Top 10 Safest Countries in Africa

When safety and Africa are mentioned in the same sentence, it always appears like two ends of a rope. For a long time, the media has always portrayed Africa as a not-so-safe place. Frequent muggings, carjacking, robberies, petty theft, pickpockets and much more seem to rule the airwaves. Well, the matter of fact is that the continent is safe. Being in one of the safest countries in Africa is the wish and dream of every single living African and while there are several places in Africa that could be classified as unsafe, there are also so many countries that would be regarded as safe – where people move about freely conducting their businesses.

1. Botswana

Botswana is undoubtedly one of the countries perceived to be most safe in the continent. This country located in the southern part of Africa has consistently enjoyed a good publicity. Positive aspects of the country include a good infrastructure, political stability, stable currency, and much more. In addition, its strong judicial system always makes certain that rights and freedoms are fully protected.

2. Namibia

It seems the safety wave is concentrated in the Southern part considering that Namibia borders Botswana. The country has indeed come a long way when it comes to matters of safety. A few decades ago, the country was nowhere near the top ten list. However, political will and good governance turned this around, thus, making it a haven of peace.

3. Seychelles

For a long time, Seychelles has always enjoyed peace. Rarely will bad stories be written about the country. There are several reasons that make the African state safe and peaceful. These include; well-organized judicial system, strong adherence to human rights and freedom, cordial relationship between the citizens and the government and more.

4. Cote D’Ivoire

When Cote Divoire also known as Ivory Coast is mentioned, one thing comes to mind, Cocoa. Besides priding itself in being the largest producer of cocoa beans globally, Ivory Coast boasts of being one of the safest countries in Africa. This always comes as a shock to many people considering it is surrounded by countries that are constantly experiencing instability.

5. Tanzania

Tanzania is the only country from the East African region to make it to the list of the top 10 safest countries in Africa. The large country attributes its safeness to the “ujamaa” mentality that is rife in the country. The Swahili term “ujamaa” simply means communism. It is all about caring and showing concern for your neighbour.

Safest Countries in Africa

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6. Malawi

Malawi hasn’t always been considered amongst the safe countries in Africa. In fact, more than a decade ago, it was experiencing some social, political as well as economic instability. This was pegged on the failing economy, political wrangles and much more. Fortunately, the economic turnaround improved the countries prospects further making the country quite safe.

7. Ethiopia

Ethiopia will always hold a special place in history. Many people came to know of the country due to extreme famine, drought, and poverty. This led to the whole world joining hands to assist the country. Well, three decades later, the country is not only among the top 10 food-secure countries in Africa but also one of the safest.

8. Morocco

Morocco is the only country from the northern part of Africa to make it to the list of safest countries in the continent. Besides being surrounded by countries well-known for rebellions, Morocco has continued to remain peaceful and safe for many years. This is achieved as a result of good governance, well-established policies and also effective community policing.

9. Rwanda

Rwanda came into the spotlight following the genocide that took place several years. This marked one of the darkest moments not only in Africa’s history but also the whole world. Slowly, the country continues to heal and move on. Some of the glad tidings that have come from the new Rwanda are peace, improved security and safety.

10. The Gambia

Although it is not talked about so much, The Gambia is actually ranked as one the safest countries not only in West Africa but also in Africa as a whole. The people are generally friendly and quite hospitable, the systems work in the country, and you can walk in the late of the night feeling safe and secure.

Like many other regions globally, Africa is also struggling when it comes to safety. This is driven by rising cost of living, shaky economy, poverty and unemployment. Fortunately, the countries featured on the Top 10 Safest Countries in Africa brings a sigh of relief in regard to feeling safe while in Africa. The mentioned countries will certainly make a trip to the continent worthwhile.

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