Top 10 Most Beautiful Presidential Palaces In Africa

Most countries of the world commonly refer to their head of states as presidents. And it’s also common to call their official residential houses, presidential palaces. However, not all countries call the official residence of their head of state a “palace”, some other names used are “Government House”, “presidential villa”, “State House”, “Executive Mansion”, etc. It is always expected that these buildings of great significance and importance are magnificent enough to rank with the best in the country and around the world. A lot of  Africa’s presidential palaces are sites worth beholding and are here are the top 10 most beautiful.

10. State House (Kampala, Uganda)


State House is the official residence of the President of Uganda. Situated at Entebbe, 40km south of Kampala, capital of Uganda, it is adjacent to a ceremonial “H” shaped building which hosted the Queen of England on her visit to Uganda for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. The State House is undergoing some renovation with a project cost at approximately $1.6 million.

9. The Flagstaff House (Accra, Ghana)


This unique architectural masterpiece is the residence and office of the President of Ghana. The Flagstaff House was reconstructed and inaugurated by the government of President John Agyekum Kufour. The cost of the construction was around $45-50 million and was overseen by an Indian contractor.


8. Presidential Palace (Nouakchott, Mauritania)


Mauritia’s presidential palace is located at the centre of the city, northwest of the Lebanese International University, and adjacent to the US embassy. It is made to sit in extensive grounds and beautiful gardens, and is indisputably the most spectacular landmark in the city. This site houses the President of Mauritania and is the principal administrative office of the government of Mauritania. It was built by Chinese contractors.

7. Iavoloha Palace (Antananarivo, Madagascar)


The Iavolaha palace, Madagascar is a unique and spectacular building situated at the base of a beautiful vegetation-rich hilltop. Located 15 km to the south from Antananarivo, Madagascar, it is the official residence of the President of Madagascar.

6. Union Buildings (Pretoria, South Africa)


Just like an ancient temple adorning the city it governs, the Union Buildings are a modern-day citadel, built at the highest point of South Africa’s capital city, Pretoria. It forms the official seat of South Africa’s government and houses The Presidency as well as the Department of Foreign Affairs. With its vast gardens, the buildings are located in Pretoria and constitute a South African national heritage site. These remarkable buildings, built from light sandstone, were designed by the architect Sir Herbert Baker in the English monumental style and are 285m long. It has become an iconic landmark of Pretoria and South Africa in general, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Africa.

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