Serwaa Amihere Regrets Not Having a Child at 25 – Facts About Her Age and Why She Is Not Married

Serwaa Amihere was born on March 8, 1990, and is 33 years old. She once insinuated that the reason she is still single was because she has not met the right man.

We have seen a good number of celebrities with no regard for marriage and are completely uninterested in procreating. In the case of the West African country Ghana, there are quite a few liberated women like Yvonne Okoro and Lydia Forson who don’t care about settling down to have children, but this narrative is different for Ghanaian television broadcaster Serwaa Amihere. Serwaa, who turned 30 in 2020, recently took to Twitter to express her heartfelt regrets at not grabbing the opportunity to have a child five years ago at age 25. She has also expressed her wish to settle down – given the right opportunity.

However, Serwaa, who is currently employed by GHOne TV, did not mince words in addressing the wrong African perception about women and marriage. According to the broadcaster, the African society has left many with the impression that a woman must be married for her to be deemed successful, making it appear like marriage alone is recognized as the climax of success in the life of an African girl-child. Serwaa was unequivocally vocal in lashing out at people who still hold this view in present-day Africa, urging people to show some respect to women who have achieved great feats even when they are yet to be married.

Serwaa Amihere’s Biggest Regret In Life Is Not Giving Birth At 25

Going by the tone of her social media post, one can easily decode that the media personality is not satisfied with the way her life has turned out. Just recently, the curvaceous lady took to Twitter to express her heart-felt regret for not having a baby when she was 25 and had the chance. She is just comparable to Nana Aba Anamoah her mentor; these ladies are diehard career women and obviously, they have no time to spare for family life. Age as they say waits for nobody and Serwaa has now hit her thirties and there seems to be no child in sight yet.

Her age notwithstanding, it may not be difficult for the award-winning news anchor and television personality to give birth, but the clock keeps ticking. Youth is ephemeral and in as much as accumulating wealth and basking in the accompanying fame is of utmost importance to most celebs, settling down to build a family is a dream to quite a few.

With her tweet, Amihere has managed to set herself apart from celebrities like Yvonne Okoro and Lydia Forson who don’t seem to see any worthwhile value in family life, especially having kids. The Ghanaian beauty obviously believes that procreating is a woman’s dream and when the next opportunity presents itself, she sure won’t hesitate to put it to good use.

Why The Television Personality’s Age Became a Subject of Debate Sometime Ago

After Serwaa Amihere turned thirty in 2020, we witnessed some claims from people who were of the opinion that the Ghana-born news anchor and TV personality was actually not telling the truth about her age; they were of the belief that she was way past 30. However, the truth will always prevail and it goes without saying that someone who was born on 8th March in 1990 will turn thirty on the same date in 2020.

The African beauty is the daughter of Lydia Tetteh and Frank Yeboah who hail from Kumasi Ghana. She is the first child of her parents but there is nothing known about her siblings. After acquiring her basic education at Yaa Asantewaa Secondary School, the aspiring media personality proceeded to Methodist University in her home country Ghana, graduating with a degree in banking and finance. In a recent interview, she mentioned that having a lucid vision at a young age aided her in working hard from secondary school up to the university level.

Serwaa Amihere Would Love To Get Married When The Right Opportunity Presents Itself

Though she has not been vocal with her reasons for remaining single at the age of thirty, the on-air personality whose persona is described as classy, picky, outgoing, and a bit snobbish has let-on that she would love to settle down in the future and have children. Serwaa stated this while defending the right of the female child in Africa when she completely disagreed with the long-held African viewpoint that marriage represents the very peak of the girl-child success.

Having established her interest in settling down to having a family in the nearest future, one would expect Serwaa Amihere to be active in the love department. However, most of her relationships end up being subject to speculations and at the end of the day, it is not easy to categorically say whether it happened or not. Some of her supposed relationships are listed below.

There Were Rumors of Serwaa’s Relationship With King Promise

A long time ago, speculations started running rife on the internet about the news anchor’s purported dalliance with King Promise (real name Gregory Bortey Newman), an award-winning vocalist and songwriter of Ghanaian origin. There were even some extreme rumors that shipped the duo off as husband and wife.

Serwaa Amihere
Serwaa and King image source

However, King Promise who has recorded tremendous success since he launched his music career came out publicly in an interview on Hitz FM to debunk the claims that he had any romantic relationship with the easy-on-the-eye GHOne Television newscaster. The CCTV hitmaker, in the same interview, claimed they were just good friends. His claims were reflected by Amihere who was also quick to come up with a rebuttal, reiterating that there is nothing but friendship between them.

Amihere and King Promise Keep Fueling The Rumours Of Their Clandestine Relationship

Going by the look of things, King Promise and Serwaa Amihere may actually be dating, though they were quick to deny all claims of having a romantic relationship in the past. Just recently, the smooth Ghanaian vocalist showed up at a christening ceremony held for Killbeatz’ baby with Serwaa Amihere in tow, and from the obvious, the duo feels it’s time to drop all pretenses.

