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If you’re a star trek fan like some of us are, you can definitely agree to Roxann Dawson’s legendary status. Do you remember B’Elanna Torres, the half-human/half-Klingon engineer? If you do, then you no doubt know Roxann Dawson. Star Trek: Voyager was the fifth series in the Star Trek franchise and it ran from January 1995 to May 2001, airing a total of 176 episodes. Roxann was fantastic in her role, so much that she garnered a cult following. The role won her three American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) Awards alongside other coveted nominations. There is more to Roxann and we have got all you should know about her below.

Who is Roxann Dawson and how Old is She?

Roxann Dawson was born on the 11th of September, 1958, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Her other names are Roxann Biggs and Roxann Biggs-Dawson. Her father’s name is Richard while her mother is Rosalie Caballero. Roxann holds American citizenship but her ethnicity is unknown.

She is an alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley from where she graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater Arts. Similar to most actresses that studied theater in college, Roxann Dawson immediately began her career after college as a stage actress and her debut role came in a 1982 Broadway production of A Chorus Line where she played as Diana Morales.

While in New York, Roxann performed in many off-Broadway productions including Julie Taymor’s The Tempest, and as a member of the Circle Repertory Company, she created roles in the original productions of The Early Girl and V&V Only among others. She had roles in a handful of other plays before making her screen debut in an episode of the TV series, Another World. She appeared on the NBC drama Nightingales in 1989 and during that time she met her second husband, Eric Dawson. After that show was canceled, she was cast in a guest role on Matlock and Jake and the Fat Man.

Though Roxann Dawson has appeared in a handful of movies and television series, none has left a bigger impact than Star Trek: Voyager. Nowadays, Roxann has stepped away from acting, taking up projects as a film producer, writer, and director. She had her directorial debut on Star Trek: Voyager with the episode Riddles, and has gone on to direct a host of other movies and projects.

She also co-authored the book Entering Tenebrea, Tenebrea’s Hope, and Tenebrae Rising. A trilogy of books published by Simon and Schuster, she did these alongside Daniel Graham. In addition, Roxann’s play, Passage Through the Heart, premiered in 1997 at the University of Minnesota and was an Irene Ryan finalist.

Her Marriage, Husband, and Children


Dawson has been married twice. She was first married to actor Casey Biggs, but they eventually divorced. The short-lived marriage lasted for barely two years from 1985 to 1987. Casy later became a recurring cast member on Deep Space Nine, playing the Cardassian Damar.

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In May 1994 Roxann Dawson married casting director Eric Dawson, whom she met while working on the series Nightingales. They have two daughters together, Emma and Mia. They welcomed their first child, Emma Rose Dawson on January 16, 1998. Mia was adopted from China. As we learned from an interview conducted by their church and posted on their website, Roxann converted to Catholicism at the time of her marriage despite having been raised in an atheist household and was inspired by her faith to direct the film Breakthrough.

Roxann’s husband Eric is a native of Lincoln, Nebraska and was born on the 10th of June, 1962 making him four years older than the actress. In addition to Nightingales, Eric Dawson has been the casting director for several other projects, among them are Supernatural, Quantico, American Horror Story, The Good Doctor, and some others.

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How Much is Roxann Dawson Worth?

Thanks to the Star Trek franchise, Roxann Dawson was able to get the big break she so deserved. She won an ALMA Award in the category Outstanding Latino/a Cast in a Made-for-Television Movie or Mini-Series for Foto Novels: In the Mirror in 1998. She was nominated for a Hugo Award in the category Best Dramatic Presentation for Heroes in 2008, nominated for an Image Award in the category Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series for Heroes, also in 2008. Judging from the success of the show and the nominations and other projects that followed, Roxann, who played one of the main characters benefitted hugely. Her earnings from the show coupled with other projects have helped her build up a net worth of $6 million.

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