opportunity to flaunt her endowments. However, the actress has mentioned that her perfect physic didn’t just appear but a lot of work had to go in, especially her workout sessions.

Is Pearl Monama Married?

Pearl Monama has never exchanged marriage vows with any man and she appears to be the type that keeps the details of her personal life under wraps. The image she presents to the public is that of a single lady but fans are speculating that she may be dating one of her co-stars on Generations: the legacy.

These are mere speculations as the TV actress has never deemed it necessary to confirm or refute any of these claims. With that said, the actress appears to be afraid of falling in love – a conclusion drawn from her social media posts.

Body Stats For Pearl Monama

There are no statistics recorded for the body of the television and movie actress but Pearl Monama is endowed with an hourglass shape that she flaunts on social media. She looks very fit and athletic, thanks to her workout sessions, and the fact that she takes daily exercise seriously contributes to her appearance.

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