The Untold Truth of Salice Rose, The Social Media Sensation Everyone’s Talking About

In August 2019, popular Instagram personality, Salice Rose, introduced her fans to the new love of her life. The video received an outpouring of support as well as heartfelt wishes. Rose’s ex-girlfriend, Chas F, however, dropped a video of her own, accusing the Instagram star of being verbally and emotionally abusive. She also accused Rose of giving away some of her property including her late father’s ashes. So, what is the truth and what is fiction? All these and more details about the social media star is unveiled below.

Salice Rose’s Background

Salice Rose was born on the 20th of November 1994 in Lancaster, California. Her ethnicity is Latina, specifically Peruvian. The Instagram star is quite proud of her Peruvian ancestry and speaks Spanish fluently. Rose hails from a tightknit family background which comprises of her father, her mother – Rosanna, two half-brothers and a sister named Ashely. Salice Rose spent her formative years in California. By her own accounts, she was a troublesome child and often got in several fights. She also performed poorly in her academics and was consequently suspended from several schools. Rose was later home-schooled before completing her diploma in a military school.

How Much is Salice Rose Worth?

Rose has been able to accumulate a decent net worth from her online endeavours. The Lancaster native first joined Instagram in 2013 and started posting beautiful photos. She gained a few followers but did not have much traction on the site. Rose later switched her content to comic videos and her fan base skyrocketed. This was down to her eagerness to explore issues that are important to her fellow millennials.

Salic Rose also endeared herself to many with her Latina heritage. Since her breakout on Instagram, Salice Rose has extended her influence to other social media platforms including YouTube and Snapchat. She now has 9.3 million followers on Instagram, 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube as well as 206,000 followers on Twitter. Rose has also parlayed her online fame into a thriving career. She often organises meet and greets during which fans shell out as much as $50 for a chance to meet her.

The Instagram star also has an online store which carries branded casual clothing items, costing from $20 to $50. Asides her online exploits, Rose has also been able to grow her net worth through her artistic pursuits. The Lancaster native is a budding musician as well as a dancer. She has released no less than three singles including Lullaby (feat Glenn Travis, Ya No Tiene Novi (feat Mau Y Ricky) and Take It Off (feat Lil Jon). These songs have been quite successful and Rose now has over two million subscribers on her account.

Salice Rose
Rose and her girlfriend, Brilynn Ford image source

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Salice Rose is openly gay. The Instagram star first realised this when she was still in high school. She disclosed her sexual orientation to her family, as well as friends, and they supported her during the coming out process. Rose is presently in a relationship with a lady known as Brilynn Ford.

The social media star revealed this in a video that she posted to her Twitter account in August 2019. In the video, the visibly-emotional Rose disclosed that she was scared and that she hoped fans would accept this part of her life. Rose then goes on to introduce Ford and revealed that they had known each other for three years, but only started dating recently. The two lovebirds share a kiss and Ford declares that they are dating even though Rose hates such labels. Rose’s video led to an outpouring of support from several of her fans; one of them stated that she was hugely happy for the Instagram star and wished her nothing but happiness.

The video also triggered an unexpected reaction from Rose’s ex, Chas F. Chas F dropped a video of her own in which she confessed that she had a hard time watching Rose and Ford as she and Rose were still together, and talking about marriage, just a few weeks earlier. Chas F further accused Salice of being emotionally and verbally abusive. According to her, the Instagram star made her quit her job and denied her the opportunity of making new friends. Chas F also accused Rose of treating her with disrespect and donating her property to Goodwill. Rose subsequently posted a video in which she responded to all the issues raised by Chas. She disclosed that she never stopped her ex from having friends and that she gave Chas F sufficient notice to retrieve her property from her house. Salice Rose has since reached out to Chas F and the two have made peace.

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