Emma Roberts and Evan Peters
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Emma Roberts and Evan Peters had one of the most fascinating relationships that Hollywood had witnessed in contemporary times. The two movie stars were together for a total of seven years during which they broke up, and made up, thrice. There were also broken engagements and domestic violence allegations before they finally separated in March 2019. So, did these two ever get married in the midst of all this drama? Was Emma Roberts ever the wife of Evan Peters? All these and more questions about the infamous coupling are answered below.

How Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Met

In order to answer this puzzle, it is only proper to explore the couple’s relationship history. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters first met on the set of the film, Adult World, in 2012. They got talking and eventually started a relationship in the summer of that same year. The couple spent the first few months of their relationship in relative bliss, cozying up to each other on strolls and walking the red carpet together.

The relationship however suffered a setback in July 2013 when the couple fought while holidaying in Canada. The fight got so loud that the authorities were alerted. Roberts was later arrested for domestic violence after the cops discovered several injuries on her boyfriend. She was however released as her beau refused to file charges. The couple later released a statement stating that the whole drama was an unfortunate incident and a misunderstanding.

They also stated that they were walking on getting past it. They would eventually get past it and get back together.

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Emma Roberts and Evan Peters
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Did Emma Roberts and Evan Peters ever get married?

Roberts and Peters never did get married but they got engaged twice. After the whole Canada drama, the couple not only reconciled but went one step further and got engaged in December 2013. The news thrilled fans as they hoped that the couple would eventually make it to the altar. It was however not to be as Roberts and Peters called off their engagement in June 2015.

The breakup was relatively amicable, and both parties moved on with their respective lives. Peters concentrated on projects such as American Horror Story, The Lazarus Effect and Safelight. Roberts, on the other hand, applied herself to movies such as Ashby and the Blackcoat’s Daughter. Roberts and Peters eventually got back together in September 2015. This reconciliation lasted for a good nine months before they broke up again in May 2016.

The couple later made up in September 2016. They also got re-engaged, and fans once more hoped that their wedding would finally become a reality. These hopes were however dashed in March 2019 when the couple separated again and this time, it was for good.

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What Have They Been Up To Since The Split?

Since the split, both parties have moved on with their professional and personal lives. Emma Roberts snagged a lead role in American Horror Story 1984. The series debuted in September 2019 and Roberts plays the lead role of Brooke, an atypical good girl who agrees to work as a counselor at a refurbished summer camp. Brooke and her band of companions, however, get more than they bargained for when two notorious serial killers come after them. On the personal front, Roberts is, as of this writing, in a budding relationship with Hollywood actor, Garret Hedlund. The pair started dating in March 2019 and have been spotted on several dates since then.

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Evan Peters is also not doing badly on his own front. The actor featured in the 2019 blockbuster, Dark Phoenix. Dark Phoenix is the 12th installment in the X-men series and follows the group as they try to save one of their own from a destructive path. Dark Phoenix was headlined by GOT alum, Sophie Turner, while Peters portrayed the superhero – Quicksilver.

On the relationship front, Peters is rumoured to be dating award-winning singer, Halsey. The pair sparked dating rumours after they were spotted hanging out at Disney World in September 2019. Peters and Halsey have yet to confirm their romance. Their relationship would however not come as a surprise as the singer has not bothered to hide her crush for the actor. Between 2012 and 2014, Halsey shared various tweets showing her admiration for the actor.

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