University Of Ghana Admission Requirements And How To Apply

The University of Ghana ranks as the best university in Ghana and by its enviable reputation and position, it’s no wonder that a lot of students aspire to get admitted into the institution to get the best quality education. Its campus is the largest in Ghana and coupled with the fact that it ranks as the 7th best university in Africa only adds to its appeal and allure amongst international students. Here is all you should know about the University of Ghana admission requirements and how to apply to this great institution.

How To Get Admission Into The University Of Ghana

In order to successfully begin and complete your University of Ghana Admission requirement and process, the intending candidate(s) will need to first and foremost meet the general entry requirements of the school, then pay for and complete the admission process online, and lastly pay both the tuition and residential fees to be fully classified as a student of the University of Ghana (when your application process is successful).

The Balme Library in the University of Ghana: image source

The minimum general entry requirements demanded of all students includes an A to D grade in SSSCE exams or credits (A1 to C6 grade) in WASSSCE in the following –

  • Core Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Social Studies (for non-Science related programs)
  • Integrated Science (for Science related programs), and
  • 3 Elective subjects in Science (for those interested in pursuing Agricultural/Science related programs) or 3 Elective subjects in Business/General Arts (for those interested in pursuing non-Science-related programs).

The process of applying both online and online for all categories of students is discussed subsequently.

Processes To Follow When Applying For The University Of Ghana Admission Online And Offline

The University of Ghana Admission Requirements and How To Apply is clearly spelled out for 2 broad categories of students, and they are as follows:

  • Application for Ghana-based students.

This is further sub-divided into 2 categories of students:

  1. SSSCE or WASSSCE Applicants and Ghanaian students with foreign backgrounds (including students with internationally recognized certificates (IGCSE and IB) from schools such as Tema International School, SOS-Hermann GMEINER International College, New Nation International School, Faith Montessori International school, Alpha Beta school, etc).

image source


  • Purchase the University of Ghana Online Application E-Voucher and pay either via the Online/USSD platform or at Designated Banks. If by the latter, applicants should include their mobile phone number, Email address, and Names on the bank voucher before they are served.
  • A confirmation of their Pin would be sent to the phone numbers indicated on their vouchers.
  • Logon to the Online Application portal at and complete the form online and follow all instruction given on the portal
  • After successfully completing the online application form and uploading all relevant documents, applicants are expected to keep both the Pin and voucher in a safe place, as those details may be required in their admission process at a later date.

2. HND/Diploma to Degree Applicants: Applicants who already possess either a Diploma or an HND degree and wish to use that for entry into undergraduate level should do the following.-


  • Purchase the University of Ghana Online Application E-Voucher and pay either via the Online/USSD platform or at Designated Banks. If by the latter, applicants should include their mobile phone number, Email address, and Names on the bank voucher before they are served.
  • Logon to the Online Application portal at and complete the form online and follow all instruction given on the portal
  • While on the Application portal, applicants in this category would be required to scan (either in Microsoft Word or Acrobat PDF formats) the following documents –
  • Pay in slips
  • Certificates and/or Results slips
  • Diploma/HND transcripts
  • Certified copies of their “O’ and “A” Levels certificates/Result slips
  • Application from International Students or Ghanaians based abroad.


  • Pay a non-refundable Online Application Processing fee of $ 110 by the means listed in details below or on the online application portal itself.
  • Logon to the International students online application portal at
  • Create a (new) User Profile and provide details such as Names (First and Surname), Email Address and Password
  • A Verify User Account Activation email will be sent to the email address provided at sign up
  • Click on the link in the email sent to you, and this would automatically take you to the dashboard of the online application page for International students
  • Fill out the application form online and monitor the progress of your application process from your dashboard on the portal
  • The following documents and information would be required on the online application portal –
  • Scanned Passport sized photo of your Student Identity Card
  • Fill the Biodata form
  • Entry Information
  • Educational Background
  • Program Option
  • Upload Supporting Documents (Results, etc)
  • Upload Passport Photo
  • Application fee payment using “UGPay”.
  • Upload scanned copy of an unused WAEC Scratch or Result Checker card (scratch to reveal card number and Pin), etc

After successfully providing all the required information and supporting documents online, click on the submit button to complete the process at this stage of your application.

How Much Does The University Of Ghana Admission Form Cost?

Front view of The Balme Library, University of Ghana: image source

The University of Ghana admission forms for the 2021/2022 session is presently ongoing and is available largely for 2 bands of Students – those who are Ghanaian and based in Ghana, and students who are Ghanaian but based overseas and/or international students from other countries in Africa and all over the world.

For students that intend to apply for admission into the University of Ghana and that are based in Ghana, they are required to purchase a University of Ghana Online Application E-Voucher for GHc 200.00 only either via a USSD payment platform or by making payment at any of the banks listed as collection agents on the school’s website, and the banks are Agricultural Development Bank, Universal Merchant Bank, Consolidated Bank of Ghana (CBG), Prudential Bank, Fidelity, Access or Ecobank Ghana (the school’s preferred Banker).

For students that are either Ghanaian by birth but resident abroad and/or International Students, the school requires each applicant to make a payment of $ 110 (USD, approximately GHc 834.56)  as a non-refundable Application Processing fee into the University of Ghana Account with the following details:

Account Name: University of Ghana Foreign Students Fees
Account Number: 2441000716652
Bank Details: Ecobank Ghana Limited, Legon Branch
Swift Code: ECOCGHAC

Alternatively, Students in the latter category can make International Transfer payments through Ecobank (2441000716652 or 1441000716647). They can also make payments with their credit cards on the GT Payment platform. In addition to the above, each applicant in this category is required to purchase a WAEC Scratch or Result Checker card (from WAEC National/Zonal/Regional offices) in their home countries, scratch the card to reveal its Card number and Pin (they are not to use the card at all), then scan and upload it while completing their online application.

It is worth noting that International students and Ghanaian (by birth) but living overseas students are not required to purchase the E-Voucher like Ghana resident applicants.

Do I need To Apply Offline After Completing My Application Online?

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The admission web pages and online application portal of the University of Ghana do not specify that applicants have to undertake both online and offline application processes, rather their preference is on the former (probably due to the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the world). The only part of their web page that loosely addresses this question didn’t really specify the category of International students it is referring to, but upon navigating the process, it turns out that they were really addressing International Visiting Students only.

They are the ones that are required to download their application form online via a link, fill offline (in block letters) and have it endorsed by the International Office of their universities, Pay the Application fee of $ 110 (USD) to a specific bank account for visiting students, scan and send to the email address [email protected]  copies of the completed application form, certified copies of all transcripts and certificates and a wire transfer receipt of the Application fee. Lastly, they are required to send hard copies of all application documents to –

Coordinator, Visiting Students Admission and Registration
Office of International Programmes,
Room F1, First Floor International House
Annie Jiagge Road, University of Ghana, Legon.

Note: Another Admission webpage of the University requires that International Students send hard copies of their Application documents to –

Assistant Registrar
Office of International Programmes,
Room F2, First Floor International House
Annie Jiagge Road, University of Ghana, Legon.

Email copies of all Application documents should be sent to [email protected]

Note: Whether this applies to Fresh Undergraduate applications is not expressly stated, but these are the University of Ghana Admission Requirements and How To Apply.

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