Who is Ian Keasler? All About Shannon Lee’s Husband

Ian Keasler (born 1962) is a 61 years old American lawyer and art dealer better known as the husband of Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s only daughter.

Keasler is mostly known for his connection to the Lee family. His marriage has brought him unprecedented fame. Here’s more about him.

Ian Keasler’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Anthony Ian Keasler
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 1962
  • Age: 61 years
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ian Keasler’s Wife: Shannon Lee
  • Ian Keasler Children: Wren Lee Keasler
  • Ian Keasler Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Ian Keasler Height in Centimeters: 172cm
  • Ian Keasler Weight: 70kg
  • Famous for: Being the Husband of Shannon Lee

Who is Ian Keasler?

From all indications, Ian Keasler is a very private person despite being thrust into the limelight due to his marriage to the popular Shannon Lee – the only child of the late Brue Lee.

Details about his birth, childhood, and level of education remain largely unknown as he has chosen not to disclose anything about himself. However, it is known that he attended Tulane University, and he is a lawyer, an art enthusiast, and an art dealer.

How Long Has Ian Keasler Been Shannon Lee’s Husband?

Ian Keasler and Shannon Lee have been married since 1994, but the two have been together for much longer. Ian Keasler and Shannon Lee met while they were at Tulane University, a private university in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The two dated for a while before they decided to get married in 1994. The wedding was a private affair, and only close friends and family members were in attendance.

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Keasler’s marriage to Shannon Lee was his first contact with fame, and this is largely due to the fame Lee has as the only daughter of the famous Bruce Lee. If Shannon was not the daughter of a famous man, it would be hard to get information on her life as she is a lot like her husband in the sense that she does her best to lead a very private life.

Moreover, for people who work in entertainment, getting into relationships with people who work in the same industry can be tricky, especially due to the heavy interference and follow-up by the media. Ian and Shannon have been able to keep their circle small, which might be one of the reasons they are still together today.

Ian Keasler And Shannon Lee Have Had a Scandal Free Marriage

When people lead very quiet lives, it is easy for speculations and rumors to arise regarding them, and in most cases, some of these rumors and speculations are incorrect. For Ian Keasler and Shannon Lee, they have been fortunate enough to evade any damaging rumors of their marriage, and there haven’t been any scandals of infidelity.

However, the couple has not completely evaded the rumor mill, as there have been stories that the two are no longer together and are now divorced. Due to the nature of their quiet lives, it has been difficult to confirm or refute the rumors about this rumored divorce. This news that the couple is no longer together is another one of the things about their lives that cannot be easily verified.

How Many Children Does Ian Keasler Have With Shannon Lee?

The couple has one daughter together.

  • Full Name: Wren Lee Keasler
  • Born: 14th December 2002
  • Age: 20 years

For people who are private, Ian Keasler and Shannon Lee managed to inform the world about the arrival of their daughter on the 14th of December 2002. Wren Lee Keasler is the only child of her parents. She has also chosen to take after her parents in the same way they avoid the spotlight.

Wren Lee Keasler leads a very private life. She is not very active on social media, and even her account on Instagram is private, with access to only people that she wants on it. It is not clear how she spends a lot of her time, and it is easy to assume that she is in college. It is believed that she attends the same school her parents did, Tulane University – which is another thing she shares in common with them, but the degree she is studying for remains largely unknown.

Of the Keasler family, the only person who allows a glimpse into her life is Shannon Lee, and on a few occasions, when Lee was on the red carpet or attending a show, she had Wren Lee Keasler with her. One such event where Wren Lee Keasler was present with her mother was the premier of the show Prism by the dance crew, Jabbawockeez. The event took place in Las Vegas at the Luxor Resort & Casino. The mother-daughter has a loving relationship.

Is Ian Keasler a Martial Artist?

The bulk of the work that Ian Keasler does is in Art. He is believed to work as an art dealer, and he specializes in African Tribal art, something that he has been doing for more than 10 years. There have been talks of him being an artist, but this is not easily verifiable. In 2003, he is stated to have worked on an art film, No Horizon. This was a short film that he is credited to have been a part of.

After Ian Keasler graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Law, he went on to Pepperdine University, signing up for their Law School program and becoming a certified lawyer, where he joined the California State Bar. However, Keasler does not practice as a lawyer and seems to be much more focused on Art dealerships.

Shannon Lee is the only child of the most popular martial artist in the world, whose fame still lives on even after his death, so the speculation that she might have married a man who is also interested in Martial arts is not entirely unfounded. There have been rumors that Lee and Keasler both took Martial art training from a friend of her father’s, Ted Wong, as her father died when she was a kid.

This interest in Martial Art is also shared by the couple’s child Wren Lee Keasler, as she is known to share a passion for Martial arts as well as a passion for acting, both of which she takes classes for.


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