Emma Roberts Was Nearly Evan Peters Wife Twice – A Look Back At Their Relationship 

It is hardly ever seen even in a blue moon where one same couple almost gets on the aisle twice and calls it off. Especially when they are celebrities, it just gets downright messy. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are one such couple who made headlines for having a long love story with lots of twists. The pair had one of the most fascinating relationships that Hollywood had ever witnessed in contemporary times.

The movie stars were together for a total of seven years, a time during which they broke up, and made up, thrice. Their story did not end with breaking up and making up as there were also broken engagements and domestic violence allegations before the duo finally separated in March 2019.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Met in 2012 on the Set of ‘Adult World’

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters first met each other on the set of the film, Adult World, in 2012. Emma reportedly found Evan attractive during the filming of the movie but they never became an item until shooting ended. Evan was reportedly cold to her throughout the production of the movie despite her easy demeanor around him; he did not even say hello and she thought he was a weirdo. But as soon as the production ended, they got talking and eventually started a relationship in the summer of that same year.

The couple spent the first few months of their relationship in relative bliss, cozying up to each other on strolls and walking the red carpet together. They really were having a great time together.

Their First Fight Resulted in Roberts Being Arrested

Emma and Evan’s relationship, however, suffered a setback in July 2013 when the couple fought while holidaying in Canada. The fight got so loud that the authorities were alerted. Concerned neighbors beeped the police when they heard noises in the couple’s room. When the police arrived, Evan had a bleeding nose and he had been bitten too; signs of violence that prompted the police to arrest Roberts for domestic violence.

She was, however, released as her beau refused to file charges. The couple later released a statement stating that the whole drama was an unfortunate incident and a misunderstanding. They also stated that they were working on getting past it, which they did, but the highly publicized domestic violence scandal will later come back to haunt their relationship in the future.

The Couple Got Engaged Soon After the Fight

After the whole Canada drama, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters not only reconciled but went one step further and got engaged in December 2013, barely five months after their famous fight. The news thrilled fans and Emma showed off her explicitly exquisite jewelry at every slight opportunity on the red carpet. The couple remained really close during this period but they never made it to the altar.

Almost two years after they got engaged, Emma and Evan had yet another rift, however, this one was not in the view of the public. We only got to know that the lovebirds had called it quits when we no longer noticed the beautiful engagement ring on Emma’s finger. And when she finally spoke to the media about it, she revealed that she bought new jewelry for herself to get her mind off the engagement ring.

The breakup appeared to have been relatively amicable, and both parties moved on with their respective lives. Peters concentrated on projects such as The Lazarus Effect, and Safelight while Roberts applied herself to projects such as Ashby and The Blackcoat’s Daughter. They also both managed to appear in the  American Horror Story film series together.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters
Roberts and Peters with their American Horror Stories co-stars image source

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Gave Love a Second Chance

Nobody saw it coming but the lovebirds did get back together after a few months of staying apart. It seemed that they could not endure the hurt that came with the breakup or maybe they just needed time apart. They were able to work out their differences and began dating again in September 2015.

But nearly nine months after getting back together, the duo called it quits again in May 2016. This breakup was quite dramatic as Evan removed all the photos of Emma which he had previously uploaded on his social media. By the following month of June, Emma herself moved on and was in a new relationship with Christopher Hines.

The reason for the breakup was believed to be an alleged intimate relationship that ended the ten-year relationship between Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen. No one expected Emma Roberts to be in the center of their rift but according to speculations, she had allegedly gotten close to Christensen during the production of the movie, Little Italy. The duo did not only share a professional relationship as they also had something more intimate. However, neither Hayden nor Emma said anything about the supposed relationship.

The Duo Still Managed to Get Back Together and Get Engaged Before Calling it Quits Again

Emma and Evan later made up in September 2016 and by November 2016, Evans proposed to her for the second time and soon Emma was seen in public wearing her engagement ring once again. They were together for three long years as fans once more hoped that their wedding would finally become a reality. These hopes were again dashed in March 2019 when the couple separated again, this time for good.

Their decision to part ways was confirmed in July 2019 when Emma was seen holding hands with actor Garrett Hedlund in Los Angeles, California. Speaking about the break-up in the June 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan, Emma said losing something is hard, “And the only thing I can say for that is… I’m realizing that life is highs and lows. I’m trying to ride them out and live somewhere in the middle.”

The Pair Have Since Moved On With Their Lives

Since the split, both parties have moved on with their professional and personal lives. Emma Roberts snagged a lead role in American Horror Story 1984. The series, which for the first time did not feature her ex, debuted in September 2019 and she plays the lead role of Brooke.

On the personal front, Emma entered into a relationship with Hollywood actor Garret Hedlund. The pair started dating in March 2019 and have been spotted on several dates since then. They are currently expecting their first child together. She confirmed her pregnancy with a sweet post on Instagram where she shared photos of herself and boyfriend sitting side by side while she cradles her baby bump. She also revealed in the post that they were expecting a baby boy.

Evan Peters, on the other hand, is also not doing badly. The actor featured in the 2019 blockbuster, Dark Phoenix, the 12th installment in the X-men film series that follows the group as they try to save one of their own from a destructive path. Dark Phoenix was headlined by GOT alum, Sophie Turner, while Peters portrayed the superhero, Quicksilver.

On the relationship front, Peters is rumored to be dating award-winning singer, Halsey. The pair sparked dating rumors after they were spotted hanging out at Disney World in September 2019. Peters and Halsey have yet to confirm their romance. Their relationship would however not come as a surprise as the singer has not bothered to hide her crush for the actor. Between 2012 and 2014, Halsey shared various tweets showing her admiration for him.

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