10 Most Fascinating South African Animals

South Africa is one of the most interesting holiday destinations in the world and part of what drives this is the amazing specie diversity found in the country. South Africa has some of the most diversified animal species but for the purpose of this article, we are looking at a selection of some fascinating South African animals. If you are planning to make a trip to South Africa, also include it in your plan to see some of these animals of South Africa. This list includes some of the largest and smallest South African animals.

10. Buffalo


It lives 15 to 23 years and eats grass, and stays close to water to get their daily drink easier. They weigh approximately 1700 pounds with a huge head to support their huge horns and floppy ears. Lions, hyena and crocodile are their predators. They stay in a herd, with females, babies and a few males for protection and breeding.

9. Elephant


It has large trunks that are versatile and strong when it comes to taking care of their daily needs. Tusks begin to grow at an early age which indicates how old each elephant is depending on the size of the tusks. They are able to push trees over to get to their favorite leaf food, and eat a large amount of food every day to stay healthy. They stay in small groups instead of herds, and each group has its own bull for protection and breeding.

8. Elephant Shrew

Elephant Shrew

It has a long nose just like the larger elephant. They are very small and hard to see. Their diet consists of nuts, fruit and seeds. Since they are so small they stay hidden away especially from snakes.

7. Leopard


Is a powerful animal that enjoys hunting at night and sleeping late in the morning. It is courageous and takes on other animals larger than they are. It blends in well with their surroundings with white and brown or black and red spots. They are agile, and able to run fast and jump high or far, and are able to leap up onto a tree branch with a kill and eat without being disturbed. It does not care to socialize, preferring instead to have one mate for life,and protect their family and home.

6. Lion


This animal eats meat and only the male lion has a mane. The mane can be the same color as the body, or it can be black, red or creamy color. It can go anywhere that it desires and has off limit areas. The family is sociable with the females and babies spending many hours together, while the male comes in periodically. They are very lazy, but will run for a short distance to capture their food.