10 Awesome Tanzania Safari Holiday Destinations

Africa is one of those rare continents where there is still overwhelming presence of a vast wilderness and natural forests that still support wildlife and Tanzania as an African country is not left out. If you are planning a Tanzania safari experience, we will share some of the most amazing holiday destinations.

These come with big parks that have giraffes, lions and elephants living together. They are among the few things you can discover by having a Tanzania Safari. Recently, Safari Bookings in The Netherlands commissioned a task force that reviewed over 3,061 reviews where Tanzania was voted the finest Safari Country in Africa.

So, are you fascinated by trips? Are you searching for the perfect Safari destination in Africa? Well, we just have the most appropriate locations for you in Tanzania. Oh yea, just scroll down to see why Tanzania is the most ideal place for an expedition in the whole of Africa.

1. Arusha National Park

You could make Arusha your first destination in Tanzania. Here, you will first come across the famous Arusha National Park where you can visit all day. After days of travel, the little park will offer you more than you bargained for. It is just about an hour’s drive from downtown Arusha. You will be fascinated by the various species of monkeys at this park including the rare Colobus monkeys. It is also home to buffaloes, baboons, zebras and other animals. If you are lucky, you could also see the young ones of those animals.

2. Stone Town

This is home to the former palaces and Arab mansions. It is located on the western coast of Zanzibar and anyone interested in history would find Stone Town a perfect Tanzania safari destination. Irrespective of the rather unromantic name, Stone town holds a lot and only little has changed over the past 200 years. The multiple carved wooden doors depicting the heritage of the ancient Arabian presence is still present all over the city. There are a lot of nice hotels you can relax in after a refreshing Tanzania safari.

3. Ngurdoto Crater

Arusha is also home to one of the wonders of the world that is yet to make its way into the Guinness World Book of Records. The Ngurdoto Crater is a Caldera that was a volcano at one time. A closer look at it gives the impression of a huge zoo that is surrounded by forests. You will not miss seeing some of the rarest wild animals at this place. In fact, it could be the only opportunity you have at seeing a Rhino.

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4. Selous

This is a large game reserve that has serene woodlands and lakes measuring 50,000 km2 and is relatively undisturbed by human impact. One interesting fact about this reserve is that you can access it by vehicle, on foot or through boating safari. You can even combine all the three modes above for an ultimate experience. Large numbers of animals including elephants, black rhinoceroses, cheetahs, giraffes, hippopotamuses and crocodiles can be easily seen living in Soleus game reserve which also has a variety of vegetation zones, ranging from thicket blankets to more open grasslands.

5. Lake Manyara National Park

The National Park is famous for birding and lions that climb trees and can be reached within an hour and a half from Arusha. In addition to lions, there are other wildlife like leopards, elephants and giraffes. Apart from that, the lake offers a peaceful and relaxing environment on its beaches but some dangerous river monsters like alligators and crocks are sometimes seen.

6. Tarangire National Park

Credit: John Firestone

One important feature of this national park is that it has a year-round supply of water. During the dry periods, the game from other reserves relocates to this park due to its continuous supply of water. The lake offers a good site for birding apart from offering a relaxing environment.

7. Ruaha National Park

There is a strong wilderness presence in this park. The famous Ruaha river cuts through the park giving a perfect site for viewing game while at the water point and even birding. It offers one of the most amazing Tanzania safari experiences. It is the largest national park in Tanzania and enjoys a reputation as Tanzania’s best-kept game viewing secret.

8. Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National park is one Tanzania’s prime safari destinations regulated by the Tanzania National Parks. It has a natural splendour and a wide variety of wildlife as you can ever imagine. It is faultless as an expedition destination. It has a very big ecosystem that is made of complex river systems, vast golden plains and not forgetting the Big Five. It is also home to the famous wildebeest migration which is considered to be the biggest single movement of wild animals on the planet. If you consult your travel advisor, they will tell the right season for you to get this phenomenon live.

You will also see huge crocodiles licking their thick jaws as they anticipate for an unsuspecting game in the Grumeti River. The most interesting part comes when a crocodile pounces on any game quenching its thirst. The ensuing fight that follows is one you cannot afford to miss. There are large prides of lions moving across the long savannah grass. The site of leopards lolling in acacia trees is just amazing. You cannot mention the Serengeti without mentioning cheetahs that love sunbathing on distinctive kopjes.

9. Ngorongoro Crater

A drive into the famous Ngorongoro crater is one memorable one. Once you get there, you will not find many scenes, but the wildlife is more than you can imagine. It is home to the big five and other great wild animals. The male savannah lions, rhinos and hyenas all call Ngorongoro their perfect home. There is a peculiar feature about this safari. Lions both male and female, including hyenas, cheetahs and leopards walk up to the safari vehicles with no fear. It is like they welcome you into the Ngorongoro crater. Something so unexpected of their wild nature! It goes without any doubt that the most sybaritic moment you can ever get on this trip is lying in a pool of hot bubbling water that has rose petals floating at the surface. It is a perfect way to cool off after the safari.

10. Zanzibar and Dar Beaches

Zanzibar and its surrounding islands offer some of the most grotesque beaches you can find in the entire Indian Ocean. Apart from that, you can find other beaches in Dar es Salaam. Tanzania has done so much to improve their internal flights. This means that you can visit several sites in a single day.

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There are many more sites one could visit while having a safari in Tanzania. It all begins with knowing where you wish to start the expedition. Your travel advisor could come in handy with helping you in those plans.

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