Truths About Angela Okorie’s Family Life With Husband Chukwuma Orizu and Her Alleged Remarriage

When Angela Okorie started her career as an actress in 2009, she quickly became one of the very busy stars in the industry, and in five years, she had racked up a sizable number of performances. But so far, the actress’s life has gone beyond her acting as she has proven that she is an exciting person and her career and personal details have been the source of news for entertainment outlets. Overall, Angela Okorie’s family life has drawn a lot of attention over the years.

In particular, her marriage to Chukwuma Orizu has come under scrutiny a number of times. There was also a time when it was believed that their marriage had packed up and she had remarried. But, what is the true situation of things at the home front of the actress? Let’s go into details.

Who is Angela Okorie’s Husband?

The first time Angela Okorie got married, it was to a man called Chukwuma Orizu. The two became husband and wife a long time before the actress turned popular and this has made it difficult to ascertain when and how their relationship started. There is however one proof of the existence of their relationship and it is their son, Chamberlain.

The first notable mention of Orizu’s existence in the life of the actress was in 2015 when he spoke up to defend his wife against the accusations of theft that had been brought against her by Prince Ekeh, a South African/Nigerian celebrity. Aside from that and very few pictures of him seen online, Chukwuma Orizu has not been a regular face in the spotlight. Apparently, he is not involved in the entertainment industry like his wife and we can’t confirm the career field he is into.

Is Angela Okorie Still Married To Chukwuma Orizu?

Sometime in 2017, it came to light that Angela Okorie was no longer with her husband. Unlike most celebrities who would easily storm social media with details of how their marriage crashed or perhaps dispel the rumors, Angela refused to spill the beans. When she was asked about the decision to end her marriage, she did not speak on it and chose to say that her private life is private. Even during interviews, she refused to give out any detail that could explain the condition of her marriage.

To date, she has never spoken on why her marriage to Orizu ended or if they are still together. His pictures are also missing from her Instagram page where the actress is very active. Nonetheless, new details emerged that suggest that there might really be a problem in Angela Okorie’s family life with the man we know as her husband.

Her Alleged Relationship With an Instagram User

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A few weeks after she had said that her personal issues will remain private and not for public consumption, a man known as lord_bangz10 on Instagram posted a picture of him getting cozy with Angela Okorie. He implied that they were sexually active together. While people still speculated about the nature of her relationship with this man, she put up a picture of both of them together, where she admitted to being not just in a relationship with him but also having feelings for him.

She also came under the comment section of the Instagram user’s post and commented in a suggestive manner. She referred to the guy as “Mr lover lover”. To date, no further details have been provided about that brief Instagram drama between Angela and lord_bangz10.

Angela Okorie Has Only One Child

With her first husband, Angela has one child, Chamberlain. He was born on the 5th of September, 2011. Just two years after his mother’s career started and as his mother’s career has progressed, so has he grown under the spotlight.

As the child of a celebrity, Chamberlain has been the recipient of attention from the media, it does not help that he also has his own Instagram account with over 30,000 followers. After her supposed separation from Orizu, she got full custody of her son and she is prone to show all the ways she is heavily involved in his life. They spend a lot of time together.

The existence of her son in her life is one that she referred to as a miracle, especially as he was stillborn at his birth but he somehow survived. In 2019, a few days to his birthday, a fan of fellow actress, Mercy Johnson had issued a death threat to her son. The fan stated that Okorie had better apologize to Johnson for the ways she had disrespected her, failure to do so will result in the death of her son in seven days. The actress’s response to this was to say a prayer for her son and talk about how much she has prayed for him already and no form of spiritual attack will work against him.

She now showers him with love and attention as the young man grows under her care. Meanwhile, we can’t say the role his father plays in the life of the boy.

Did Angela Okorie Really Get Married The Second Time?

In 2020, news spread that Angela Okorie decided to give marriage a second try. This time, she got married in a very private ceremony with only a few friends in attendance. Before they got married, there had been speculations on her love life, it was clear that there was a new man in the picture, but no one knew his real name until it came to light much later that he is Nwele Michael Chukwudi. It is believed that he runs a number of businesses but mostly works as a car dealer and model.

There is no clear timeline on how their relationship has panned out with people not knowing when and how they met, but it is quite obvious that the two have been friends for a while. In true Angela Okorie’s style, the media might not be furnished with details of her new attempt at matrimony or whatever really happened to the man she was married to before.

Chacha is a writer with a wealth of experience who has contributed across several channels. Her specialty includes celebrity lifestyle including how top movie stars, musicians, and comedians live their lives.
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