Killbeatz works for King Promise as his manager and the two enjoy a close relationship – more like blood relatives which makes it imperative for the CCTV hitmaker to grace the occasion. On her own part, Serwaa hardly attends events, thus, showing up for Killbeatz’s child dedication ceremony speaks volumes. It sure looked like she needed to be there to support her boyfriend’s manager and close friend. It would appear that the news that came from FameBugs sometime ago had some atom of truth after all.

Serwaa Was Also Rumored To Be An Item With Nigerian Singer Davido

Serwaa Amihere
Davido and Serwaa image source

While the Nigerian music superstar Davido was on constant trips to Ghana in 2018, he must have come into contact with the beautiful GHOne TV newscaster which led to speculations of their purported romantic involvement.

These claims in turn triggered endless write-ups from the tabloids, but the duo never came up with a confirmation or rebuttal unlike in the case of her alleged dalliance with King Promise. Given where he is with his latest baby mama Chioma, Davido and Serwaa are definitely not an item.

She Is In Complete Disagreement With The African Viewpoint That Marriage Is a Depiction of the Climax of a Girl-child’s Success

In general, Africa has a wrong perception of single women which leads most people to put pressure on the girl-child to get married. This pressure usually doubles when a woman has attained the age of 30 or is fast approaching menopause. Because of the way things are done in African culture, many tend to tag marriage as the biggest feat any woman can achieve in life. However, Ghanaian broadcast journalist Amihere has been vocal with her counter-opinion, lashing out at the African society and vehemently disagreeing that a woman’s success can only be climaxed with marriage.

Serwaa Amihere recently took to Twitter to air her views on the issue. She described society’s views on marriage for women as “sad”. The black-beauty went on to elucidate that her view is not an indication that she is anti-marriage. She leveraged the opportunity to call on society to stop making it look like an unmarried woman has not achieved anything in life.

Serwaa made it clear that she will be happy to give up her single life and embrace matrimony when the time is right but wouldn’t allow herself to be pressured into getting married. She also urged people to show respect for her achievements regardless of her current marital status. On a final note, the celebrity broadcaster made us understand that not everybody is entitled to marriage.

Serwaa Amihere Launched Her Media Career Immediately After Graduation From Methodist University

The Ghanaian beauty was well into her 20s when she landed her first job with GHOne Television’s entertainment & lifestyle show entitled the Glitterati. She later went under media personality Nana Aba Anamoah, the host of State of Affairs to work as a producer for her current affairs show which has bagged awards in the past.

Nana Aba Anamoah, upon realizing the huge potential in Serwaa, decided to become her mentor, polishing her rough edges to groom the aspiring broadcaster into the award-winning on-air-personality we all know today. Amihere said that getting handpicked and groomed to fit into her current opposition was a deliberate attempt made in a bid to change the long-held narrative about entertainment and lifestyle job holders not being serious in society.

For Serwaa Amihere, appearing on national television such as GHOne TV to read major news bulletin is a huge achievement, ultimately satisfying the goal. Serwaa’s success in the media is not just for her alone, but for every hardworking lady out there who has the vision to achieve great feats in life.

She Expanded Her Horizon Working as a Television Anchor

Serwaa’s job as a producer with GHOne is perceived among the best and going under the mentorship of Nana Aba Anamoah to metamorphose into an A-list newscaster even without qualification in related courses is something to be admired. However, the journalist has always been known as a zealous conversation starter, subsequently, she started hosting television shows which gave her the needed opportunity to effect a positive influence on the public.

While her early work as a producer behind the scene was considered an important step in her growth in the media world, coming out in front of the camera to cast news and present shows are her ultimate achievements so far.

Serwaa Amihere Went On to Become A Brand Ambassador, As Well As Social Media Influencer

When a broadcaster attains Serwaa’s level of success, it only means that the person is likely to land some gigs in commercials and probably become a brand ambassador for some A-list brands. This is true for the Ghanaian media personality who is a brand ambassador for a few successful organizations such as Office & CO by SA and OMH.

We must not fail to mention the massive following she commands on social media which has earned her the status of an influencer. Though her major aim of creating social media accounts was to keep fans updated on her programs, she also began to leverage the platforms in influencing public opinion. For instance, her Instagram account alone boasts over 1.3 million followers and still counting, and every week, Serwaa Amihere posts not less than two adverts from different companies.

The broadcaster’s biography is undoubtedly a story of hard work, resilience, and of course determination. Amihere’s signature hosting style made her a household name in the media space and she is counted as one of Ghana’s most celebrated on-air-personalities. The fashionista has been very vocal about women-related issues and has clearly redefined the concept of professionalism in her country’s media space, using her talent, as well as a unique approach to newscasting. Needless to say that her efforts have not gone unnoticed as the lady has swept a plethora of awards to show for her years in the media industry.


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